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February 13, 2015 12:01 pm  #1


New Year - New  Reviews!


As usual, I'm going to try posting an alphabetical listing, indicating the post # of where it can be found.  I hope that makes sense.  It seemed to work welll last year.


    5.                Aquaball (a TGT)
   21.               Big Bang West II
   11.               Burdaloo
   38.               Cadenza:  The Kiss of Death (a TGT) (based on both the SE and CE demos)
   15.               Chameleon Games
   19.               Conga Bugs
   54.               Contract with the Devil
   22.               Crafting Story
    2.                Dangerous Games:  Illusionist CE - (a TGT)
   24.               Danse Macabre:  Deadly Deception (based on SE AND CE)
   52.               Dark Parables:  Queen of Sands (based on both the SE and CE)
   27.               Delicious:  Emily's Wonder Wedding
   29.               Easter Riddles
    4.                Escape from Lost Island
   33.               Fantasy Mosaics 8 (not on BFG yet)
   56.               Fantasy Mosaics 9:  Portal in the Woods - (as of 6/8 this has not been released by BFG - I played it on another gaming site).
   37.               Fear for Sale:  Endless Voyage - (a TGT) (based on SE and CE demos)
   13.               Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles 2
   60.               Forgotten Kingdoms:  The Ruby Ring CE (as of 6/20 the SE was not released)
   12.               Gardens, Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit (based on SE AND CE)
   58.               Haunted Train;  Frozen in Time (based on both the SE and CE demos)
    6.                Hidden Expeditions:  Smithsonian Castle (both CE and SE) - (a TGT)
   42.               House of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside (a TGT) (based on both CE and SE versions)
   46.               I Know a Tale - (a TGT)
    9.                Jungle Quest
   36.               Legend of Egypt:  Jewels of the Gods (a TGT - M3)
   44.               Living Legends:  Wrath of the Beast (a TGT) - based on both the SE and CE demos.
   17.               Lucky Luke:  Shoot and Hit (NOT on BFG)
    7.                Mahjong Gold 2:  Pirates Island - (a TGT)
   53.               Midnight Mysteries:  Ghostwriting CE
   35.               Mystery of Neuschwanstein - (a TGT)
   43.               Myths of the World:  The Heart of Desolation - (a TGT) (based on both the CE and the SE demos)
   45.               Ominous Objects:  Phantom Reflection (a TGT) (based on both the CE and SE demos)
   47.               PuppetShow:  The Price of Immortality  (a TGT) (based on both the CE and  SE demos)
   10.               Puzzle World 2013
   30.               Queen's Garden 2 - (a TGT)
   41.               Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past - (a TGT) (based on both the CE and the SE)
   50.               Reveries:  Soul Collector - (based on both the CE and the SE demos)
    8.                Solitaire Perfect Match - (a TGT)
    3.                Stranded in Time - (a TGT)

  51.                The Secret Order:  Beyond Time - (based on both the CE and SE demos.)
  27.                The Travels of Marco Polo
  55.                Travel Riddles:  Trip to Italy - M3
  26.                Treasures of Rome
  57:                True Detective Solitaire 2
  34.                 Where's My Pipes?

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February 14, 2015 3:22 pm  #2


Dangerous Games:  Illusionist CE

A Ghost ...... or ..... an Illusion???

The storyline is definitely different than the usual drivel we've come to expect lately.  Sorry DEVS and those who have played great games .... this is the REAL first demo I've had time to play.

20 years ago, the Samuel-Taylor Hotel hosted the First Illusionist Championship.  Unfortunately, a HUGE fire destroyed the Hotel, killing only ONE person ..... the WINNER of the Championship.  Now, 20 years later, the 2nd Illusionist Championship is being  held in the same hotel  ..... newly refurbished and you've been personally invited to cover it.

The graphics are amazing.  All the little nuances of magic are clearly visible ...... when they are supposed to be .... lol.  The voice overs were good, as well.  The music was neither loud nor intrusive to the game play, which I appreciated.

