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November 26, 2014 11:05 am  #21

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 21 - Saturday

There’s no way I’m going back to Gobholme until I get some warmer clothing. There doesn’t appear to be any medical facilities in the kingdom, and I’m not sure if I want Blessilda and her potions attempting to cure me if I catch a cold.

Maybe we should go to Fahleed’s first thing, Lucky, even before we go to Town Hall. Then again, perhaps not. Better to get the lecture from Greg over and done with. Better yet, apologize before he can start to lecture.

Looks like I’ve been granted another reprieve. Greg isn’t the only one in the office. Chumblepot, Old Man Seth, Troglid and the Mayor have all stopped by to request that their buildings be expanded. And Quinn thinks he knows where we can find tiles for the castle door.

Greg obviously didn’t expect me to come to work today. He has the four requests for expansion spread out on his desk and he keeps looking from them to the ledger book, frowning and sighing. Being steward isn’t as easy as you thought, eh Captain?

I gather the papers from Greg’s desk, chat a little with each of the Goblins and tell them I’ll let them know when resources are available. Then I send Quinn back to the Squabbit Den to wait until I have time to go tile hunting.

A quick glance at the ledger and I’ve made my decision. Town Hall and the Wingferry will be approved for expansion. The Glassworks and the carpentry shop will have to wait. Besides, the Glassworks was just expanded yesterday.

I inform the Mayor of my decision regarding Town Hall and he thanks me before asking for contributions for the Squabbit Den, Glassworks, and General Store. How much? Eight hundred bolgins. Each.

And that, my darling Captain, is why I only approved two of the four requests. I knew from past experience that at least one of the Goblins would be back looking for more bolgins or more bolgite or more obsidian or more golden oak. Now we’d better leave before the construction work begins.

Lucky and I head over to the Squabbit Den to get Quinn and Mr Vanderkins. Next stop is Fahleed’s where I pick out a pattern for the new, warm cloak he’s going to make me.

Then on to the Wingferry. I tell Seth that the expansion can begin after I’ve visited and returned from Apricus Plaza and Rosetum Gardens.

A door tile is quickly found at Apricus Plaza. We spend more time at Rosetum Gardens looking for the relic fragment Chumblepot told me about yesterday. Eventually we find it and another tile as well. Our third stop is Dawnshadow Lake and we find a tile there as well.

Closer examination reveals that only one of the tiles is a match for the castle door. One is better than none, I tell Quinn. I’ll bring it to the castle and you should go feed the animals. Don’t forget Mr Vanderkins.

Lucky looks at me. Time to feed your own squabbit is what he’s trying to tell me. Maybe construction is finished at Town Hall and we can get some lunch. But as long as we’re here in the Faire of Light, let’s visit the pedestal and see which relic this fragment belongs to.

It’s another piece of the Vibrancy Relic. Just one more fragment to find. I hope I find it soon. I can’t wait to see how it changes the appearance of Faire of Light.

The construction work is finished at Town Hall. Lucky is relieved to discover that his stash of carrots hasn’t been disturbed. After a quick lunch, we visit the Glassworks to lend a helping hand. The depiction of Dreadmyre confronting Queen Sophia isn’t anything I’d want hanging in my house, but Chumblepot assures me that orders are pouring in.

Chumblepot is interested in my explorations and offers to make me a diving helmet so that I can explore an underwater cave in Coral Cove. All I have to do is find the glass shards he needs. And some bolgite, too, if it’s not too much trouble.

I promise to look for the needed materials tomorrow. I have to go up to the castle and see if the tile Quinn found fits the castle’s door. And maybe Greg will be there.

The tile is part of the door. There’s still eight tiles missing. But a lot has been accomplished in the three weeks that I’ve been here. The castle interior really looks elegant. If only I could find somebody to restore the torn painting.

Greg is waiting for me outside the castle. He suggests that it might be time to do more repairs on the castle's exteriors. In his opinion, Queen Sophia's crest would look better with a cerulean centerpiece below it.

I tell him I’m surprised he would suggest such a thing after seeing the ledger book this morning. He laughs and says that the Skyward Kingdom’s steward is a financial wizard and therefore finding the funds shouldn’t be a problem.

Is that a fact? Well, I think the kingdom’s Captain of the Guard is something special, too.


For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 26, 2014 12:11 pm  #22

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 22 - Sunday

There’s not much for me to do today, other than look for the glass shards so that Chumblepot can make me a diving helmet. This might be a good time to earn that ‘financial wizard’ accolade Greg so surprisingly bestowed upon me.

Currently there are four buildings awaiting upgrades. The total cost of the upgrades is almost ninety-eight thousand bolgins. I have many sets of collectibles that can be exchanged for coins, but not enough to cover the cost of all the upgrades.

Time to study the auction. Maybe those sets will bring in more coins if broken up and sold separately. I decide to start small. I’ll list two items for five hundred bolgins each: a Fairy Queen Card and a Griffin Card. If they don’t sell, I can always get the other three cards to the set and bring them to the exchange and receive one thousands bolgins. All I have to lose is twenty-fours hours.

Next we’ll head out to the Fairy Dragon Nest and look for those glass shards. That was easy. Back to Town Hall to pick up the bolgite that’s also needed. On my desk is a note from the auction house. Each of those cards sold for one thousand bolgins! Let’s go back and list another two cards, Lucky. Then we can go to the Glassworks.

Chumblepot asks me to wait while he assembles the diving helmet. I look at it dubiously. Is there something else that goes with it, like a diving suit, an oxygen tank, etc? Nope, all I have to do is pop the diving helmet on my head and I'll be able to breathe under water and get to that blocked area of Coral Cove.

