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December 31, 2016 11:49 am  #1081

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2016

stusue - do the Android CE's contain the strategy guide? 

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December 31, 2016 12:13 pm  #1082

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2016

TiramaSue wrote:

stusue - do the Android CE's contain the strategy guide? 

Tirama, yes!  

As far as I can see they're EXACTLY the same as the PC CEs, only on a smaller screen, but all with touch (yippeeeee!), and at a fraction of the price.  The only downside I can see is the smaller screen.

And, if you're thinking of getting any games in the New Year's sale, the sale goes until 4 January.  However, even though it says on the BFG site that all games are $3.99 or lower, they're not.  Only selected games are on sale at those prices.  But there are still heaps to choose from (and don't forget all the freebies, especially all the freebies, like the Artifex Mundi games, on Amazon Underground if you buy from Amazon rather than Google Play, which are ALWAYS free) and I still have a lot to check out!

ETA:  I forgot to say that one other drawback is that sometimes the screen doesn't fit on the smaller Android screen and you have to scroll up and down.  I've only found this, though, when playing some HO scenes and you have to scroll slightly up and down, or when you play TMs - well, I've just discovered that when I started playing Northern Tales and in the first scene I needed more food and gold and didn't know how to get it then suddenly thought that maybe I had to scroll down et voilà, there was the food and gold I needed!  It doesn't bother me as this game was free, but it isn't as much fun as playing on a full, big screen!  I own this game for the PC, though, and only downloded it to my Android to test it out and because it was free.


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