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July 15, 2015 3:11 pm  #21

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 21

This morning I was still upset about the argument I had with Captain Greg. I thought he had offered to give me archery lessons because he liked me and wanted us to spend time together. It hurt to find out that he was just like everybody else, trying to influence my decisions as to whose pet project got funded first.

What about the vegetable garden and the shelves? Given for the same reason? Then I remembered the lobster I had given him. Wonder what he thinks I want. Life was sure less complicated when I was exiled. Nobody ever gave me presents so I didn’t have to wonder why they did so.

Now that I think about it, just about everybody has given me something either before or after I’ve done what they asked. I need to remember that the gifts are being given to the Steward and not to Berengaria. It’s just part of the way business is transacted, it seems.

All my fretting about gifts and Captain Greg nearly caused me to be late for the grand opening of Triffledore’s shop. There was quite a crowd there and Triffledore was sure it was because of me. He told me to take my pick of the artifacts.

It wasn’t easy to choose something. Most of the artifacts were quite odd looking, some were downright nasty to behold. Do people really want to buy skulls? The tribal masks frightened Lucky. I selected a gold triangle set with a pearl. Maybe I could make a pendant out of it.

Next Lucky and I went to help Chumblepot. Once again I assembled more purple owls and yellow clouds while Chumblepot worked on the Castle’s glasswork. I also put the finishing touches on a piece depicting the Fairy Queen. For some reason Chumblepot had given her gray hair. I wonder if perhaps he is color blind.

This really hasn’t been Lucky’s day. The carrots in our garden are still not ready to be harvested, the skulls and masks at Triffledore’s had frightened him, the sight of the orchid owls had hurt his eyes, and the next job involved spending time with Mr Vanderkins.

Quinn had been waiting for us outside the Glassworks. He was convinced that there was a light crystal at the Fairy Dragon Nest. I didn’t have anything else planned for the day, so I agreed to go there with him and look for it, though I didn’t see how Captain Greg or I hadn’t found it already.

When we arrived at the Fairy Dragon Nest, Captain Greg was there waiting to give me another archery lesson! I was surprised to see him. I figured after our latest argument the only thing he would want to give me was a long stay in the Castle’s dungeon.

The Captain was surprised to see Quinn with me. I explained that Quinn thought we could find a light crystal here that would clear the curse from the Castle’s interior wall. I added that Chumblepot was putting the finishing touches on the Castle’s glasswork and that it should be ready for viewing later today.

Captain Greg could read between the lines. With the glasswork finished, all that stood between him and the new pathways and lights was a cursed wall. He enthusiastically joined in the search for the light crystal.

We finally found some crystals, but they were cracked. Quinn thought Triffledore might be able to help, so he and Mr Vanderkins went off to find him. Lucky nervously munched on some sunflower seeds, waiting to see if there would be yet another fight between the Captain and me.

Captain Greg spoke first. He told me there was a lobster in the Mystic Pool and that I should take it. He hastened to add that it wasn’t a gift or a bribe. Since it was only a matter of chance which of us would arrive first at the Fairy Dragon Nest, he agreed that my idea of taking turns was fair.

Then it was my turn. I said I was sorry for thinking everybody, including him, was trying to influence my decisions by bribing me. Nobody have ever given me presents but now I realize that everything I’ve received was given to aid me in my job as Steward.

Even the archery lessons. If I were able to defend myself, he would not have to worry about me visiting the Rose Garden while the cloaked stranger was still at large. So in the interest of making his job easier, perhaps he would consider giving me another lesson?

After the lesson we walked back to Landsong Village together. Captain Greg said he hadn’t realized how bleak my life in exile must have been. I told him there was no reason he should have known, after all I hadn’t realized it either.

When we got to my house, he asked me if, sometime in the future, I would consider accepting a gift from him, something that had nothing to do with my job as steward. Then he blushed and left before I could give him an answer.

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July 18, 2015 12:24 am  #22

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 22

Last night during dinner I tried to guess what gift Captain Greg was thinking of giving me. My first guess was flowers and by bedtime I had worked my way up to a wedding ring. With each guess Lucky gave me a look that said "in your dreams." He’s right, of course. Last time I dared to think of the Captain as my Captain he had avoided me for several days.