I’m not totally convinced that this contraption will work. Maybe I’ll check in at Town Hall and there will be something else for me to do.

Greg is in the office and he looks skeptically at the diving helmet. He wonders if it’s a good idea for me to go to Coral Cove. Perhaps he should go instead. That settles it, I’m going. Alone. I inform him that I don’t need him to do my job.

Lucky isn’t pleased about going to Coral Cove. Don’t worry little squabbit, I don’t expect you to swim under water. I can manage by myself. You can guard my towel and my clothes.

I had looked through the new clothing that Fahleed had made me, but there was nothing that resembled swim wear. Underwear is like a bikini, I decide, but I’m going to look ridiculous wearing it with this helmet. At least nobody will see me.

Wrong! When I emerge from the water, Greg is there holding my towel. And there’s one big difference between underwear and bikinis: underwear is transparent when wet.

I grab the towel and ask what he is doing here. He just wanted to make sure I was all right and that the helmet worked. Yes, it worked, I snap, and as you can see, I’m fine. He smiles and winks and agrees that I am, indeed, fine. Very fine indeed. Furious, I push him in the water, get dressed, and leave.

Back at Town Hall, another letter from the auction house. This time I received one thousand five hundred bolgins for the two cards. The extra money I made selling at auction instead of using the exchange is exactly the amount needed for that cerulean whatever Greg wanted for the castle. He’s not going to get it today, however, I’m too angry.

There’s also a request from Fahleed to expand his store. Good, I need to talk to him about making me something suitable to wear while swimming.

Fahleed needs me to talk to Seth. Seth has mislaid some important papers that Fahleed needs in order to open up a another shop in Gobholme. Seth will need me to sort and repair the widgets while he searches for the missing papers. And, of course, he’s out of toolboxes. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow, I tell him.

Fahleed is also going to need some extra bolgins for new looms. The old ones broke. See, Lucky, I was right not to give that money to Greg for repairs on the castle. It’s needed here. Fahleed thanks me and gives me a tile he found cleaning up after the looms broke. It’s for the interior castle door, but I’m really not in the mood to go to the castle.

Actually, I’m rather tired. Maybe it’s the altitude, but I don’t seem to have the stamina the rest of the kingdom’s inhabitants do. Blessilda mentioned something about a fungus soup that permanently increases your energy level, unlike her energy potions which only give a temporary boost. But the Orchard will need to be upgraded yet again before the soup can be made available.

We’ll deliver the door tile tomorrow, Lucky. Let’s just go home. Lucky squeaks his approval. He doesn’t want to chance a meeting with Greg, either up at the castle or at Town Hall, any more than I do. We’ll deal with Greg tomorrow, along with all the other things we’ve promised to do.


For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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November 26, 2014 12:27 pm  #23

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 23 - Monday

Captain Greg is the most infuriating man I have ever met! How can he be so gentle and caring and protective one day, and then the next day behave as badly as the people he claims he’s protecting me from? How can I work closely with him when I never know which Captain Greg will show up?

That’s one thing I won’t have to figure out right now; the office is empty. Good. Not that I’ll be spending much time in the office. I promised Seth I’d help repair widgets while he looked for the papers Fahleed needs, and I need to assemble posters for the Mayor so he can search for the papers he misplaced. And naturally I have neither toolboxes nor glue on hand.

Before we head off to the Rose Garden, I think I’ll approve the final upgrading of the Orchards. I don’t like mushrooms, but I need to do something about my energy level so I’m just going to have to force myself to eat a bowl of fungus soup. But first, it has to be available.

Approving this upgrade is going to seriously deplete our working capital. Time to get over my fear of making a mistake and start selling things at auction. If I stick to items from sets that can be redeemed for coins, I should be okay.

Come on, Lucky. We’ll drop this stuff off at the auction house, tell the Forester we’ve approved his request and then head to the Rose Garden to look for toolboxes. Eleven should be enough for today. Maybe Seth will find those papers right away.

No such luck. I tell Seth I’ll be back tomorrow with more toolboxes, but now I have to go to Forgotten Glen to get glue for the Mayor. Lucky and I find enough glue to hang two posters. We’ll have lunch here before heading back to Town Hall. I need to think.

I’ve been steward for almost four weeks and haven’t received a paycheck. And Fahleed hasn’t sent me a bill for my clothing and Blessilda hasn’t asked me for any rent. I wonder who is in charge of payroll. Heck, who is on the payroll? The Mayor, I would assume, Greg and the rest of the soldiers, me. Linea? I’m going to feel like a fool talking to an owl about this, Lucky, but who else can I ask? Lucky squeaks as Greg joins us.

Greg leans against a tree, folds his arms across his chest and informs me he’s waiting. Waiting for what, I ask. For an apology for my behavior at Coral Cove, he replies.

My behavior, I explode. I wasn’t the one behaving like a Peeping Tom. He had no business following me to Coral Cove after I said I wanted to go there alone. He should be apologizing to me.

Greg informs me that he only followed me to protect me. I want to know who’s going to protect me from him. He wants to know why I would need to be protected from the man I’m going to marry.

Wherever did he get the idea that I was going to marry him? I remind him that we’ve only known each other for less than one month so any talk of marriage is premature.

Greg sighs. There’s nothing to discuss according to him. It was all arranged by our fathers years ago. Prove it, I challenge him. Why should I believe him? Maybe everything he’s told me about my past is a lie.

He tells me the proof is in my locket. I call him a liar. My locket is empty. He can look for himself if he doesn’t believe me. Greg removes the necklace from around my neck and opens it. He then takes off his signet ring and inserts it into the finely etched design. A slight pull reveals a secret compartment containing a folded piece of paper.

