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November 3, 2015 1:02 pm  #1

Ravenhearst...Emma's diary highlights (will contain spoilers)

 The Queen of England gives the master detective a diary of a young women named Emma Ravenhearst.  The diary has only 1 page in it which I guess is enough to pique the interest of the Queen and have her set the master detective searching through Ravenhearst manor in search of more diary pages.  Which he does find...

August 24, 1894
Emma arrives in Blackpool, England after finishing teacher's college.  She wants to spread her wings and see other parts of the world.

September 10, 1894
The night of the Autumn dance where Emma meets Charles Dalimar.  Charles cannot keep his eyes of Emma.

February 5, 1895
Charles and Emma have been seeing each other quite often since the dance.

March 14, 1895
Charles proposes to Emma

March 17, 1895
After much thinking it over and crying Emma decides not to marry Charles since she is just starting to live life.

March 18, 1895
Emma tells Charles that she is sorry, but she declines his kind offer of marriage.

April 5, 1895
Charles started building Ravenhearst manor.

May 14, 1895
Frank Williams fell to his death while working on the manor leaving a wife and 2 children. 
   Note:  See what Rose's last name is and if she is the wife of Frank Williams and the twins are the 2 children.

May 16, 1895
Emma accompanies Charles to the funeral.

May 23, 1895
Emma receives a letter from home informing her that her father is ill.  She plans to tell Charles that she is going to go back home to Iowa.

May 24, 1895
Emma is packing to go home. Charles stopped by and kicked up a fuss telling her that his new house in named in her honor.

More to follow as I play the game.

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November 4, 2015 12:21 pm  #2

Re: Ravenhearst...Emma's diary highlights (will contain spoilers)

June 1, 1895
Emma starts to fell unwell after dinner the night before her ship that is going to leave for New York sails.  Charles is seen carrying her to her bed.

June 2, 1895
Emma doesn't feel any better today than she did last night.  In fact she has a very high fever and a bad case of vertigo.  The ship sails off without her.

Charles offers Emma a place at the newly built manor until she is well enough to travel again.

June 10, 2015
Emma while in Ravenhearst manor is still unwell searching through medical encyclopedias to try to find a diagnosis to her problem ruling out Yellow Fever.

Emma also mentions that Charles is taking very good care of her, but is starting to become withdrawn.  He is often disappearing into his workshop.

June 14, 1895
Emma grows weaker each day and took a turn for the worst last night by blacking out which resulted in a doctor coming to see her doing a exam and giving her pills and elixirs.

She also mentions that Charles is growing tired of taking care of her and suggested a live-in nursemaid to help.

June 21, 1895
Charles is often absent from the house now for extended periods of time returning with strange oddities including a whole library of books.  The subjects are dark magic, voodoo and witchcraft.

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November 10, 2015 2:09 pm  #3

Re: Ravenhearst...Emma's diary highlights (will contain spoilers)

July 13, 1895
Emma while feverish had a terrible dream in which she was sitting paralyzed in a wheelchair dressed in a wedding dress.

Also, she was concerned about not receiving any word from home and she is worried about her father,

July 14, 1895
Nurse Rose Somerset arrived today.

August 2, 1895
While cleaning an upstairs wardrobe, Rose found a wedding dress that Emma is sure is the one that she wore in her nightmare.

August 3, 1895
Emma is too weak to write in her diary, so she dictates her thoughts to Rose who writes it down.  They both agree that Emma should hide her diary.

In a upstairs bedroom it is discovered that Charles has made it into a nursery including a crib.  Inside the crib, Emma finds unopened correspondence from her family.

August 4, 1895
While tidying the kitchen Rose caught Charles making a tray of food for Emma with a bottle of poison in his pocket.


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November 10, 2015 5:25 pm  #4

Re: Ravenhearst...Emma's diary highlights (will contain spoilers)

I do remember these from the first Ravenhearst game.  


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