Since it won’t be long before the Castle pathways get repaired and, according to Captain Greg, more people come to visit, expanding the General Store had become a matter of urgency. And today would be a good day to get it done since I’ll probably be down at the Faire of Light doing errands for Triffledore so that he can focus on repairing those broken light crystals.

Before I could leave Town Hall, Linea arrived with a letter for me. And this time I didn’t have to go find where she dropped it. I waited for Linea to tell me its contents since I know she reads all the correspondence I receive. But all she said was that the letter was from Queen Sophia.

After reading the letter, I got the impression that the Queen wouldn’t be returning to the Skyward Castle any time soon. Sophia had heard that Linea missed her. She wanted me to find some of her personal items and give them to Linea to cheer her up.

Linea was pleased when I showed her the letter, though I wasn’t convinced that she hadn’t already perused it. And she certainly read more into it than I had. Linea thought that the Queen was missing her rather than vice versa and declared that she was blushing. If she was, I couldn’t tell. She looked to be the same shade of pink she always was.

When I arrived at Triffledore’s shop, he has already working on the light crystals but needed more materials. I smiled when I saw his list. I had everything he needed back in the storage closet at Town Hall. Best of all, when I returned with the requested items, he didn’t ask me to fetch anything else.

We didn’t have to wait very long before the crystals were repaired. A good thing, because those skulls and masks Triffledore has on display give me the creeps. We immediately took the crystals up to the Castle.

When the curse was lifted, the vines covering the right hand wall of the Entrance Hall withered and revealed a torn tapestry and a damaged painting. I wondered if Fahleed might volunteer to fix the tapestry. I don’t know how I’ll get the painting restored. I don’t think there’s any painters living in the kingdom.

While at the Castle, I spent some time examining the repaired glasswork. It was impossible to tell that it had ever been broken. Chumblepot had matched the style of the original artisan perfectly. I like Chumblepot’s style better. His glassworks are more detailed. I just wish he had a better sense of color.

When I left the Castle, I was surprised to see that Triffledore had waited for me. He had been on his way to open up the Yura shrine at the Forgotten Glen when Quinn found him and asked if he could repair the light crystals. In the excitement, Triffledore had lost some runes. He wondered if I could find him some replacements.

I found the runes at the Fairy Dragon Nest. It was too early for the Captain to be there. And apparently too early for lobsters. There weren’t any in the Mystic Pool.

When I returned the runes to Triffledore, he informed me that he had also lost the magical musical candles needed to unlock the shrine. He had been busy searching for them while I looked for the runes but had only found two of them. Three were still missing. Triffledore suggested that I search Dawnshadow Lake, Ancient Pond, and Fairy Dragon Nest.By now, I’ve learned that even if I have just searched every inch of place, items that weren’t there before mysteriously appear. So of course I found one of those candles at the Fairy Dragon Nest. In fact, I found a candle in each of the places I searched.Because I had found all the candles, Triffledore decided that I had earned the honor of opening the shrine. I was a little bit nervous about using magical candles. Suppose I did something wrong? But I was able to align them properly so that they played a magical tune and the shrine unlocked.

While searching for the lost candles, I was able to find some things to cheer up Linea. When I gave her the Sophia plushie and the portrait of the Queen, Linea became quite emotional. She said that she would treasure the items and sounded quite sincere when she told me that I was really nice.

I also got a bit emotional. Nobody had ever told me that before.

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July 20, 2015 12:32 pm  #23

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 23

I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t seen Captain Greg yesterday, but at least I was spared an "I told you so" look from Lucky. He was too busy harvesting carrots from our garden.

And I knew I’d see the Captain today. Somebody was bound to have told him about the curse being gone from the Castle’s interior. I was certain he’d be waiting at Town Hall for me to release the funds and building supplies needed to repaid the pathway and lamps.

Captain Greg was at Town Hall when I arrived, but he wasn’t alone. The Bimbo Brigade was also there. I thought they had disbanded when the Captain started giving me archery lessons. Apparently not.

I told the Captain to take what he needed for repairs so he could leave. And to take his entourage with him. When he asked if I wanted to watch the repairs being done, I shook my head no. I needed to go to the Faire of Light to see a man about a tapestry.

And to see how that wardrobe was coming along. My current clothing can’t compete with the stylish, but garishly colored, outfits worn by the bimbos. I’m beginning to wonder if everybody in the kingdom is color blind

As soon as he saw me, Fahleed offered to fix the tapestry inside the Castle. He just needed to fetch a special cloth from a client and was hoping that I could look after the shop while he was gone.