There are 4 levels of difficulty, including "custom" - but READ each item to be "unchecked/checked" in this mode VERY carefully.  For instance, do you want a repeated click penalty?????

There is a transportable map, although the "hint" button will transport you as well.  You will ultimately find "truth" goggles which will reveal secrets passages and hidden tricks, but have never had a chance to be tried out ... by the inventor.

The HOGs (hidden object games) seem to be both silhouette AND quite interactive so they do keep you busy.  The mini games seemed to equal the HOGs, IMO, and did not seem overly difficult .... although some could take patience and perseverance.   Patience is NOT a virtue I possess - sigh.

Before the first contestant even has a chance to perform, the red-masked man (the "ghost"?) appears and .... chaos ensues!!!  The guests are even trapped by a now-bricked up exit!!!!  OH NO!!!!!

The game play has some interesting features.  For instance, you can interact/talk to characters who are NOT necessarily main characters in the game ... pretty cool.  You get to perform some magic tricks yourself - WAY COOL!  

Included in the CE Bling besides the Bonus Game are 20 Morphing Trick Cards .... not always easy to spot.  MORPHING CARDS!!!!   Ok ... I am ALMOST sold on getting the CE now - lol.  Oh, yeah, the usual wallpapers, music, etc. is also included with a strategy guide - those things just aren't important to .... moi.

Is this truly the work of an angry ghost? (Wouldn't that be a poltergeist?) or is it all something more sinister and all an illusion???  Or, perhaps even a combination of both???  I tend to over-think things.  lol

I highly recommend this for everyone ..... yes it is a fairly easy game .... but the entertainment value is PERFECT for any age or experience.

Join me in attempting to discover the TRUE magic behind the magician's illusions in this game.


Overall Impression:  I beta'd this game and really enjoyed it.  The magic we get to perform ourselves, as well as the magic going on throughout the demo, kept me interested AND entertained.  Although there were only 20 MORPHING cards to be found, it could indicate a short game.  I have to reserve my decision of SE vs CE for a later date.  But, it's definitely worth trying the demo.


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February 16, 2015 10:31 am  #3


Stranded in Time

Wow!  I was so surprised at just how awful this game was with all the amazing games that have recently come out.

I cannot even begin to describe the storyline because there really wasn't one that I could put my finger on.  Disappointing.

The graphics were good but, in the options I muted the music but not any other sounds.  So, while I can't comment on the music I CAN say that there we NO voice overs, no sound effects.  NOTHING!  A LOT of reading but that's all.  It was incredibly strange.

There was NO tutorial so going into the game I had no clue what I was doing!  There was a house, a van, a backpack.  Ok.  Now what?????  Just incredible.  I finally figured out that it was just point and click ..... everywhere.

It appeared that there was possibly a lost civilization .... possibly aliens and possibly a budding love match???  Confusing.

I didn't get the story (what little to none that there was not of), what I was supposed to do and what anything had to do with .... anything else.  And, what did all of this ..... whatever ..... have to do with the games title?  

For all of the above reasons, this is not a purchase for me nor will I recommend it to anyone.  It's definitely not cohesive .... nor does it flow anywhere.  Very confusing and disappointing.

Overall Impression :     'nuff said.


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February 16, 2015 11:23 am  #4


Escape from Lost Island

The storyline very basic.  Your on a cruise ship when it catches fire.  You need to get OUT of your cabin (NOT an easy task) .....only to find the ship is on fire .... which YOU apparently need to put out ...... everyone's gone already ...... but you need to get the last lifeboat into the water (NOT an easy task) ..... and it just continues from there.

The graphics were not great.  At times, the background was so dark the objects were difficult to find without using the "help/hint" button.  I muted the music so I can't comment on that.  No voice overs at all but a LOT of reading.  Without the music, it made it very tiring to play.  In fact, I found myself falling asleep - lol.

There is NO tutorial.  NO difficulty modes.  No .... anything.

