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December 22, 2014 11:26 pm  #71

Re: Demo Reviews

Lapland Solitaire

I LOVE solitaire.  And since this is the Christmas season and this is a winter/holiday theme-inspired game, I was hoping to enjoy at least the scenery. Sigh.

The graphics are good, as long as you're not expecting the marvelous HD graphics of today's games. The music was operatic ... and, IMO, not holiday-themed at all. The sound effects could also have been better.

There is an Advent Calendar that counts from 1 - 25. As you complete each "day" of game play, a new window opens, which I "think" is supposed to add that picture to your card face. You can also go back to that "day" by clicking on the appropriate window: Day 1, click on the number 1.

The gist of the game is the typical high/low solitaire game. As you complete a hand (4 hands for the "morning" of each "day" and 4 for each "evening"), you earn gold chocolate coins which you can then use to purchase a building in the North Pole. There are bonuses earned with each building purchased such as "turn over top cards", "joker", etc. There are also hindrances in game play, such as frozen cards and cards covered in mistletoe/holly.  If you DO NOT pass the hand with NO cards left, you do not get a gold star for that hand.

 I definitely had some "hmmm" moments. It was announced at one point that I had "unlocked a gold star". Where? What did this gold star do? Never found out. There was the ever-present message to "try to remove all the cards by the completion of each day". Ok. But, if I CAN'T, how do I replay THAT particular hand???

 The sad fact is that you CANNOT replay just a "losing" hand. You CAN replay an ENTIRE day, however, all the progress you earned on that day will be lost - gone - bye bye! Meaning any gold stars you earned are also gone and you MUST REPLAY the entire day, not just a particular hand and you do not earn any gold chocolate coins if you DO replay a day.  So ... what's the point?

 I have to admit, these things took a lot of the fun of the game play away for me. The first hand is a rather poor excuse for a tutorial. I don't believe a beginner would quite understand all the ins and outs of this particular solitaire game. I think experts would not find it enjoyable at all. For those "in the middle", try it for could go either way - lol.

Unfortunately for me, this will NOT be a purchase. I recommend everyone give it a try because these are MY issues and, of course, MY issues will probably not be your own.

 The best part of this game was buying the buildings and setting up the North Pole. But, if I purchased Santa's House early on ...... what was left? THAT purchase should have been on Day 24 or 25.  Of course, maybe something more magical is going to happen on those days.

 Merry Christmas!

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February 12, 2015 3:45 pm  #72

Re: Demo Reviews

Wow!  It's only been ..... MONTHS .... since I've played a demo, beta or game (nope, not a full game - lol) but ..... here's a great game demo for you today.

Regency Solitaire

Just in time for Valentine's Day - Pride and Prejudice meets Solitaire!

I LOVE solitaire and haven't found a decent game in FOREVER and a DAY!!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to play this game when it was released on a different gaming site and couldn't WAIT until it came out on BFG so I could finally purchase it.

Poor Bella dreams of marrying a handsome, wealthy man.  Does she have someone in mind???  But, her brother gambles away the family fortune!  OH NO!!!!!  (Is this a guy thing?  Lack of common sense???  RFLMAO  Sorry guys!!!)  NOW, her father is pushing her to marry the dastardly neighbor ..... creepy, yucky, eeeewwwww!!!!!!

The graphics are only ..... (singing) AMAZING!!!!!!  Pure and spot on perfect for the era as you move through each of the rooms in Bella's house.  The cards are a great size, pictures are easy to see (even for these old eyes), just PERFECTION!  Music ...... OMG!  Again, perfect for the era .... softly classical but not "I'm getting sleepy" kind of music.  Just ..... enchanting.

It's hi/low solitaire but NEVER boring as the storyline continues throughout the game.  No voiceovers, but it seems just perfectly right to have to read everything everyone says.  There are 2 difficulties - normal and hard.  Sorry, I play Normal but WHEN I purchase the game I will play all 180 levels on Normal and then go back and replay them on Hard.  wooo-hooo!

There is so much going on in this game that makes it truly entertaining.  With the coins you earn during game play, you get to purchase items for Bella (a hand fan, gloves, etc.) or for her home - such FUN!  Every item you buy is some kind of power up/bonus for you to use in your game play (for example, Cupid may shoot a random card from the game board, the phoenix burns cards, the lyre will shuffle them and MORE) - WOW!  AND, you are offered the opportunity to use the pictures/room/backdrop as a screensaver only every time you make a change!