The shop wasn’t busy and most of my time was spent picking up and resorting the spools of thread that had tumbled on the floor when Lucky knocked over a container. When Fahleed returned, I dropped a huge hint about those dresses he had offered to make me and mentioned that my clothing is probably scaring the customers away.

Fahleed just smiled and asked me if I could give him some Ran and Pocket Dragon plushies to use as a reference for the detail work on the tapestry. He also wanted some bolgins.

While I was fetching those items from the storage closet, Quinn dropped by Town Hall to ask me if I would take him to see Apricus Plaza and then help him find some Fairy Dust at Mystic Copse. Lucky wasn’t pleased when I agreed. Too bad. I hadn’t exactly been thrilled to spend the morning crawling on my hands and knees picking up spools of silk thread.

We dropped off the things that Fahleed had requested and then went to Mystic Copse. Quinn was amazed to see that Mossbeard was still awake and remarked that Blessilda’s potion had a strong kick. That reminded me that I needed to find a safe way to dispose of that love potion Blessilda gave me. It might be dangerous to leave it laying around.

The squabbits managed to stay out of trouble at Mystic Copse. The same could not be said about Apricus Plaza. Mr Vanderkins threw Lucky’s hat into the fountain. Lucky retaliated by pushing Mr Vanderkins into the fountain. I had had enough. It was time to head back to the Faire of Light.

Fahleed told me the tapestry was finished and was already on display. I wanted to immediately go to the Castle to take a look at it - and have a look at the new pathways and lamps, however my dress had gotten soaked when I fished Mr Vanderkins out of the fountain and was still very damp. Fahleed suggested I might want to change first and brought out a very large package from the back room.

Inside were several new dresses in various shades of blue. They were beautiful and I told Fahleed I was sure that once the women of the kingdom had seen them, he’d be swamped with orders. I blushed when I saw what else was in the package - lingerie. I don’t know who Fahleed thinks will be seeing these garments and I don’t want to know.

I hurried home to change into one of my new frocks. I even put on some of the perfume I had found one day inside the Royal Carriage in the Forgotten Glen. Lucky kept any snarky thoughts he might have had to himself.

The mayor saw me heading towards the Castle and decided to come along. Terrific. I had hoped that I would see Captain Greg up there and that maybe we would be alone. During the walk the Mayor babbled on about how the Castle is looking better and how happy Queen Sophia would be to see the progress made.

Frankly I was underwhelmed by the new pathway and lamps. Like the rest of the repairs that have been made, they had cost very little and were utilitarian in nature. Neither the Captain nor the Mayor noticed my lack of enthusiasm. They were too busy glaring at each other.

The Mayor told me to feel free to improve the Castle even without "our" requests. That remarked angered Captain Greg. Before things could get really nasty, I suggested to the mayor that it wasn’t a good idea for us both to be away from Town Hall. He took the hint and left.

The Captain then offered me his arm and we went inside to look at Fahleed’s tapestry. I had to smile when I saw it was very similar to the glasswork that Chumblepot was selling. But Fahleed’s color choices were much more pleasing. In fact, the blue he had chosen for the sky exactly matched my blue dress.

On the walk back to Landsong Village, Captain Greg appeared to be very nervous. Several times he started to ask me something, but abruptly stopped. When we reached Town Hall, he took a deep breath, handed me a small box, and told me to open it.

Inside was a sunstone pendant.

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July 24, 2015 1:40 pm  #24

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 24

I had trouble sleeping last night. I kept waking up to look at my pendant to make sure I hadn’t imagined that Captain Greg had asked for permission to court me. I wondered if he was having trouble sleeping and was spending the night looking at the moonstone pendant I had given him.

Just what form our courtship will take remains to be determined. I have no relatives to keep a watchful eye to ensure that proprieties are observed so spending time together at my home after work is out of the question. Greg had told me not to worry. He would find a way for us to spend time together every day.

I was woken early by the sound of somebody banging on my door. It was Greg. If having breakfast together in the morning is his solution to our dilemma, he needs to think again. He told me to hurry up and get dressed while he fixed us some breakfast and explained why he was visiting me so early in the morning.

One of the soldiers making his usual security rounds had noticed a purple fog surrounding Town Hall. The building was now cursed and nobody was able to enter it. Or exit it, I presumed. That meant the Mayor was trapped!

