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January 14, 2018 11:44 am  #21

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

Hi Anki,

I don't get the GH Fun Pass , so popping in and out would work for me.


January 14, 2018 8:49 pm  #22

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

I finished Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's Edition.  Hated it.

Any resemblance to the play written by Shakespeare is purely coincidental, but I'm okay with that.  What would be the point of playing several hours to reunite the couple only for them to kill themselves in the end?

But Romeo and Juliet were such insipid, vacuous characters that I didn't care whether they lived or died.  The villain and his sidekick were so clichéd that I couldn't stand them either.  Only decent character was a female version of Leonardo da Vinci.  A game about her would have been interesting.  Voice-acting was very amateurish, though the juvenile dialogue could be partially to blame.

I liked the other Dark Romance games, like playing the two different characters.  Like that many of the puzzles have an easy and a hard version.  Didn't care for the assortment of puzzles, though.

Hope Dark Romance: The Monster Within Collector's Edition is better.

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January 19, 2018 11:47 am  #23

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

I've finished:

Dream Walker - bit like Clutter
Claws & Feathers 3 - Fun but hard last level!
Off the Record: The Final Interview PE -  OK
Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden PE - Enjoyed it
Sable Maze: Twelve Fears PE - OK


January 20, 2018 1:51 pm  #24

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

Well, I finally finished MCF: Fate's Carnival CE   What a long game plus the bonus game was very long itself.  It was very well done.  I enjoyed it.   I was thinking of playing Dire Grove next. 

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January 21, 2018 11:03 am  #25

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

I finished Hexalot and Dark Romance: The Monster Within Collector's Edition.  The Monster Within was marginally better than Romeo and Juliet.  Better voice-acting, somewhat better storyline, but the mini-games were the same assortment of 'move one thing and have one to three other things move as well".

I'm now playing Danse Macabre: Florentine Elegy Collector's Edition.  Much better storyline for me.  I'm over halfway through the main game and I still don't know who done it or why.  Voice acting is a bit uneven - some actors are attempting to speak with an Italian accent, others are not.  Better variety of puzzles, but one of them was glitch and I had to skip it.

Also playing World's Greatest Cities Mosaics.  Don't quite get why people are so enthused about this series.  The Mystery Land, Labyrinth, and Roman boards are interesting, but there is way too much guessing and using of hints on some of the Mixed Colors and Roman boards.  I'm constantly changing difficulty levels to get enough hints and/or be allowed enough mistakes so I can make educated guesses to try and complete the level.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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January 21, 2018 10:28 pm  #26

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

I just finished Darkarta and saw Lily's name in the credits.  They rolled so fast I don't know if anyone else was in there.  I've only finished the main game, have the bonus to do still.  It had raves on GH, I got it with my credits.  I"m still getting credits there even though I don't have Funpass anymore.  The story was better than most, but it was very similar to other games.
I've been playing Battleslots since I got it, probably in November.  It's an RPG that works using a slot machine.  You can set the slots to payout more red or blue for attacks and spells, more gold or green for money and experience.  You have limited slots for your attacks/spells and you pick up different helpers with different skills that you have to choose from.  Some of the spells/jackpot symbols you can buy at each new town or for completing a quest, others you get by fighting, but it's totally random what you might get, so each playthrough is a bit different.  I've read about some spells/runes in the forum that I've never gotten, even after playing for over 2 months.  There's enough spells and attacks that you can try lots of different strategies.  I've never been into slot machines so this was a nice change for me.  After you get so far, it gets repetitious but it's also addictive.  Don't know what I"ll be playing next.  Guess I should look for Valentine's Day games.  Maybe some Love Letters.

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January 24, 2018 4:02 pm  #27

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

Hi Wendy

I started Dire Grove and enjoying it a lot.  I forgot most of it, so it is like playing a new game again.  The cold weather in the game is very appropriate for this time of year.  The live actors must be in their 30's by now since the game is 9 years old!  It plays like an older game with plenty of HO scenes and when you find a item it makes a typewriter sound, no map and no hint button.  This makes it a harder game since you must wander around to find the different HO scenes scattered about.  I am enjoying the mystery.

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January 28, 2018 5:49 am  #28

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

It's been long since I posted my finished games, some of them is from December, so here they come :

Chimeras - The Signs of Prophecy PE. Rather fun.
Christmas Wonderland 8. Always fun!
Darkheart - Flight of the Harpies PE. OK. Some glitches like HOS without objects (had to random click) and crashed and then lost all VO:S.
Living Legends - Uninvited Guests CE. Very fun!!!
Christmas Stories - Puss in Boots PE. Superfun!!! Wonderful music and graphics! Much better than Trouble in Oz.
Redemption Cemetery - Clock of Fate PE. Rather fun. Long BG.
The Christmas Spirit - Trouble in Oz CE. Boring. Regret buying...
Myths of the World - The Whispering Marsh PE. Rather fun but the usual Eipix. One positive: the collectibles were rather hard to find.
Worlds Greatest Cities Mosaics 3. Fun!!
Midnight Calling - Anabel PE. Very fun!!!   Tirama, very fun with the cuff-link 
Eventide 3- Legacy of Legends. Also very fun!
Haunted Hotel - The X PE. Rather fun. Long BG. Nice touch:the collectibles were kids from the Orphanage. That was pictures of the devs when they were kids  And in one of the rooms was a painting of James 
Dark City - London CE. Very fun!!
Haunted Legends - The Secret of Life PE. Rather fun. Long BG. SPOILER Now I don't dislike Saint Germain that much
Catch The Witch. OK. Another Clutter clone.
The Curio Society - Eclipse over Mesina PE. Fun. Some new take on puzzles.
Nevertales - Legend PE. Very good!!! Long and lots of Extras.
Vacation Adventures- Cruise Director 4. Fun. Harder than the others.
Dark Tales - Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart PE. Short!!! I was thinking: Huh, was this the end!
I thought I was in the middle of the game!


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January 28, 2018 11:30 pm  #29

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

I've finished Danse Macabre: Florentine Elegy Collector's Edition and Danse Macabre: Curse of the Banshee Collector's Edition.

The mishmash of noble titles in Florentine Elegy drove me crazy.  Marquis is French, Marchioness is English.  The Italian title is marchese,  and his wife would be a marchesa. 

The puzzles in both the Danse Macabre games were better than the ones in the two Dark Romance games I finished this month.  But the puzzles in Danse Macabre: A Lover's Pledge Collector's Edition so far are even better.

So far, I've managed to finish 7 games this month even though I've been sick.  Caught a bad cold and wound up with laryngitis.  Just starting to get my voice back.

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January 31, 2018 2:46 pm  #30

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2018

Finished Danse Macabre: A Lover's Pledge Collector's Edition and World's Greatest Cities Mosaics. 

Rather disappointed that in addition to many levels requiring a huge amount of guessing, some puzzles were virtual duplicates.  Same pictures, just different colors used.

Started World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 2, and so far, very little guessing and it only occurs towards the very end of the puzzle.  But still..

This month I've completed 6 CE's and 3 SV's.  And I didn't get any new games. 

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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