I CANNOT say enough about this amazingly entertaining and beautiful solitaire game.  The actual solitaire game is ALMOST the backdrop of the game as opposed to being the center of attention - lol.

I recommend this game for everyone from beginners to experts ... a great tutorial at the beginning is perfect for newbies.  It's fun, it's romantic, it's dazzling and it's ....... PERFECT!  

Come meet me in this amazing Pride and Prejudice meets Solitaire game and help Bella make her dream come true!


My impresssion?  BUY BUY BUY!

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February 12, 2015 6:27 pm  #73

Re: Demo Reviews



Uh.  Do I like this game??? NO!   I LOVE IT!  lol

The storyline is exquisite!  Not just .... oh, here is a kingdom that was prosperous and went bad.  More .... so much more ..... so involved in what happened NOT just to Rivermoor.

The graphics are .... absolutely LOVELY!  I almost wish I were living in that beautiful little glade myself!  The music and sound effects were also ..... perfect!  The narrator .... OMGosh!  What CAN'T I say about the narrator.   A villager himself who speaks with true voice inflections and feeling.  Not too fast and not too slow .... he totally immerses you in the story.

There is a relaxed mode which I recommend to get the MOST out of the game play.  You get to choose among 3 cursors.  There is a tutorial during the game that is perfect as this is a "different" type of match 3 ... but in no way is it intrusive.

The game itself?  Where do I even begin?  Yes, it IS a   match 3 game .... but OH SO MUCH MORE!  It's a game board that moves as you play.  Make a match to the right, your game board will move with you.  Difficult to explain but oh so fun to play!

Make matches in the "grassy" areas to find things like a pickaxe so you can "use" it on the "rocky" area to take to yet another area.  Several areas have walls to knock down by making matches and breaking boxes to get to artifacts, runes, etc.  Then, find the exit????  

But, wait, there's MORE!   The matches you make earns you materials.  At the end of each level, use what you've earned in materials to help rebuild the little "Keep/Village".

Oh, there's MORE!  Make matches of 3 or more to gain bonuses and power ups!  Yes, a story, a building game, a type of hidden object game AND all built into a match 3 game!  Who could ever have dreamed this up!

I love match 3 games but it's hard to find one that's truly entertaining.  THIS game is not only entertaining but amusing and it keeps you engrossed in what's going to happen NEXT in the story ..... which YOU are a part of!

I had the opportunity to play this on another gaming site and couldn't WAIT for it to be released on BFG so I could purchase it.  NOW I CAN!!!!  I recommend this for everyone from beginners to experts.

Come join me in Rivermoor and Hollow's Keep and have fun rebuilding the town with amusing game play!


Overal Impression:  BUY BUY BUY~!!!!!!


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February 12, 2015 8:01 pm  #74

Re: Demo Reviews

Legend of Maya

I LOVE match 3 games.  But, having played so many, I want the match 3 games I play to be ...... a bit more entertaining than just making matches.

The graphics are awesome - there's no denying that.  Music and sound effects equally so.

There is a storyline ..... but it takes a very long time to get from one point of the story to another.  Makes it .... boring.

I DO like the "caveman" era items that you have to match and there are bonuses for making matches of 3 or more.  However, as the levels DO get more and more difficult as you go on so DO use those bonuses.  The items you match earn you materials to built a village.  But, it seems to take FOREVER and A DAY to get enough to purchase anything.  Again, making it ...... tedious.

Why, then, do I find this such a ho-hum game?  There were a few "hmmmm" moments.  For instance, I played on "relaxed" mode (of the 3 available).  So, why then did I have to compete with myself for "fantastic - silver star" vs "perfect - gold star"?

With a lackluster storyline and tasks that took far too long to complete, this game is not entertaining, IMO.  Therefore, it will not be a purchase for me.  Nor do I recommend it for anyone other than beginners, as I believe those more experienced will find it tedious as well.

Please try the demo.  It just might be your ...... speed.


Overall impression?  Try the demo .... it was tooooooooooooooooo slow going for me.

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