The object of the game is basically to find objects.  For instance, you begin in your cabin when you realize you need to evacuate the ship.  In order to do so, you must find a sheer PLETHORA of objects.  On the bottom of the screen are 5 circles.  Click on one of these small circles and a larger circle will appear on the screen with several objects around it.  You need to find THOSE objects.  Finish THAT large circle, click on the next smaller one on the bottom of the screen and complete the process again .... and again .... and again - 5x ..... in every scene.  It gets .... boring ..... fast.  Especially since there's NO color, whatsoever, in those circles of objects you need to find.

You progress to the outside of the cabin to find the ship on the fire and repeat the above process.  Repeat the process again when you find the lifeboat and again when you reach the island and again and again and again.  Boring.

This game is NOT entertaining at all.  The mini games appear after each "level".  A "level" consists of completing a scene/room by finding everything in a "circle" 5x.  Boring.  But, the mini games were fun, innovative and sometimes required patience and perseverance.  Definitely the best part of this game.

Because of the non-entertainment value of the game.  The boring storyline.  The boring game.  This will NOT be a purchase for me.

I recommend it for anyone to try.  It's just not MY cup of tea.


Overall Impression:  Try it.  If you like finding hidden objects without much of a storyline and lots of gray color ... this might be the game for you.[/b]

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February 16, 2015 11:58 am  #5



A new, exciting and innovative take on the "brick" breaking game by being played ..... under the sea ..... but that's not ALL the differences.

No storyline ..... that might have added a nice touch to the game.

The graphics were good - not amazing - but good.  You could certainly tell a barrel or chest from a starfish. lol   I tuned the music down so I can't comment on that but the sound effects were ok and nothing intrusive or annoying.

No mini games or anything between levels or groups of 5 levels.  Just solid and continuous "brick"breaking.  Oh, by the way, there ARE 150 levels , grouped by 5 levels each.  Don't know what that means or why it was done that way ... but ... there you go.  

There are several modes of play.  I played "relaxed".  You have the option to change the speed of your ball, which I found quite helpful.

First, imagine "Smash Ball" if you've played it.  The bonuses and disadvantages are the same.  The "identical" parts of the game end there.  

This game field is NOT square but more oval with a wide opening at the bottom.  The background is deep blue sea.  The items you destroy range from starfish, a turtle or two but mostly treasure chests and barrels.  NOT a  lot of "deep sea life" such as fish, crabs, lobsters, etc.  Maybe in the higher levels.

I found it difficult to manage the paddle to begin with but after losing my life several times I finally made it to level 7 .... thank goodness for the bonus of an extra life - lol.  My main problem seemed to be not being able to always distinguish my ball from falling objects and in the ensuing melee would inevitably .... lose a life.  So sad.

While I did enjoy this game thoroughly, as I write this review, I find that I will most likely not purchase it.  Fun, innovative and entertaining but I own several brick breaking games that I prefer much more.  Maybe if there had been more "sea life".  I don't know.

I highly recommend this for everyone as the options can change to any difficulty .... relaxed or not and the deep blue sea background is relaxing.


Overall Impression:  Fun, innovative and relaxing if played on "relaxed" mode.  But, not a lot of sea life which I DID expect.  Little Mermaid Under the Sea it is not.

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February 17, 2015 9:35 am  #6


Hidden Expedition:  Smithsonian Castle (CE AND SE)

Having lived in Maryland for a long time, and working in D.C., I am very familiar with the Smithsonian so was excited for this game to be released.  I played the beta, the CE AND the SE versions.

The storyline got a little muddled.  At first, it was the daughter being sucked into time travel accidentally as a child ... but then ... later into the demo it seemed there was more going on, but you never got enough of WHAT that more was.  It was totally confusing for me.

The graphics were great!  Down to every little detail.  I turned the music down (puppy) but the sound effects were also great.  Voice overs - mediocre IMO.

