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March 26, 2015 10:31 am  #21


Big Bang West II

I love building games.  But, this game, just doesn't cut it for me.

The graphics are ok.  The buildings are a nice size.  The music is not western - IMO - but it's not annoying and quite upbeat.  The voiceover is rather dull - very ...... same tone that never changes,

The gist of the game is to build towns out west to increase "points" by building houses, ranches, hiring workers, sheriff, etc.  There is a tutorial in the first level.

The problem I had with this game is that I couldn't build what I needed when I hit  the higher levels.  I had workers but was told I needed to hire workers to build a gold mine or store.  I needed to build a store (3 actually) but was told I needed workers - I had 3 already!  I was instructed to build houses to increase my money income but then was told to build a gold mine if I needed money ..... but a gold mine was unavailable.  What the heck?????  And NO help at this point.

For these reasons, and many more, this game is not a purchase for me.  I don't even recommend it for beginners.  But, for those who liked the previous game in this series, or if you'd like to give it a try, hitch your wagon and go west!

Overall Impression:  Go West, young man (or woman) but go further west than this mess of towns.


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March 26, 2015 11:03 am  #22


Crafting Story

I had heard so many wonderful things about this game, even on the Pond Video, but when I tried to play it?   AWFUL!

What can I say about the graphics?  The globe was weird looking with bumps and lumps.  I had to turn down the sound and music because of an awful earache - sorry.

I "think" the gist of the game is to rebuild the world using a magical globe found in an old chest.  Okay.  Sounds reasonable and fun.

There is NO tutorial.  NO help whatsoever.  So, what do I do when I get the globe?  I finally figured out how to get to an area I could "work" on.  A little pond of water showed up and then a patch of grassy earth.  Put one on top of the other and grass grew totally in another area.  I tried this several times and the same grass ..... well ..... didn't even grow!  I tried this in several areas but it just created grass in the same place the initial place where it grew earlier.  

I found a button to click and an entire list of images showed up but no instruction as to what did what and what I should do next.

The potential for an amazingly fun game is definitely there but in actuality, there is not enough of a tutorial or help to play it.  

With no idea what to do, this game is definitely NOT for me.  I don't recommend it for beginners.  Maybe Experts can figure things out.  But .... not me.  If you can make it through the demo ..... props for you!

Overall Impression:  Craft something ...... anything ..... else.

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March 27, 2015 9:49 am  #23


Hero of the Kingdom got such mixed reviews it must be a real Love it or Hate it game.  I'm glad you're still here, Susan.  Keep your mind busy, it will help.

No matter how much I complain, I'm grateful for all I have.

March 29, 2015 8:54 pm  #24


Danse Macabre:  Deadly Deception CE (also played the SE)

What would YOU do to get your greatest dream fulfilled?

Danse Macabre puts that question to the test.  The greater the fame ..... the harder the fall?

The graphics are amazing.  You almost feel like you're a part of the game.  The music was great .... almost soothing.  Every little thing that could make a sound ..... you could hear (unfortunately, I have an earache but I still  heard the sound fx through the cotton in my ear -lol).

You are brought in to investigate the murder of a very prominent family's daughter at a very prominent Dance School.  Everything goes as it should, until the parents view the body.  And then?    It's ...... not ..... her.  WHAT?!?!??!  Then, who is it?  And, even more importantly ..... WHERE IS THE MISSING GIRL?????

There are 4 difficulty levels and I LOVE the names:  Gumshoe, Detective, Inspector.  Each difficulty level allows you to make various changes with "Custom" having the most changes available.  I think that's pretty cool.

You don't have a "journal" per se but a case file that includes your Objectives and a dossier on key characters in the case.  The map is easy to use and is transportable.  The hint button will transport you as well.  You also have the ability to use a magnifying glass to find various clues .... for instance .... on the girl's body.

The CE Bling has a lot to offer, IMO.  Besides the usual .....

OK, the strategy guide is usual
The Bonus Game is usual
A place for souvenirs that I THINK you find during the game - not sure.
41 Collectible masks - there is actually a mask near the hint button which will show you if you've found it in that location yet or not.