Greg grinned and shook his head no. The Mayor had not been in the building when the cloaked stranger had cursed it. So where was he if he wasn’t at home asleep in his bed. Greg’s grin grew larger. The Mayor had spent the night at the General Store, presumably in Blessilda’s bed. I blushed. I knew that Blessilda and the Mayor were friends, good friends, but it never occurred to me that they were friends with benefits.

The breakfast Greg had made for me looked very unappetizing. He’s a man of many talents, but cooking is not one of them. But I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I ate a bit of it and pushed most of it around my plate.

By the time we arrived at Town Hall, a crowd had already gathered. The Mayor was speaking, telling everybody that he had just returned from his early morning stroll in time to see the cloaked figure cast a spell on Town Hall. Nobody was paying much attention to him. They were too busy stared at Greg and me and the pendants we were now wearing.

The Mayor said he heard the figure mumble about something in the Shrine of Yura. He told us he felt some ominous presence which might be related to the curse and that I should go visit the shrine and see what’s there.

From the look on Greg’s face I could tell that what he was feeling was anger that the Mayor was yet again sending me somewhere that could be dangerous and he informed the Mayor that he would be accompanying me. As for me, all I was feeling was an ominous queasiness in my stomach and I hoped I didn’t disgrace myself by losing what little breakfast I had eaten.

Inside the shrine at the Forgotten Glen, we found a stone mask which glowed a sickly purple. When we returned to Landsong Village and gave the effigy to the Mayor, he claimed that it reeked of the vile energy of Dreadmyre and added that somebody is trying to bring evil back into the world. He then hurried off to ask the sages to research the effigy.

I hurried off to the General Store to ask Blessilda if she had anything that would cure my tummy troubles. She handed me some nasty looking mixture. Looking at it, I decided that the cure was probably worse than the ailment. This phial would be joining the love potion I had locked away.

There was a commotion outside and I could hear Greg shouting my name. Blessilda and I hurried outside to join the crowd. Purple fog now covered the Squabbit Den and the Glassworks. Chumblepot, Quinn and Mr Vanderkins were all right, but Quinn was concerned about the other animals. We all waited for the Mayor to return and tell us what the sages had to say.

We didn’t have to wait long. According to the Mayor, the vile artifact we found triggered the curse on the other buildings. Sure, blame us. It was his idea that we go find it. There must be other vile artifacts around and we must find them so the buildings can be released from the curse. He suggested we start looking at Ancient Pond and the Fairy Dragon Nest.

At Ancient Pond, we found a squabbit statue. A stone replica of a glasswork was found at the Fairy Dragon Nest. Both items emitted the same sickly purple glow as the mask we found in the cave at Forgotten Glen. I wondered which buildings we would find cursed when we returned to Town Hall.

Nothing else appeared to be cursed. They Mayor said that all the vile objects would need to be sealed to stop them from spreading the curse further and handed me a list of things needed. I had everything on that list in the storage cupboard. The Mayor took what he needed and went off somewhere to do whatever it is that will seal the vile artifacts.

When he returned he thanked me for once again saving the town and remarked that the cloaked man is really bent on causing havoc to the kingdom. He also expressed a hope that we won’t have more of these incidents in the future.

I was embarrassed by his remarks, but even more embarrassed when the Mayor gave Greg a wink and a nudge and congratulated him on finding a good woman just as he had done. Greg gently put his arm around my waist and said that he was luckier than other men: he had found a virtuous woman.

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July 29, 2015 12:59 am  #25

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 25

I had been pleased when Greg set the Mayor straight regarding the nature of our relationship. But when Lucky and I went home and it started getting dark, I had second thoughts. What use would virtue be to me if I woke up to find myself surrounded by purple fog?

Since I couldn’t sleep, I spent the night trying to figure out just what the cloaked stranger had hoped to accomplish by cursing the three buildings in Landsong Village. They hadn’t been damaged by his actions.

Running around finding what was needed to remove the curse had prevented me from making further improvements to the kingdom, but I have previously had to put plans on hold because of emergencies that had cropped up. A day’s delay wasn’t much of a setback.

The real damage was to the morale of the kingdom’s citizens. The Forester was already frightened of his own shadow. And the Mayor must have been unnerved by the day’s events - he didn’t even try to claim credit for getting rid of the curse.