There were 4 modes of difficulty with awesome names like "Agent", "Field Agent" and "Awesome Field Agent" or some such thing - lol.  My notes aren't with me right now - lol.  Each mode of difficulty had the same various options that could be changed - that's a new development.  But, be careful in "custom" mode.  Read EACH option carefully as you MIGHT want to UNCHECK multi-click penalty - lol.

Ultimately, you get a map but I found it confusing to use.  Instead of a journal/diary you have a "box" from the "H.E.L.P." organization that contains your tasks and where you can pop in info/fact cards about various things in the Smithsonian that you collect (both in the CE AND SE versions) - pretty cool if you're into that.  There's also a very awesome thingy that can tell you who a person is once you enter their picture.  yes, it has a name ..... but my notes aren't nearby!  

HOGS (hidden object games) - OMGosh!  SO varied.  I don't think I did the same thing twice during the entire demo!  Silhouettes, picto-words (one picture plus another picture = what word then find that word), FRAGS (find fragments to put together an object), and MORE!  So much fun!

Mini Games were new and innovative and fresh.  Even some that seemed like "same old" were brought up-to-date and made more fun and entertaining!  With all the things you had to do during the game play AND the mini games included, I'd say combined .... mini games outweighed the HOGs.  In my humble opinion.

Aside from the usual "bling" the CE has collectibles AND morphing objects which would usually make it a DEFINITE buy for me .... usually .... but maybe not so much this time.

If you are interested in history (the fact cards) or LOTS of "facts" regarding items in and about the Smithsonian (again, the fact cards you collect in both the CE and SE), this would be the perfect game for you.  I think beginners will enjoy this game but I don't know how hard it will be for experts.  I'm intermediate and thought it was really easy.

There seems to be a LOT to do all the time during this demo and I really liked that.  But, after playing the demo 3 times (beta, CE AND SE), there was still no "WOW" factor ..... for me.  I was so disappointed in that because I desperately wanted to love this game.

IF I purchase it .... it will probably be down the road and more than likely the SE version.  Not worth the expense of a CE even with all the extras.  Where is that "WOW" factor?  

Please try this demo.  It has soooo much to offer in terms of history and great factual finds.  You may even enjoy the storyline - lol.  Hop into the time travel drama and see if YOU can figure out ..... just what's going on.


Overall Impression:  A good game with LOTS to do which I LOVED but there was no "wow" factor.  Even with the collectibles and morphing objects I'd recommend the SE over the CE for this one.


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February 17, 2015 10:06 am  #7


Mahjong Gold 2:  Pirates Island

Love Love Love Love Mahjong games!  I own quite a few, in fact, from BFG, and this one has some entertaining aspects that made it worthy of a good play.

No storyline that I could tell.  Just great pirate graphics, including the "tiles" of the Mahjong pieces.  You could choose the regular tiles OR something more ..... pirate-like - lol.  The music was also very piratey.  Sound effects were also well-done.

No mini games or anything in between levels to break up the game play but that really wasn't necessary in THIS game.  In order to "pass" a level and get 3 gold stars you have to accomplish 3 tasks per level/game.  Those include collect "x" number of "special" tiles, getting a specific score (or better than THAT score) and ..... something else - lol.

The game boards were done in very nice pictures .... a ship, etc.  I really liked that.  Although I DISLIKE, extremely, having to compete with myself to get 3 stars and meet each level requirement, I did thoroughly enjoy the game play.

As much as I LOVE anything to do with pirates .... and this game was ALL about pirate themes, I don't think it will be a purchase for me.  All that "getting 1, 2 or 3" gold stars, meeting level expectations, etc. just kind of ... irks me - lol.  Although, I guess it does make the game more interesting?

I DO recommend it for everyone, although beginners to this type of game may find the tutorial confusing because it really doesn't explain much ..... nor even very well.

Will you exceed the Pirate expectations and get all gold stars or will you be walking the plank?  Find out in this adventurous demo.


Overall Imperssion:  Give it a try.  All that "get 3 gold stars" to be a success just doesn't do it for me.  (OCD ).