Greg hands me the paper and orders me to read it. It’s a document recording our betrothal. He was telling the truth. I protest that it can’t possibly be legally binding.

It is, he insists. But we might have hated each other. Greg smiles. He loves me, he declares, and he knows I love him. I smile weakly. I wish I could be as certain of things as he is.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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November 26, 2014 8:54 pm  #24

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 24 - Tuesday

Yesterday, I had planned to assemble posters for the Mayor after lunch. But after Greg had dropped the latest bombshell about my past, I decided to go to the Rose Garden instead and look for more toolboxes. I wanted to be alone and think about what Greg had told me.

Just about everybody in the kingdom has been aware since the day I arrived that I was the daughter of the last steward and that Greg and I were betrothed. Not surprising, really. Berengaria isn’t a common name and Greg has acted possessively whenever any other man his age looks my way.

And I now understand why Blessilda kept asking me what I thought about Greg and what the Mayor was getting at when he said that the weight of running a kingdom is lessened when you have friends at your side.

I just wish I could be sure that Greg loves me, that if he had been given a choice, he would choose me. I know that in some way I have disappointed him. There are times that he’ll look at me as if expecting me to say or do something, but then look sad.

Yikes! We’d better hurry, Lucky, or we’ll be late for work and the looks Greg gives me will be ones of annoyance.

Lucky and I manage to get to the office first. On my desk are letters from the auction house informing me that everything I gave them has been sold. When Greg arrives, I show him the letters and tell him to proceed with the Cerulean Centerpiece.

Greg asks what my plans are. I tell him that first I’m going to see Seth and try to find his missing papers, and then I’m going to the Orchard for some fungus soup.

He wants to know if I could meet him at the Forgotten Glen at lunchtime. Since Quinn has also agreed to help the Mayor with posters, I’m going to need more glue, so yes, I can meet him there.

At the Wingferry, once again I repair widgets while Seth looks around for those missing papers. Suddenly Seth remembers that he had the papers with him when he went for a walk in Rosetum Gardens with Quinn. Maybe he dropped them there. I promise him I’ll go there this afternoon and see if I can find them.

At the Orchards, I buy my very first bowl of fungus soup. Given a choice, I’d prefer a bowl of creamy onion soup from the Outback Steakhouse, but I doubt they have a franchise here. Just hope Blessilda is right and my energy level increases because I have so much to do, especially now that I’m going to be married.

Next stop, the Forgotten Glen. I like searching the Forgotten Glen. It’s where I found Lucky, and it’s the first place Greg and I visited together the day I arrived in the kingdom. It’s also the place where I was told about our childhood betrothal. As marriage proposals go, it doesn’t score any points for being romantic, but I’m not likely to receive any other proposal.

Lucky and I quickly find the poster glue and then settle down to wait for Greg. We don’t have long to wait. He’s brought his lunch and offers to share with me some of the ham left over from the army’s dinner. In return, I offer him one of the apples I found while searching for glue.

Greg tells me he has a present for me and hands me a small box. Inside is a ring, an eternity ring set with tiny blue skycrystals. Greg says he chose skycrystals so we’d always remember the day we were reunited. He slips it on my right hand and gently kisses me.

I can’t wait to get back to Landsong Village and show off my ring, however I still need to visit Rosetum Gardens to find those blasted papers. Greg needs to get back to the castle and check on the Cerulean Centerpiece. I agree to meet him at the Castle at the end of the day.

At Rosetum Gardens, I finally find those missing papers. Seth is very apologetic about causing so much trouble and Fahleed is relieved his Letter of Credit has been found. He invites me to accompany him to Gobholme tomorrow to officially open his new store.

I say goodbye and head up to Landsong Village. Quinn is already waiting for me at Town Hall. While we assemble posters, he asks me if it really true that I’m going to marry Captain Greg. I tell him, yes, it’s true and show him my ring. Quinn isn’t impressed, he’s more interested in knowing whether Greg and I will be moving into the house down the road from the Squabbit Den.

The Mayor finally finds the missing papers just as I finish the last poster. All I need to do is sign them and then take them to Gobholme. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow, I inform him. Right now, I’m going to meet my fiancé at the castle and check out the Cerulean Centerpiece.


For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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November 27, 2014 8:42 pm  #25

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 25 - Wednesday

I was surprised not to find anybody at the office this morning. Falheed is supposed to meet me here so that we can travel to Gobholme together. And there’s no sign of Greg.

While we wait, we can plan the rest of the day, Lucky. The Mayor wants me to check out Glitterstone Mine. It’s not far from Gobholme, so we might as well go there after opening up the bar and Fahleed’s new store. I like exploring new places. And when we get back, we’re going to check out that house Quinn mentioned.

Just then Greg arrives carrying a very big box which he places on my desk. Another present? Inside the box is a blue velvet cloak with a matching muff. Just in time for my trip to Gobholme!

Although I thank him profusely and give him a big hug and a kiss, Greg looks sad. I wish he’d tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Fahleed finally shows up and after I find the Mayor’s Letter of Credit and check to make sure that Fahleed has his, we’re off.

It’s still snowing at Gobholme, but my new cloak keeps me warm. I open the bar as requested by the Mayor while Fahleed arranges his wares.

The merchandise that Fahleed is selling in Gobholme is very down market compared to the beautiful fabrics he sells in Faire of Light. Then again, none of the Goblins are in any danger of be called a fashion icon.

Fahleed is also selling assorted bric-a-brac. He thanks me for my assistance and tells me any time I’m in Gobholme I should just help myself to whatever I want. Since it’s unlike anybody will be giving me a bridal shower, I need to start finding things for the home I’ll share with Greg. I ask if I might have the coffee bean grinder.