But this morning it was business as usual. Triffledore wasn’t letting the cloaked stranger get to him. He offered to repair the Castle’s broken chandelier if I found him the necessary supplies. And the shop needed to be enlarged and outfitted with more shelves. I agreed to all his demands. When the people see that the rebuilding of the kingdom is to continue, it will boost their morale.

Squabbits also need their morale boosted. I took Lucky to the Squabbit Den to buy him a bow tie. And I wanted to check on Quinn. He had been pretty upset yesterday, with good reason, but he seems to be pretty resilient and, as usual, had a project that needed my help.

He wanted to find some puppet toys for the animals. I offered him some of the puppets I had back at Town Hall, but he rejected them. Quinn insisted the animals wanted boy puppets, not the sissy girl puppets I have in stock.

Both Lucky and Mr Vanderkins were rather subdued. There was no squabbling and they stayed close by while Quinn looked for puppets and I searched for skycrystal earrings for Triffledore.

It took a while, but at last we found puppets that measured up to Quinn’s - er, make that the animals’ - exacting standards. And Triffledore gave his stamp of approval to the earrings. Slowly the kingdom’s residents resumed their usual activities.


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July 31, 2015 2:48 pm  #26

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 26

When I awoke this morning, I was disappointed not to find a note from Greg pushed under my door. We hadn’t seen each other yesterday. I knew he was very busy searching for the cloaked stranger, but I needed reassurance from him that my decision to continue rebuilding the kingdom was the right one.

But I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing while I waited for him to return from wherever he is. The residents of the Faire of Light certainly want reconstruction to continue. Every one of them has asked for help in one form or another.

I decided to visit Fahleed first. His assumption that the sight of my new wardrobe would result in more customers for him proved to be correct. Every member of Greg’s fan club wanted a dress just like mine. The shop would need to be expanded. And Fahleed also needed funds to purchase new exotic fabrics.

I’m pleased that Fahleed’s business is doing so well, but less than thrilled that every woman in the kingdom will be dressed exactly alike. Fahleed assures me that won’t happen. He’s already put aside fabric for my exclusive use and will be doing the same for every customer.

I watched him successfully steer a customer away from the ‘Berengaria blue’ velvet to view some crimson satin and smiled as he murmured how only she had the coloring to do the fabric justice. No wonder he’s been so successful.

The next place Lucky and I visited was Triffledore’s. Lucky wanted to wait outside but I convinced him it was better for us to stick together until the mysterious stranger was captured.

Triffledore urged me to go shopping while he fashioned the skycrystals into ornaments to be hung on the Castle’s chandelier. This time I chose some old gold coins. Maybe Fahleed could use them as buttons for a cloak he was making me.

The chandelier was almost finished but Triffledore needed some bolgite and obsidian to complete it. Lucky and I went back to Town Hall to await word that Triffledore had installed the chandelier in the Castle.

While we waited, I sorted through the remaining requests for assistance and made lists of what I needed to look for in each area of the kingdom. I had hoped to find a note from Greg on my desk. Nothing.

Maybe we should just skip the courtship and get married now. If we’re going to spend so little time together, what difference does it make whether we’re compatible or not? By the time we figure it out, it won’t matter all that much. We’ll be old and gray.

At last it was time to view the new chandelier. The Castle’s Entrance Hall was now brighter. People would be able to fully appreciate the tapestry and the glasswork now. I still need to find an artist to restore the painting, the staircase and pillars need to be repaired, and there’s still eleven door tiles to be found.

Leaving the Castle, I silently noted all the exterior work that needs to be done. I just hope Queen Sophia appreciates all the work that’s being done while she’s gone. And that she returns to see it.

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August 4, 2015 1:49 pm  #27

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 27

When Lucky and I arrived at Town Hall this morning, the Forester was there waiting to see me. I was stunned to see him. After the latest attack from the cloaked stranger, I figured that he would be in bed hiding under the covers.

The Forester thought it might be a good time to expand the Orchards and needed me to give him building resources and bolgins. He also wanted me to help find some ingredients for new recipes and praised my ‘wonderful taste’. He must be planning on making omelettes or quiche since the ingredients he needed were eggs. I gave him nine eggs I had on hand and he gave me some cheese fondue.

Immediately after the Forester left, Linea showed up with another letter from Queen Sophia. Linea has told the Queen about the cloaked man and Sophia is worried about the safety of the citizens and counting on me to look after them. I would have thought safety of the citizens was part of Greg’s job description.

