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September 13, 2013 11:08 am  #31

Re: Happy Birthday, stusue

Don't worry, sandhan, witchety grubs and honey ants are aboriginal bush food; the average person doesn't eat them.  But crocodile and kangaroo are found in restaurants - and some butcher shops have kangaroo meat now. 

Off the top of my head the 2 worst foods I've eaten are black sausages (sausages made from blood) and chicken feet.  They were really disgusting.    Frog legs are yummy but I hate eating them 'cause they're all bone and hardly any meat.  It takes you ages to eat the tiniest bit of meat and you have a pile of bones on the plate. 

But Vegemite ... I had Vegemite sandwiches for lunch every single day throughout my 13.5 years at school - and I STILL eat it daily if I haven't run out!  It's so yummy!  Once I got to uni, though, I was able to buy my lunch and so branched out into junk food! 

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September 13, 2013 1:24 pm  #32

Re: Happy Birthday, stusue

Stusue,  well,  whatever greases your wheels.  I guess I have a problem eating anything I visualize in its natural state,  rather than cut up into chops.  For instance,  I've eaten froglegs,  but can't get past the image of all those poor froggies in tiny wheelchairs.  An African restaurant nearby serves dishes with camel meat.  I passed on that,  too.  I know it's hypocritical to decide that only certain living creatures deserve to be barbecued,  but I admit to being a hypocrite.
But Vegemite--I guess you have to be raised with it.

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