Fahleed will be staying in Gobholme for the rest of the day while I need to go to Glitterstone Mine. He offers to drop the coffee grinder at Town Hall when he returns to Landsong Village. I agree. One less thing for me to carry.

At Glitterstone, I don’t find anything that could be of use to me personally, but I’m sure somebody in the kingdom will eventually ask me for the gems, crests, and gears that I’ve found.

Let’s go back to Town Hall for some lunch, Lucky and then we’ll go find that house. While we eat, I can update the ledgers and decide if it’s time to upgrade any of the buildings again.

At last I can take a look at that house Quinn told me about. Crossing over the bridge, I take the left path which leads to a forest glade. The house there is small and in near of repair, but it has the potential of being the nicest house in the Kingdom.

This place is perfect. It’s close, but not too close, to Town Hall. The trees provide a degree of privacy, but there’s enough cleared land to expand the house and still have room for a garden. I would love to have a flower garden, Lucky. Lucky squeaks. Yes, there’s even room for a vegetable garden so you’ll always have a supply of fresh carrots.

I feel like I belong here. I want this house, Lucky. I want a home. A voice behind me asks if I would like to see the inside. Greg! He tells me that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, inside as well as outside. He had hoped to surprise me...

I don’t want to be surprised, I tell him. If this is to be our forever and ever home, I want to plan it together, to make it a place where we’ll both be happy and never want to leave. How soon can we get started? When can we move in?

Greg smiles and raises an eyebrow. Don’t I want to get married first? Some people move in together before hand, but that wouldn’t be proper for the Queen's Steward and the Captain of the Guard. I blush. Yes, of course. If he’s chosen a date, perhaps he’d like to tell me what it is. Greg says it’s up to the Mayor.

Why? What does the Mayor have to do with it? Weddings take place during the Yura festival, Greg explains. The Mayor will know when the next festival is to be held.

And as steward, I need to start saving bolgins to pay for the festival. Skycrystal Atriums will need to be opened and the building there repaired. And the castle will need statues, festival lamps, some garden decor, better pathways... Looks like we’re going to be very busy getting ready for the festival and getting our own home fixed up.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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November 28, 2014 10:36 pm  #26

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 26 - Thursday

Yesterday, as we looked through the house which is to become our home once we are married, Greg and I made plans for today. We were going to go to Skycrystal Atriums to get a better idea of how much work needed to be done to get ready for the Yura Festival, and how much it would cost.

And then I was going to accompany him on his daily rounds visiting various parts of the kingdom. This was Greg’s idea, and I was pleased that he wanted me to learn more about his duties and responsibilities as Captain of the Guard.

That was the plan. Things started to go wrong before I had even left the General Store. Blessilda had been acting rather coolly towards me, no doubt annoyed because I hadn’t approved her latest request for expansion.

She stopped me on my way out to present me with her plan for getting in to see the Central Station master to find out why the trains weren’t running. Her plan involved tricking our way past the guard aided and abetted by Artist Myke!

Before I could come up with something, Greg arrived and reported that our plans had changed. Artist Myke had escaped and Greg’s agents reported that he had been spotted in the Rose Garden. He and six other soldiers were headed there now. I decided to join them and Blessilda tagged along babbling to Greg about her plan.

There was no sign of Artist Myke at the Rose Garden and we all spread out to search for clues. Blessilda attached herself to me and confided that ‘Greg’ didn’t want her to tell me that the artist had escaped by charming him.

I could barely contain my fury. How dare she refer to him as ‘Greg’ rather than by his title! And does she really expect me to believe that he would confide in her? If he didn’t want me to know something, the last thing he would do is go around telling anybody within earshot "Don’t tell Berengaria". Is she trying to cause trouble between Greg and me? Why?

A messenger arrives with a note for Greg. Seems the previous report was garbled, Artist Myke was spotted at Rosetum Gardens, not the Rose Garden. We all hurry to Rosetum Gardens and Artist Myke is quickly found and captured.

Then Greg says the most extraordinary thing: YOU keep him in custody this time - I think you’ll do a better job! Is he serious??? What does he expect me to do - lock Artist Myke in the storage cupboard????

Before I can question his sanity, Blessilda threatens to feed Artist Myke to the fennex unless he helps her. Maybe Greg was speaking to her and this is just another plan Blessilda has cooked up.

At any rate, Artist Myke agrees to make a copy of the Central Station master’s crest and that should get us access to the station master’s office. But he’ll need materials and I’m the mug who has to fetch them.

Before long the crest is ready and Blessilda pronounces it a work of art. She and I go to Central Station and Greg and the soldiers escort Artist Myke back to the dungeon. At Central Station we gain access to the station master’s office, but I’m still no wiser as to why the trains aren’t running.

Blessilda taunts the guard who let us in, telling him she fooled him with pig bolgite and then sweeps out crying "Quick, to the potion cauldron!" I have no idea what that means, and I don’t want to know. All I care about is returning to Landsong Village and finding Greg.

Greg is waiting for me at Town Hall. He’s not alone. Yet another dippy princess claiming to have been duped by Artist Myke is with him. This one is called Princess Aria and she’s in serious danger of catching a chest cold since her gown barely covers her boobs.

She losing her memories as well as exposing her mammaries and thinks the memory loss was triggered by an artist painting her portrait. Greg and I exchange glances. It appears that Artist Myke has been busy during his brief escape. Princess Aria wants us to look for the portrait at Central Station and gives me a luggage key.