The letter mentioned a place in the Rose Garden that might be useful to me and said Linea can tell me about it. Wonder why the Queen didn’t tell me about the place in the letter. Maybe she knows how frequently Linea loses things and doesn’t want the information falling into the wrong hands?

Linea said that the waterfall in the Rose Garden holds valuable items that might be useful, but the power of a Moonfell staff was needed to gain access to them. Linea’s cousin Ran had mentioned to her that some old items of the Queen might be there.

I was informed by Linea that Triffledore might have a Moonfell staff. Lucky wasn't happy about yet another visit to Triffledore’s shop. I cajoled him into coming along by promising he could have some of the cheese fondue with his carrots for dinner tonight.

Triffledore was extremely willing to make a Moonfell Staff for us, especially when he heard that the request came from Queen Sophia. He already had some of the items needed and told me to gather them up while he finished his inventory sheets.

In addition to the artifacts I found in his shop, Triffledore needed some coruscating fairy dust and a crystal orb. Lucky was very eager to go to Dawnshadow Lake and Ancient Pond to search for them. And while at Dawnshadow Lake, in addition to the crystal orb, we also found another fragment of Landsong’s Serenity Relic.

Triffledore still needed more materials to strengthen the staff so that it would hold the magic. I nodded my head in agreement although I haven’t a clue as to which of the things I’ve supplied generates the magic and went back to Town Hall to fetch some ordinary building supplies.

When the Moonfell Staff was complete, Triffledore handed to me and said it should be sturdy enough to break the magic at the Rose Garden. It certainly was heavy enough to break something non-magical.

When we got to the Rose Garden, Linea told me to throw the staff into the waterfalls. When I did, the waterfall disappeared revealing the Rosepetal Cellar. At first glance, there didn’t appear to be anything useful in there. After some poking around, Linea found a tile that could fit the Castle door, and I found a fragment of the Faire Vibrancy Relic. And I caught a lobster for dinner.

I debated whether to bring the door tile to the Castle today or wait until tomorrow morning and decided there was no time like the present. Who knew what disaster tomorrow could bring?

When I left the Castle after inserting the tile into the door, I met Greg. He looked tired and discouraged. He had been searching for the cloaked stranger for three days and had not found a single clue. He also looked hungry. Impulsively I invited him to have dinner with Lucky and me.

Greg shook his head no. People would talk. I didn’t care. It had become apparent to me that until the cloaked stranger was apprehended, we would never get to see each other if we followed the old rules of courtship.

I also pointed out that our jobs required us to meet and consult so that we could coordinate our efforts to rebuild and safeguard the kingdom. I could see he was weakening, so I played my trump card and told him that lobster was on tonight’s menu.

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August 8, 2015 12:12 pm  #28

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 28

Courtship is supposed to be a time when a couple gets to know each other well enough to determine if they are compatible and would like to spend the rest of their lives together. So far the only thing Greg and I have been able to discover is that I’m a better cook than he is, and we both like lobster.

Over dinner we had discussed the rebuilding of the kingdom and had drawn up a list of what still needed to be done. We decided that making further repairs to the Castle would show the kingdom’s residents that we were not going to let the cloaked stranger intimidate us.

Troglid had offered to help fix the Castle’s interior pillars. Today Lucky and I went to see him and accept his offer. He joked that it’s only appropriate since he is a pillar of the community. Then he got down to business and gave me a list of what he would need. The carpentry shop would need to be expanded and he would need some blueprints.

Lucky and I returned to Town Hall to check on the supply of blueprints. While we were doing that, Quinn stopped by to ask me to help him find a gift for his sister Ria. Neither Quinn nor Seth had mentioned her before.

Quinn told me his sister stays at the Atriums and visits from time to time. Neither Greg, the Mayor, nor Linea had mentioned the Atriums to me. Is there yet another community that needs rebuilding?

We looked through the storage closet and Quinn selected a pocket dragon plushie, a Ran plushie, and some yellow moonflowers for his sister. Ria was pleased with her gifts and Quinn was grateful for the help I gave him. In return, he gave me a Token of Friendship to use at Mystic Copse to open Whitecedar’s tree house.

Yesterday, while working on the Moonfell Staff, Triffledore had mentioned something about Queen Sophia’s signet ring. He thought it might be found at either Dawnshadow Lake or Mystic Copse.