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February 25, 2015 2:46 pm  #8


Solitaire Perfect Match

I don't believe I've ever "met" a solitaire game that was quite so ..... unusual.  All you do is make matches (i.e., 4 and another 4, King and another King) with bonuses for having the same suit or even color!  No Hi/low or anything else.  But,...... it's certainly enticing and made me want to go back for more ..... and more ..... and even MORE!

The music was upbeat but not annoyingly so.  The little mustachioed man gives the impression of "hmmm ... sly little devil .... better watch out for him."  But, I'm not even really sure you see him again.

The colors/graphics are bright, easy to see cards (for those of us who are of the more mature persuasion)  .I could not see where the card backs, etc. could be changed.   Too bad.  I'm also not sure WHAT i get so many rewards for or why I never have enough coins to purchase upgrades or help.

So, you see, I can't really tell you anything at all!  Except, it kept me quite unusually involved in the game play and I HATED (and I dislike the word "hate") when the demo ended!  Will this be a purchase for me?  YOU BET!  If for no other reason that to figure out ..... just what makes this game so appealing!


Overall Impression:  There is just SOMETHING about this game that "grabs" you ..... so hold on to something close and tight because I think you'll get swept away too!


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February 25, 2015 4:04 pm  #9


Jungle Quest

The storyline COULD have made some sense ... maybe.  Cathie Jones (such an original name) is off on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth (who hasn't tried THAT one) because her grandfather is ill.  Of course!  It's NOT like you'd do it because it would help the world or anything.

The graphics were bright and relatively cheery, considering.  The music threw me off a bit because it sounded like a cross between a jungle beat and an uptown dance club.  Hmmmm.

It IS a match 3 game but what do you get if you match more than 3?  Couldn't tell you.  What bonuses or things that get in your way are there?  Again, couldn't tell you.

I CAN tell you this.  With 39 minutes left to spare .... it froze my computer.

NOT a purchase for me, but, hey ....


Overall Impression:   Fly waaaay past this little mess of a Quest!


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March 8, 2015 1:39 am  #10


Puzzle World 2013

Guess What????  This game isn't a PUZZLE at allllllll - RFLMAO!  

The graphics were astounding. The buttons huge and easy to read and manipulate.  I can't comment on the music or sound fx as it was late and I kept it all quiet (sorry).

I don't know that there was any kind of storyline either.  No map.  No journal. No nothing.  Not really necessary?

I would have LOVED this game, except I didn't understand it.  I mean, I understood the games well enough, but the instructions on how to get any game started was completely lost to me.  The 2 or 3 games I DID get to play were by sheer accident.  NOT exactly how I like playing a game what should have been so simple. 

Word Search, Hangman, and LOTS and LOTS of more types of games to play ..... but I just didn't know how to get past the "instructions" to actually PLAY the dang game!!!!!!   It should NEVER have taken me an hour just to figure out all the "a, b's and c's" of a game (so to speak).

I would have purchased this game in a heartbeat    ..... if I could have figured out how ...... to  ....... play ..... each...... type ...... of  Instead, it was awkward and not very entertaining.   I felt brainless and stupid and not very big in the "smarts" department when I KNOW I usually am.  I just wanted to "play" these games that either singularly or a a group looked like to much fun!  But, there were no instructions that were worthwhile.  Not instructions on how to play the games, I didn't need THOSE!   .... Those types of instructions were were fairly ..... standard.  But, once you got beyond the instructions ..... then what?  It was soooooooooooo frustrating!

For these reasons I simply cannot recommend it much less purchase it.  What a HUGE bummer!

Give it  a try ..... if you dare.   And, if it turns out you CAN figure it out ....... well, have fun and


Overall Impression:  I wanted to LOVE this game.  I truly, truly did ..... but I couldn't get around all the buttons and up and down and cross-ways and .............. bleh!  Try it, though, you're probably a LOT brighter than I am and it will be a go for you!

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