Once again I go to Central Station but there’s no sign of the portrait. Princess Aria isn’t all that upset when I return to Town Hall empty-handed because she’s heard that the artist is behind bars. She’s more upset that she can’t remember his name! Greg and I struggle not to laugh. Finally she leaves.

It’s too late to go visit Skycrystal Atriums, I announce. Greg is looking glum. I tell him to cheer up, we’ll just do everything we had planned to do today tomorrow instead.

That’s not what’s bothering him. He’s upset that he allowed Artist Myke to escape. I point out that he’s captured him twice and if the Captains in the surrounding kingdoms had been doing their job, he would never have been able to enter ours in the first place. I’m sure Artist Myke began his life of crime long before he arrived at the Skyward Kingdom.

And he fooled just about all of us. We need an artist to fix that painting in the castle, and I know I kept hoping Artist Myke would turn out to be the man for the job. Greg wonders if we should force him to fix it. Maybe Blessilda...

Absolutely not, I tell him. Artist Myke can’t be trusted and I’m not sure I trust Blessilda either. I recount what she told me in the Rose Garden. Greg denies confiding in her. I assure him that I didn’t believe what she claimed. As for the castle’s painting, tomorrow I’ll speak to Triffledore about encouraging his artist friend to move to the kingdom.

But right now, we should get started on the day’s reports. The sooner we finish them, the sooner we can get back to making plans for our house. Today’s events have made me even more anxious to move out of the General Store and into a place of my own.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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November 30, 2014 12:30 am  #27

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 27 - Friday

When I arrive at Town Hall this morning, Greg is already there. He tells me before we can go up to Skycrystal Atriums, we need to see the Mayor and complete some paperwork regarding our upcoming marriage.

Greg gives the Mayor our betrothal certificate and the mayor asks us to sign it again. I notice with amusement that Greg’s signature hasn’t changed much since he was ten years old. My signature, however...well, I was only four. Not surprising that all I could manage was a letter ‘B’.

The Mayor thanks us and says how sad it is that our parents didn’t live long enough to see us wed. Thank you, Mr Mayor, for getting the day off to a gloomy start. He then tells us we really should go to Skycrystal Atriums and talk to Leena about the upcoming Yura Festival. What a good idea, I exclaim. Greg, why didn’t we think of that?

Greg gives me an elbow to the ribs and tells me to behave myself. He appears to have gotten up on the wrong side of the kingdom this morning.

Skycrystal Atriums is very brown looking, much as Landsong Village was before the relics were found. I don’t need a work order to know that one of the things I need to do is find more relics.

Greg introduces me to Leena, who explains that this year’s festival will celebrate Yura’s blessing for giving back the kingdom and the citizens’ gratitude for the guidance they’ve received from Queen Sophia and... me! I blush with embarrassment but feel bad that Greg’s work safeguarding the kingdom isn’t being acknowledged.

Leena wants to improve Glennwater Springs and needs help in the way of building materials and bolgins. A crucial part of the festival involves people drinking water that has been blessed by the fairies. I agree to help with resources. I just hope I’m not going to be asked to provide bottles for all the water she intends to bless.

Linea finds us. News that we’ve visited Leena has spread very quickly indeed. Folks are getting excited about the upcoming festival and Queen Sophia has sent a letter expressing regret that she will not be here but confidence that the festival will be a success due to my guidance. Enclosed in the letter is two crystals to put toward expenses.

I’ve really like to spend some time exploring Skycrystal Atriums, but Leena wants me to go to Skyfleet Docks and welcome some very early arriving visitors. As we depart, I complain to Greg that once again our plans are being changed. I don’t want to go to Skyfleet Docks, I want to go with him on his rounds. He says we can fit in a visit to the docks first.

At Skyfleet Docks, not only are visitors arriving, packages are arriving. And there’s some things that might come in handy in our new home, like a frying pan. Unless Bed, Bath and Beyond opens up a branch in Landsong Village, I’m going to have to scavenge for useful items.  I grab the frying pan and hand it to Greg to carry.

Greg thinks we should return to Skycrystal Atriums and report to Leena before we start his daily rounds. I think he’s stalling and for some reason has changed his mind about taking me with him, but for now I keep my thoughts to myself.

Leena takes time out from blessing the water to show us the damaged pedestals. They will need to be repaired, hopefully in time for the festival. The Peddler offers his assistance in repairing them if I can supply the materials. For the first pedestal, he will need bolgite, obsidian, and poster glue. I put searching for poster glue at the top of tomorrow’s to-do list.

Greg and I return to Town Hall and I put the frying pan in the storage cupboard next to the coffee bean grinder.

Now can we start your daily rounds, I ask. Greg looks uncomfortable and says maybe I should go search for poster glue and accompany him on a different day. He’s not sure I’ll enjoy going to the places he needs to visit today. I tell him that as long as we’re together, I’ll enjoy visiting anyplace he takes me. He silently hands me his list.

Mystic Copse. Good, we can have lunch in the treehouse. The Black Bull. No problem, as far as I can see. I’ve never been there and I like visiting new places. Coral Cove. I swallow hard.

I take some things from the storage cupboard and tell Greg to bring them to the Peddler, who will give him a diamond pickaxe in return. We’ll need it to break the coral and gain access to Anemone Bay. Meanwhile, I’ll go and fetch my swimsuit and a towel. Greg is surprised by my reaction.

Greg is in a hurry to get to Mystic Copse and I struggle to keep up with him. Slow down, Gregory, and wait for me. Gregory? Why did I call him Gregory? He tells me to wait for him in the treehouse while he checks the area for anything suspicious looking.

I sit at the desk and dreamily trace the letter ‘B’. It looks very similar to my ‘signature’ on the betrothal document. In my mind, I hear a little girl say "I’m going to marry Gwegory and live in a tweehouse."