I decided to go to Apricus Plaza for some blueprints first, then to Dawnshadow Lake to look for the ring, and finally to Mystic Copse to open the tree house and search for the ring if I hadn’t already found it.

To my surprise, I found a ring at Dawnshadow Lake and another at Mystic Copse. When I showed them to Triffledore, he announced that the one found at Dawnshadow Lake was a replica. He called the one found at Mystic Copse a fake replica. I’m confused, I thought replicas were fakes???

Next I went to see Troglid to give him the blueprints. He told me he would have to do some stability research before he could build the pillars and wondered if I would have some time tomorrow to mind the shop. He also mentioned that he’d like to see the Castle’s tower rebuilt. I offered to pass on that information to Greg and said I’d try to find time to help out at the shop.

Greg was waiting for me at Town Hall. He had been chatting to the Forester and had wheedled some chunky meat stew for dinner out of him. Greg added that if the Orchards were expanded again, the Forester could mass produce the stew and sell it t the general public. I decided to make a decision on that after I had tasted the stew.

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August 12, 2015 10:13 am  #29

Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 29

The chunky meat stew wasn’t that bad. I had certainly eaten worse meals while in exile, but in my opinion, it wasn’t nearly as good as home-grown vegetables and freshly caught lobster. Greg obviously thought otherwise. He ate it with gusto and Lucky sat next time him, happily munching on whatever pieces of carrots Greg fed him from his bowl.

I had planned for the Castle’s towers to be repaired next, but had to agree that expanding the Orchards should take priority. The kingdom should start stockpiling food, just in case, and we shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get something done with the Forester’s cooperation. Who knows if he’ll be feeling this industrious next week?

On the way to Town Hall this morning, Lucky and I stopped to talk to Quinn and Mr Vanderkins. Quinn lost his sketchpad at Apricus Plaza and wanted to know if I could help him find it.

But first I had to arrange for the Orchards to be expanded. And Lucky and Mr Vanderkins had to promise to behave themselves. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Apricus Plaza because I had promised Troglid I’d help out in the shop.Lucky and I looked for blueprints while Quinn and Mr Vanderkins searched for the sketchpad. Quinn had mentioned that he wanted to create some airship designs like Troglid does, so I gave some of the blueprints to him. While at Apricus Plaza, Quinn told me about how Leodici, a goblin who had invented his own airship, had crash landed on Greg’s telescope up at the Castle.

Leodici had been captured by sky pirates and had been a prisoner on their flag ship, the Black Bull. He had escaped and had come to warn Queen Sophia. Greg had commanded the army and repelled their attack. These events had occurred shortly before Sophia had sent for me.

When we arrived back at Faire of Light, Quinn decided he wanted to come with me to the Carpentry Shop. We left Mr Vanderkins with Seth, and I told Lucky to wait outside and keep an eye on the Orchard expansion. If the workmen finished before we had to go back to Town Hall, we could buy some more stew.

While I minded the shop and helped Quinn with his designs, Troglid went up to the Castle to do the stability research. Quinn soon found it difficult interpreting the blueprints and left to go visit his grandfather.

The shop was really busy. Orders for airship have been piling up. I wonder just where everybody will be flying to and how they will keep from crashing into each other. From what Quinn had told me up at Apricus Plaza, I guessed that Greg wasn’t a big fan of airships and it was unlikely that we would be ordering one. Assuming that he and I became we.

Troglid finally returned from the Castle and gave me a list of what he needed to repair the Castle’s pillars. I gave the list back to him and told him to come to Town Hall with me and pick up the supplies.

The expansion of the Orchards wasn’t finished yet. Lucky was disappointed that there wouldn’t be any more chunky meat stew tonight. He would just have to make do with the carrots from the garden while Greg and I settled for eggplant.

I had expected Greg to be waiting for me at Town Hall. He wasn’t there and hadn’t left a message. I wasn’t worried. If possible, I knew he would show up for dinner. So I headed home to start cooking and was very surprised to find Greg inside the house. He was holding the trinket Triffledore had given me and was looking very angry.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Re: Awakening Kingdoms: Berengaria's Story

Part 30

Last night Greg and I learned that we needed to work on our lines of communication. A lot.