10 Morphing Objects - same thing ..... there is an emblem that shows whether you've found it or not.

The collectible masks seem very easy to find ..... until  you can't find one - they CAN be difficult.  Same with the Morphing Objects - it requires patience .... of which I have none.

The HOGS are quite fun and wonderfully interactive.  The mini games needed some patience as well but I did not find any that were not doable.

I often hedge on that horrid CE vs SE fence but this game has me hooked and it's the CE for me.  I highly recommend it for every level of player.

Come along with me and let's try to find out what's REALLY going on ..... at the Dancing Academy.


Overall Impression:  Had me hooked early on.   Give the demo a try.  I like the morphing objects, collectibles and bonus game.  THAT'S what makes it CE worthy for me.


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March 29, 2015 9:04 pm  #25


WendyDarling wrote:

Hero of the Kingdom got such mixed reviews it must be a real Love it or Hate it game.  I'm glad you're still here, Susan.  Keep your mind busy, it will help.

How could I ever leave the first "family" that made me feel all comfy and cozy?   I admit I'm not posting as much these days .... yet.   Had an on/off again love affair with the hospital for about 3 weeks.  Then, the meds they sent me home with .... to add to the gazillion ones I already take ...... had me sleeping all ...... the ...... time.  And when I wasn't asleep I was so disoriented.   I made an Executive Decision and cut one of the meds out of the cocktail and feel more "normal".  Now, I just feel like "I don't give a ***** about anything!  I haven't written my son in TWO MONTHS!  But, will send out a letter this week.  With a new printer I don't have to write the 14-15 pages but can type current/world events and hand-write the personal stuff.  A happy medium.

I hope to be back to Jessica's Playlist soon.  The Pond Video is not regular anymore so it's hit or miss when I can catch it.  They will, however, be giving MY Forum a shout out when I'm more up to speed!  How cool is that?????

Thanks for the welcome back!


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March 30, 2015 9:56 pm  #26


Treasures of Rome

I love a good Match 3 (M3) game ....... I love a game with entertainment value. I got none of this with this game.

 The graphics were ok. Clearly, there were swords, etc. from the Old Roman Empire age. The music was on a short loop and made me so annoyed I had to turn it down. The sound fx were great though.

 Of course, there is a story line but it's soooooooooo  involved in the beginning it literally put me to sleep! Perhaps if there had been a voice over instead of having to READ everything it would have been better.

 This is a typical match 3 game ..... match 3 or more to get a lightning bolt or fiery sword. Or, you can buy other bonuses with the money you earn during the game. But, I didn't need any of the extra bonuses ..... at ...... all. And, there were the typical items to keep you from getting matches such as chains and ice. 

This was such a boring game for me that I don't recommend it to anyone. Not a purchase for me. In fact, I found more treasure in my jewelry box.

Overall Impression: 

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March 31, 2015 12:27 am  #27


The Travels of Marco Polo

There definitely wasn't much of a travelogue, mystery or anything else straight from the beginning of this mess of a game.

The graphics were ok ..... at best. There was no real music .... or perhaps it was drowned out by all the sound fx ..... so many birds. I realize it was the docks but seriously???? It sounded like a bird convention and they were all "talking" at once!

 There was no tutorial even though I chose to use one. The puzzles i came across had no real instructions which kept me in the dark. There were also no difficulty levels and "options" consisted of changing the sound of everything, and not individually either.

The storyline was weak. There was no way to play the game. When I finally figured out how to pick up items and that I was supposed to look for them in specific areas, I couldn't figure out how to use most of the items in my Inventory. For instance, I used the "bailer" on the water in the little skiff but after 10 minutes .... not a drop seemed to have left the boat.

 I wouldn't recommend this for beginners. Experts? Maybe. It's a shame because following the adventures of Marco Polo would have/could have been a great game.

For the above reasons and many more, this is not a purchase for me. I do not recommend it to anyone. This was a brainteaser from the very beginning.