I look up to see Greg staring at me. He asks me to repeat what I just said. I do as he asked and I suddenly realize that I’ve remembered something from my past, something that happened before I was sent away and landed up in Beechwood Cove.

As a child, I had adored Greg and followed him everywhere.  Greg had been playing soldier, pretending that he was Captain of the Guard and I had followed him to Mystic Copse.  Greg had told me to stay in the treehouse while he explored.  

To keep me entertained, he had carved the letter ‘B’ into the desk, given me a pencil and some paper and told me to practice signing my name. If I couldn’t write my name, I wouldn't be allowed to marry him, he told me.

For some reason, I had decided we were going to live in the treehouse after we were married and I told that to everybody I met. I even told it to people in Beechwood Cove when I first arrived there, I told Greg.

Greg held me close and told me he had been afraid that I had forgotten him while I was away. I had, eventually,  I admitted, but only because it was too painful to remember and not be able to get back home.

Lucky starts thumping, as if to say isn’t anybody going to remember me? I’m sorry little squabbit. Here’s a nice crunchy carrot. Greg and I also hastily eat lunch. If we don’t hurry, we’ll be going for a moonlight swim at Coral Cove.

Before we can go to Coral Cove, we have to stop at the Black Bull, a pirate ship by looks of it. I find a cauldron to add to my collection of must have kitchen items. Meanwhile Greg chats to the captain and crew and asks if there’s been any sign of the suspicious cloaked man who had attacked the Forester.

When we reach Coral Cove, things get a bit awkward. It soon become obvious that Greg hasn’t brought any swim wear along. The ‘swim suit’ Fahleed made me looks like a cross between a tennis dress and a short Greek toga.

What the heck! He’s already seen me in my underwear. But that’s as far as I’m prepared to go. Greg follows my lead and leaves his underwear on, although he points out that when we were children...I point out that we’re no longer children.  I don’t know why I’m making such a fuss. Wet underwear worn by either sex leaves very little to the imagination.

Greg uses the diamond pickaxe and breaks the coral so that we can explore Anemone Bay. We find nothing special there. Time to get dressed and head back to Landsong Village. We still have reports to write. I just wish that after they were done, we’d be going home together. Soon, Greg tells me, soon we’ll always be together.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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November 30, 2014 10:37 pm  #28

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 28 - Saturday

I had forgotten to speak to Triffledore yesterday about asking his artist friend to move to the Skyward Kingdom. We’ll do that first, Lucky, and then go to the Forgotten Glen to search for poster glue so the peddler can get started repairing the first pedestal in the Atrium.

When we get to Town Hall, Greg is already there and has other ideas about what I should do first. He thinks Festival decorations for the castle should be bought. On his must-have list are flowers, garden décor, a new pathway, new lamps, and statues of Yura for the pond. If there’s enough money, he’d also like to plant some grass and trees. He thinks 50,000 bolgins should cover it all.

I gasp! Surely the kingdom already has statues? Destroyed in the war against Dreadmyre along with the traditional festival lamps, Greg informs me. I tell him I’m sorry but I can’t give him that much money all at once. He tells me that the lamps and statues should be installed first and that it will cost 25,000 bolgins. If I would just give him the money, he’ll take care of it. All I’ll have to do is show up to admire it at the end of the day.

I hesitate and Greg adds that the decorations will help get people excited about the Festival. I cave and hand over 25,000 bolgins. He gives me a goodbye kiss, leaves, and quickly returns. He forgot to tell me that the Mayor would like to see me.

The Mayor will have to wait until after I get back from the Forgotten Glen. But next, I have to go to Faire of Light and speak to Triffledore.

It’s going to be a very expensive day. Triffledore wants me to buy two portraits his artist friend found. His friend is looking for capital to open an art gallery. The portraits cost me 12,000 bolgins and I’m not even guaranteed that the gallery will be in the kingdom, but I agree. We can always display them in the castle in place of the damaged painting.  I tell Triffledore to put the portraits in my office.

It takes a while to find the poster glue for the peddler. On the way to Skycrystal Atriums, I stop off at Town Hall to pick up bolgite and obsidian and to make sure those portraits have been delivered.

At Skycrystal Atriums, I meet Gavin, a member of the Gnomish delegation. He would like my help in restoring the Fungus Hut. Although gnomes don’t usually stay in town, the upcoming festival and the ‘beautiful land structure’ have drawn him in. Whatever.
The Fungus Hut will be a sort of game arcade, a place where people can play a game that uses fungi tiles. It sounds like it might be a good source of revenue for the kingdom. At the very least, it will provide some entertainment during the festival. I agree to help him. But we’ll need fungi tiles. Gavin thinks we can find some over at Skyfleet Docks. We’ll go there after I speak with the peddler.

Gavin and I find the fungi tiles, stop off at Town Hall to pick up the runes, and head back to the Atriums. I give Leena the runes and note with some amusement that Gavin appears to be smitten with Leena.

The peddler gives me a list of materials need to repair the base of the second pedestal and tells me to search Coral Cove for a sapphire sphere to house the pedestal’s magical properties. I tell the peddler I’ll be back tomorrow with the requested items.

Construction is finished on the Fungus Hut and Gavin invites me in to play a game of Tripeaks with the fungi tiles. Several of the kingdom’s citizens gather to watch us play before heading out to look for some fungi tiles of their own. Gavin’s fungus hut will pay for itself in no time.

Lucky and I head back to Town Hall to grab a quick lunch. Ria is there. She would like to find some Blessed Dew to open the flowers at the Fairy Dragon Nest as a surprise for Quinn. Could I come with her to Mystic Copse, Ancient Pond and the Rose Garden to find some?