He had been very angry about that bauble I had received from Triffledore and kept asking me where it came from. I kept insisting I got it from Triffledore and he kept saying he didn’t believe me. Finally I couldn’t take any more and removed the sunstone pendant he had given me. It was obvious to me that we didn’t have a future together. Not if he was convinced that I was accepting jewelry from some other man

At that point Greg told me the little gold triangle wasn’t just a pretty piece of jewelry, it was a Tesseract Prism, an amulet used to store magic, and that Dreadmyre had used such a prism to entrap Sophia and her parents. He thought my grandfather had given it to me!

I shook my head no. My grandfather had never given me anything. I had only seen him once, and I was obviously a disappointment to him because I had been born without magic.

Oops! I hadn’t meant to reveal that I was an unwielder. Nobody in the kingdom had asked me what my special gift was. They probably assumed that Dreadmyre had stolen my magic, just as he had stolen the magic from so many other humans.

Greg nodded. He had been puzzled when I was able to undo the cloaked stranger’s petrify magic and release Prince Edric. The only other person he knew that could do such a thing was Queen Sophia. And she was an unwielder.

He asked if anybody else knew. I just shrugged. I hadn’t told anybody in the kingdom, but I had no idea if the soldiers who guarded me while I was exiled knew. Maybe Queen Sophia knew? If she did, she hadn’t told Greg and I doubted that the Mayor or Linea had noticed anything. We agreed that, for now, my lack of magic should remain a secret. As Greg put the sunstone pendant back around my neck, he promised that he would always protect me.

It wasn’t until he left that I realized that he hadn’t told me anything about his special gift. Or how he had gotten into my home and why he had been looking through my things. I suppose I might have forgotten to lock the door, but I made sure I didn’t forget this morning.

The Forester was waiting for me at Town Hall. He wanted a donation of three thousand bolgins to improve the Orchard and upon receiving it remarked that it would inspire more fruits of his labor. I’ve noticed that the goblins have a penchant for puns.

The Forester gave me some more of that chunky meat stew Greg - and Lucky - loves and then remarked that he needed to do some planting and wondered if I cared to ‘dig in’. I gave him the golden oak, obsidian, and bolgite he needed, but I had no time for digging today. I was supposed to be helping Troglid so he’d be free to work on the Castle’s interior pillars.

Before heading down to the Faire of Light, I checked the papers on my desk to see if anything needed immediate attention. Greg had left a note saying that he would oversee the repair of the Castle’s tower today and suggested I meet him there at the end of the day to check it out.

When Lucky and I met with Troglid, he claimed that he had everything under control but that Seth, Fahleed, and Triffledore could use some help. I decided to help Seth first.

While I helped sort the seemingly endless supply of gears he has stockpiled, Seth mentioned that he had heard I wanted to move a walrus out of Coral Cove. It was news to me. I had never visited Coral Cove and was unaware that a walrus had taken up residence there. But I accepted Seth’s offer of help and took the list of items he said he needed to make bait.

Next I visited Fahleed and spent some time weaving. He wanted to talk about the portal in Dawnshadow Lake. He was curious about it and said it could be opened if we could find a special rune stone. But we would need other runes to help us find the special one and just as Seth had done, gave me a list of things to find. But he also gave me a new cloak and some other things to augment my wardrobe.

That just left Triffledore on the list of people Troglid wanted me to help out. Lucky was already bored and anxious to leave Faire of Light. He doesn’t like being cooped up inside and prefers when we are out and about searching for things. And he still gets spooked by the strange artifacts in the shop.

While I was tidying up the artifacts, Triffledore mentioned that he had an artist friend who dreamed about setting up a Gallery and wondered if he’d like it here in the Skyward Kingdom. He then apologized for thinking out loud and asked if I could help him find some things he dropped at Dawnshadow Lake.

I said we could go there right now. Lucky was pleased to have something to do and was of great assistance in finding the things. Triffledore thanked me for picking up the dropped items. I dropped a few hints about how the kingdom could use an artist and hoped Triffledore would speak to his friend about moving here.

I’m not sure he heard me. Triffledore was more interested in the magical tree bark he spotted at Dawnshadow Lake which he claimed could be opened with a Sun Gem. He knew how to make one but would need me to provide the materials necessary. Once again, I was handed a list.

When I returned to the Faire of Light, Troglid was waiting for me. He told me the Castle’s pillars were finished and thanked me for helping out the other residents. Troglid also wanted to make me a ladder as a thank you present, but didn’t have the necessary materials. So once again, I was handed a list.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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