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May 13, 2015 1:53 am  #51

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 50

Yesterday I thought it was a good idea to have the Mayor audit the kingdom’s accounts. Today I’m not so sure. The Mayor probably tells Blessilda everything, and what Blessilda knows, everybody knows.

Greg disagrees. He thinks it’s a good thing if everybody knows. The people that I’ve helped will be outraged that my honesty has been questioned and rally to my defense. He seems to have forgotten that he had questioned my integrity. This is not a good time to remind him.

When we get to Town Hall, I check the list the Mayor gave to see whose orders still need to be verified. The next name listed is Greg’s. He’s ordered some weapons, most of which are for the army, but one or two will be heading for his armory.

Just three more people to contact down in Faire of Light. Triffledore has ordered some new artifacts. I hope they don’t include any skulls or face masks. Those things are ugly!

Fahleed is just on his way out to deliver some orders. He invites me to go with him and he will update his list on the way. We visit Rosetum Gardens and Central Station and by the time Fahleed has finished updating his list, I’ve gathered quite a collection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The last person I need to see is the Forester. He updates his list and mentions that he’s ordered some frozen delicacies. I hope some of them will find their way to my house. Even Greg is starting to get tired of eating stew every day.

Back at Town Hall, I hand the updated lists to the Mayor who makes a big show of organizing them for me. Lucky and I exchange glances. There was nothing wrong with the way I had them.

Finally we can go to Skyfleet Docks. Lucky isn’t too keen to accompany me even though we won’t be going on any boats. Maybe we should stop and see if Blessilda can prepare a potion to protect against seasickness. Lucky decides that being seasick is the lesser of the two evils.

When we get to Skyfleet Docks, the shipment has already been unloaded from the boat. Everything checks out perfectly. Nothing is missing. Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow.

For the rest of the day, Lucky and I pay yet another visit to the Fairy Dragon Nest. I want to stock up on glass shards and I need some time alone to think. Greg and I fight too much and all of our fights involve my job. I never wanted to be Steward. Perhaps I should consider resigning.

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May 14, 2015 2:32 pm  #52

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 51

Yesterday Lucky became quite upset when I mentioned I was considering resigning as steward. Poor little fella thought I would abandon him or give him away. I hastened to explain to him that he would still be my squabbit. We would still explore the kingdom and he could help me search for food and other items we might need.

But he wouldn’t need to see Mr Vanderkins if he didn’t want to and he wouldn’t have to go on the Black Bull and... Lucky still wasn’t happy. I think he likes the prestige of being the Steward’s Squabbit. He doesn’t want to be a squabbit of leisure.

Okay, we’ll revisit the question after the Yura Festival. Maybe by then Greg and I will have found a way to balance our personal and profession lives.

Today Lucky and I will be going to the Black Bull with Gavin. Lucky’s not pleased. So does this mean he’s changed his mind and thinks I should resign? Guess not. He gamely puts on his boater hat and bow tie, but decides to skip breakfast.

Gavin tells us that he’s been "quite curious with new stuff" and is looking forward to finding out how it feels to be on a ship. I just hope it feels better for him than it has for Lucky.

It feels marvelous for me, but that’s because I find a fragment of the Atrium Verdant relic aboard the ship. Gavin proclaims that it feels "different". Lucky has no comment.

Next Gavin would like to visit Gobholme. This isn’t Lucky’s day. He doesn’t like the snow. I promise I’ll carry him when we get there so his feet will stay dry.

Gavin’s verdict on Gobholme is that it’s a curious place and that the Goblins always seem busy. Gobholme doesn’t strike me as a hustling bustling place filled with busy people. And many of the Goblins appear to be busy with nothing other than finding things for me to do.

The sight of Goblins in Gobholme has made Gavin homesick for his village. He’d like me to visit the Gnome Village with him, but first, we’ll need to find some gifts to bring to his friend.

Gavin would like to give his friend a few Skyward Castle snow globes, some Brave Goblin storybooks, and several model Goblin trains. We linger in Gobholme a bit longer to find the storybooks then it’s back to the Black Bull to pick up two more train models. By the end of this day, Lucky will probably hand in his resignation.

Thank goodness I already have the snow globes back at the office. If we hurry, we can visit the Gnome Village and get back home before it gets dark.

Gavin’s friend is known as the Shaman. He seems very pleased with the gifts Gavin has brought him and invites Gavin to go inside his hut for a chat. Lucky and I are not invited in. The Shaman doesn’t trust us.