We search those areas but don’t find any Blessed Dew. Ria is upset because she can’t remember where her grandfather told her to search. I think it’s more likely that Seth doesn’t remember where it can be found, but I keep my thoughts to myself.

Leena appears and tells us to search Dawnshadow Lake. We find the Blessed Dew and stop at the Squabbit Den to pick up Quinn before heading to the Fairy Dragon Nest. Lucky and Mr Vanderkins glare at each other.

At the Fairy Dragon Nest, Ria opens the flowers with the Blessed Dew, revealing a baby pocket dragon. Ria thanks me for helping her. Quinn tries to sell me some new pet accessories. Mr Vanderkins tries to pick a fight with Lucky.

It’s getting late. I’m supposed to meet Greg to check out the lamps and statues. Lucky and I arrive at the castle and are confronted with the most hideous lamps I’ve ever seen. The statues aren’t much better.

Greg is obviously pleased about the decorations and wants to know what I think. I burst into tears.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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December 1, 2014 11:14 pm  #29

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 29 - Sunday

Last night I was too upset to go back to Town Hall and write my reports. I asked Greg to take me straight home. He offered to deal with the paperwork, but I told him to just leave it. I’d come in early and do it first thing in the morning.

He had done as I asked, and my desk was an absolute mess. I had thought the kingdom’s residents would be so excited about the upcoming festival that they would stop submitting requests for things, but I was wrong. If anything, they had stepped up their demands.

We need to work on things pertaining to the festival, Lucky, and let the rest wait. Problem is, I can’t figure out which of the requests are festival related. If I have attended one of these shindigs as a child, I’ve forgotten all about it. All I know is that people will drink fairy water, wear funny hats and necklaces, and look at ugly statues and lamps.

Oh, and people, including me, will be getting married. So far, my preparations for getting married consist of acquiring a coffee bean grinder, a frying pan, and a cauldron. The house needs to be repaired, and if we can afford it, enlarged. I have no idea what our financial situation is. And I can’t leave Greg to deal with it, not if those lamps and statues are indicative of his taste in décor.

Once again, my habit of speaking my thoughts out loud gets me in trouble. Greg has heard what I said and demands to know what’s wrong with the statues and lamps.

I tell him that they are hideous. He disagrees and adds that they are exactly the same as the ones destroyed in the war. Fine, so the previous ones were also hideous.

They’re traditional and what the people will expect, he argues. Then the people have no taste and it’s a waste of money to repair the damaged painting in the castle because they lack the refinement to differentiate between art and trash, I retort.

Just as things are about to get really nasty, Triffledore arrives. Greg leaves, slamming the door behind him. Triffledore has convinced his friend Raphael to open his art gallery in Skycrystal Atriums! There’s a catch, though. He will need another 12,000 bolgins. I hand over the cash and pray that Raphael lives up to his name.

Lucky and I set out to find glue to repair the base of the second Artiums pedestal and and a sapphire sphere to house the magical properties of the first pedestal. I wonder where those magical properties are currently residing. Maybe they move in with the relics?

I’m greeted by quite a crowd when I deliver the glue and sphere to the peddler, who thanks me and tells me the second pedestal still needs runes.

Among those waiting for me is Raphael. He thanks me for helpin him and assures me he will build the best arts center ever scene, but he needs just a little more help in the way of funds and resources to restore the Gildenhall Gallery in the Atriums. And some paint brushes.

Also in the crowd is Gavin, who wants me to accompany him to the Black Bull. Ria is also there. She would like me to take her to the Fairy Dragon Nest to look for a relic. I’m always in need of glass shards so I decide to go to the Fairy Dragon Nest now and agree to visit the Black Bull tomorrow with Gavin.

Ria finds a fragment of the Atrium Lushness relic. I need to stop at Town Hall to pick up the runes requested by the peddler before returning to the Atriums. Waiting for me there is Brad, a friend of Troglid’s. His brother Gobie is stuck in the ore vein in Glitterstone Mines and the machinery to open it requires two people.

Brad doesn’t explain why Troglid or some other able-bodied Goblin isn’t available to help him. Clearly it’s a job that can only be done by Super Steward. So I trudge up to the mines and help save Gobie. I also find a relic fragment. Brad thanks me and says that someday he hopes to return the favor. Maybe he’d consider dropping those Yura statues down a mineshaft for me.

Luckily I remember that I still need to find paint brushes for Raphael, so instead of returning to the Atriums, I go to Dawnshadow Lake. Funny I never noticed paint brushes there before.

When Lucky and I finally arrive back at the atriums, once again several people are waiting for us. Gavin wants to know if we could also visit the Forgotten Glen tomorrow. I still need poster glue for the Mayor, so I agree to take Gavin there as well as to the Black Bull.

When I give the runes to the peddler, he tells me he still needs an amethyst sphere to house...Yeah, yeah, I know. Just tell me where to find it. A trip to Apricus Plaza goes to the top of tomorrow’s to-do list.

I give Raphael the paint brushes, but he tells me he’s been looking for some inspiration. He wants portraits of Queen Sophia and her parents, five of each to be exact. Each is unique, I am informed, and needs to be studied from different angles. I’m inspired to ask for my 24,000 bolgins back, but I don’t. Instead I run back to Town Hall to get the requested portraits.

Greg is there and wants to talk. I drop my papers and assorted things on my desk, grab the portraits, tell Greg I’ll be right back, and run back up to the Atriums. Raphael takes the portraits and rhapsodizes over the details. Could I possibly provide him with portraits of the Fairy Queen and King Crookshank? So yet another mad dash to Town Hall and back again. If running around in circles were an Olympic event, I’d be a gold medal winner.

