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July 23, 2020 8:29 am  #21

Re: new update

GulfCoastGuppy wrote:

Very odd, but after sending an airship today for Trina, her next quest is now asking for 46 HOS. She's been wanting 45 HOS since the update that created this weird glitch. Of course, the reward is still 16 measly coins.

Same with my games.  Game #1 pays out 58 coins and asks for 300 wheels, 20 zoom zones, 50 HOS, 170 shards, and 2 or 3 cards (can't remember since it doesn't ask for them very often).

Game #2 pays out 16 coins and asks for 300 wheels, 20 zoom zones,  47 HOS, 43 shards, and 2 or 3 shards.

Why?  They have completed similar amounts of Trina quests  (1,933 vs 1,911), the only time they are not at the same level is when I'm working on a content update (I try to use the zoom zone tasks in conjunction with Trina quests and/or castle challenge tasks), and the number of HOS each game has completed is kept close (usually they are equal unless one game gets a string of Trina quests asking for HOS and anything other than wheels, but when the string ends, I work exclusively on the other game to bring it back to parity).

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