As we wait for Gavin, I tell Lucky it could be worse. He’s on terra firma and it’s not snowing. Since he’s been such a good sport today, I’ll try and find time to take him shopping at the Squabbit Den. Lucky’s eyes light up. Retail therapy, it’s not just for women.

At last Gavin is ready to leave. He’s enjoyed his day out with us and is very thankful. He’s realized that he is living the best of both worlds by moving to Skycrystal Atriums and being able to go back and visit the Gnome Village.

 After dropping Gavin off at the Fungus Hit and putting the relic fragment into the pedestal, Lucky and I trudge back to Town Hall. The Mayor is pleased to hear that I visited the Gnome Village. He advises me to reach out to the gnomes because assisting them will greatly improve diplomatic relations throughout the kingdom.

Right. I wonder if he has any words of advice as to how I can improve diplomatic relations in my marriage.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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May 18, 2015 2:23 am  #53

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 52

Greg is in a good mood this morning. He informs me that today the Mayor will make public the results of the audit and that everybody will know that I’ve handled the kingdom’s resources in a responsible manner.

I point out that, with the exception of him and some of his soldiers, everybody already believed that. People who want to believe the worst of me will continue to do so, audit or no audit.

In fact, I think that the soldiers who made accusations against me don’t really care one way or another. They just wanted to upset and distract him in the hopes that he would not do his job properly. Then they would be able to call for him to be replaced.

Greg takes a moment or two to think about what I’ve just said then slowly nods his head in agreement. Perhaps it might not be a bad idea if he spend the next couple of nights down at the barracks. In fact, perhaps he should go there right now.

Lucky reminds me that I promised to take him shopping. On our way to Town Hall, we stop at the Squabbit Den where Lucky picks out a pricey black and white striped top hat with a red ribbon band. I buy it for him with the understanding that it will only be worn on special occasions.

At Town Hall, while I wait for the Mayor to appear, I decide it’s time to approve expansion of the General Store. I suppose that some people might think I’m approving the request to reward Blessilda for whatever part she played in rallying public opinion in my favor. Too bad. The kingdom has the money and nobody else is asking for help expanding their business other than the Forester. And expanding the Orchards would cost even more bolgins.

The Mayor finally shows up. He hands me the account books and says everything appears to be in order. He adds that everybody has mentioned to him how helpful I’ve been. Troglid has been especially effusive and consequently the Mayor is going to appoint me Troglid’s official supplier.

After handing me a list of supplies that Troglid has requested, the Mayor leaves. I wonder if he’s gone off to amend my citizenship papers yet again. Maybe being Troglid’s official supplier is of greater importance than being Greg’s wife.

Everything Troglid needs is sitting in the storage cupboard. All I have to do is arrange for somebody to deliver the supplies. Before I can do so, the Mayor returns to inform me that Chumblepot also wants me to be his official supplier.

I hope officially Chumblepot won’t be needing as many glass shards as he did unofficially. I feel like I’ve spent most of my time lately at the Fairy Dragon Nest. The list the Mayor hands me makes me want to cry. Not only does Chumblepot want ten more glass shards, Troglid wants another ten blueprints.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have no desire to spend the entire morning at the Fairy Dragon Nest, nor do I intend to spend all afternoon at Apricus Plaza looking for blueprints. Instead, we’re going to take a nice leisurely stroll to the exchange and turn in sets of portraits and fairy crests.

The Mayor is surprised and pleased with how quickly I was able to supply Troglid and Chumblepot with the resources they requested and tells me I handled the situation pretty well. I quite agree. In fact, I’m feeling so pleased with how things have gone that I’ll spend the rest of the day up at the castle compiling a list of what still needs to be done to prepare for the Yura Festival and getting an idea on what it all will cost.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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May 18, 2015 4:14 pm  #54

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

this I found on forum:
Hi everyone,

The difficult decision has been made to make no further updates to Awakening Kingdoms.

We greatly appreciate your support for this game. Tremendous effort, heart, and creativity has been poured into Awakening Kingdoms. The dedicated players (you!) and everyone at Boomzap and Big Fish have worked together to make the game the best it can be. This was an extremely difficult decision and one that was not made casually.

Awakening Kingdoms continues to offer hundreds of hours of fun, including dozens of scenes to explore, hundreds of quests to complete, collectibles, trophies and more!

The game will remain on the site, and once you’ve completed this adventure we have a many great new adventures for you to embark on, including Midnight Castle and other games in the Awakening series.

Please feel free to PM the moderators with any questions.

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May 18, 2015 4:15 pm  #55

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

"The problem whit the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence"
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