Finally Raphael’s thirst for inspiration is satisfied. He tells me he’s heard there might be a relic in Ancient Pond. And if I could just wait a few minutes while he puts the finishing touches on his first painting...

The painting is indeed a masterpiece. Raphael assures me he has others and suggests the next time I visit, I bring Greg.

Greg! I forgot he’s waiting for me. I run all the way back to Landsong Village.

When I arrive at the office, Greg is holding some of my complete work orders and looking very angry. What’s his problem? He got those ugly lamps he requested. He asks me if I have any idea just how much money I’ve given Raphael.

I haven’t a clue, but it doesn’t matter because before I can answer, Greg tells me. Almost 25,000 bolgins. And just what do I have to show for it, he continues.

One magnificent painting, whereas all I have to show for the 25,000 bolgins I gave him is two tacky statues and a bunch of lamp posts topped with gilded chickens holding lanterns in their beaks, I snap. Furthermore, I’ll be dammed if I’m going to stand here and listen to criticism about my job performance from the man who allowed Artist Myke to escape.

Greg recoils as if mortally wounded. I tell him I'm sorry for what I said and tears start to fall as I remind him that I had been afraid that if we spent more time together, we’d discover that we don’t really like each other.

He reminds me that we spent the entire day together just two days ago and we were very happy. The problem is that we don’t spend enough time with each other away from all this, he says, gesturing in the general direction of the cluttered desks.

We don’t have any other place to be together, I point out. Not yet, Greg tells me, and suggests that we clean up the clutter and then find some dinner and discuss renovations to the house. I agree, but only if he promises to not to buy anything without checking with me first. I may be stuck with those festival decorations but there’s no way I’ll put up with gilded chicken lamps in my own home.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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December 2, 2014 10:19 pm  #30

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - A Steward's Diary

Day 30 - Monday

It took several hours last night to straighten up my desk, write reports and organize the work orders that remained, but it was time well spent.

After putting all the requests for building upgrades in a folder marked "Not Now" and putting the Mayor’s requests for the relics to be found in another folder marked "Whenever", I could see that there really wasn’t that many things left to do. And I was going to deal with three of them today, probably even have them finished before lunch.

First thing was to go to Apricus Plaza and find that amethyst sphere for the Peddler. After that, trips to the Black Bull and to the Forgotten Glen with Gavin. More like a day’s outing than work, really.

Gavin wants to find a special flower for Leena. Wonder what it’s like to receive flowers from a man, Lucky. Nobody in Beechwood Cove had ever given my flowers. Well, one of the antique store’s customers had given me pot containing a black bat flower at Easter, but I don’t think that counts.

Greg has never brought me flowers. Not his style, I suppose. And after yesterday’s arguments, I’m lucky he still wants to marry me.

Better get started. I turn to leave and see Greg standing there. Really, how does he manage to sneak up on me all the time? You’d think I’d hear his chain mail clinking.

It doesn’t take me long to find the amethyst sphere for the second pedestal. When I give it to the Peddler, he tells me that the third pedestal is more seriously damaged and he’ll have to conduct research to determine what needs to be done. So we may not be able to repair the third pedestal in time for the Yura Festival. Well, Meatloaf felt that two out three ain’t bad, here’s hoping the kingdom’s residents agree.

Gavin was waiting for me by the pedestal. The first pace we visited was the Black Bull. He had never been on a ship before and really enjoyed his visit. Then we went to the Forgotten Glen where he found the special flower he wanted to give Leena and I found a fragment of the Atrium Lushness Relic.

Gavin asks if we have time to go visit Gobholme. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do next, so visiting Gobholme is as good a place to go as any other. But I inform Gavin that after visiting Gobholme, I must return to Town Hall in case more work orders have been submitted.

Just visiting places and not having to find anything in particular is so less stressful than hunting for a long list of items. Maybe that’s why Greg is usually on an even keel and I’m usually at the end of my tether.

I really feel horrible about what I said to Greg yesterday. True, he was wrong to criticize my job decisions. But he had confided in me, shared his feelings regarding his handling of Artist Myke, and I had told him he had nothing to reproach himself with.

And several days later I use Artist’s Myke’s escape as a weapon against him to try to win a silly argument about some stupid lamps. I’ve got to think of some way to make it up to him, something special I can do or give him. But what?

There’s no new work orders so I look through the old ones. Triffledore had offered to make a new button that should open the time capsule in Apricus Plaza. I have everything he needs except an amethyst stone, which can be found in Rosetum Gardens. Let’s go there, Lucky. We’ll bring the other things Triffledore needs with us.

After finding the amethyst stone, we visit Triffledore and I sort through the artifacts while he makes the button. Then Lucky and I go to Apricus Plaza and open the time capsule. Its contents are nothing to get excited about. But my visit to Apricus Plaza has given me an idea about what I could give Greg.

There’s still time to go to Fairy Dragon Nest and maybe find the last Griffin Card needed by Quinn. I’m not sure how 3 Griffin Cards, 3 containers of Shimmering Fairy Dust, and a Scrying Eye Amulet can help pinpoint the location of Undine’s Trident. Maybe you have to be born with magic to understand.

At the Squabbit Den, Quinn takes the objects, disappears for a minute and returns to tell me that the Trident can be found at Coral Cove. But not today, I tell him. It’s too late to go for a swim. Maybe tomorrow.

When I return to Town Hall, Greg is waiting for me, a nosegay of Puppylove and Snow Kisses flowers clutched in his hand. He’s sorry he couldn’t find a special flower for me, like Gavin did for Leena.

But you did, I tell him. These are special. You gave them to me.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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