Overall Impression: 

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April 1, 2015 1:50 pm  #28


Taken Souls:  Blood Ritual

I think my soul was ..... taken ...... very early in the game play.  Because I had no clue what was going on thereafter.

The storyline was muddled and made no sense.  The voice overs were great.

The HOGs (hidden object games) confused me because there were a LOT of morphing objects there but ....... not necessarily ones that needed to be "found"..... WTF?  

I didn't get the point of when to take pictures or when to use the ultraviolet light.  I would think it was time to be used but, apparently ....... not.  At one point, I had to exit the game and then re-enter it because my cursor just disappeared!

With so many "huh" moments and, so far, not a single "wow" moment, this game is definitely not for me.

Good luck to those who enjoy the game .... it sounded great ..... but I ..... just couldn't find anything I liked about it.

Too bad ..... so sad ...... maybe it's an April Fool's joke?

Now, off to my site where I can have a great time and not worry about my soul - lol!

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April 6, 2015 10:15 am  #29


Easter Riddles

The Riddle is in the Picture.

And that's NOT a good thing.

I LOVE "riddles", "griddlers" "mosaics" or any other kind of game in this genre.  This one was sooooo boring I barely made it through the hour.

The music wasn't very "Easter-y".  The sound effects. OMGosh!  The NOISE (not 'sound') made when you entered an "x" in a box was very grating on the ears.  Worse than nails across a chalk board.  EEEK!  My poor ears!!!!!

The gist of the game is the same as others of this type.  Using numbers surrounding a grid, or graph, you fill in blank spaces with a block ..... or "x" if it's not being used by a block.  When finished ..... you SHOULD have created a picture ..... which is what makes it all worthwhile.  NOT in this game.

What I Disliked:
The noise when I placed an "x" in a block.
No option for unused blocks to automatically fill in when all "x"s and blocks are filled.
When finished ....... what the heck did I just create?  No picture that I could tell in the 16 levels I played ..... couldn't figure out what ONE of them was. lol   So why play?????

What I Liked:
That the demo finished.  Whew!

For ALL the reasons given above, and many more, I dislike this game and do not recommend it for anyone.  NOT for beginners AT ALL.  Experts will be bored wondering what they've created .... because the picture isn't on the screen long enough to figure out.

The only "riddle" I could find in this game was ..... what picture did I just create????

Overall Impression:  If you can figure out what the pictures are ...... I'll kiss your _______ (dirty mind - lol)!

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April 6, 2015 11:45 am  #30


Queen's Garden 2

I LOVE Match 3 games, especially if there is a storyline or a purpose, such as building a city or updating a home, etc.  This game has such potential but there were just too many "hmmm" moments.

The music was nice.  In fact, I was surprised when I turned it down that I actually missed it!  The sound effects weren't annoying either.  So, it all balanced out fairly well.  There are no voice overs, you have to read everything, which can be "taxing" on old eyes - lol.

There is nothing to break up the monotony of playing this match 3 game such is hidden object, solitaire, anything!

The gist of the game is very much like Queen's Garden, the original, except for all the "hmmm" moments.  The goal is to earn coins by making matches.  Ok.  You get bonuses for making matches of 3 or more .... such as bombs, etc.  Ok.  But, IMO, the obstacles came out much too soon, making each level not only super difficult to pass ..... but super boring as well because of the time it took.

I played approximately 20 levels during the demo hour.  According to the game, quite a few flowers, bushes, trees, etc. SHOULD have been available to me for purchase (as objects become available as levels increase, or open) but nothing more opened than what I began with - 2 bushes.  I was high in "level", had a ton of coins and collected gems as well ..... so, why weren't the levels making things available to me?

This Garden was much worse in game play than the original Queen's Garden and for all the reasons stated above and more and would NEVER recommend this game to anyone.  I don't know if these are glitches/bugs that need fixing or what but I was glad the demo was over and would NEVER play this game, even for free.

For those who like this type of game, try the original Queen's Garden ..... I think you'll find building it much more appreciated by THAT Queen.

Overall Impression: 


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