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November 9, 2014 1:28 am  #11

Re: Demo Reviews

lilyr wrote:

I knew PSYCHO TRAIN wouldn't be for me after I read a few reviews at BFG.  You made it 100%!  I need more help in games.  BABYLONIA sounded good until you got to the maintaining gardens, watering, keeping pest-free part.  Thank you.  I'll skip this one too.  I was pretty sure I'd get LEAGUE OF LIGHT.  Your review made it definite.  In fact I want to play it NOW but I have too many old games that I need to check off first.  MAGIC MAZE sounded interesting but, like you, I'm not a big fan of blaster games.  I've enjoyed things like SUPER STAMP where they've been a part of a game but a whole game?  I'll pass.

Thanks for the reviews.  They're fun to read and will save me a LOT of time!


Awww, that is just so sweet of you to say.  No pressure on me, though   lol.  If there is ever a game you want me to do the demo of, that I can't pull from my BFG file or that I haven't done already, I'd be happy to try it out.  I'm not great at TMs or SIMs.  Or a few others.  But, I'd give anything a whirl once!  

Hope you have a happy Sunday!

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November 9, 2014 1:46 am  #12

Re: Demo Reviews

Simajo:  The Travel Mystery

This game reminded me, somewhat, of the movie "Jumanji".  It was also about being trapped inside a board game where you had to roll the dice.  The similarities ended there.  "Jumanji" was way, way, way, well....I think you get it ... better.

I chose to play the "dice" mode of play, which was very interesting.  In fact, rolling the dice, IMO, was the best part of the game.

The storyline was a bit weak. A young man enters someone's home (but whose?) to find it deserted. He makes his way to the attic (?), finds an open box and is sucked into it. No reason.  He didn't say "abracadabra" or "open sesame" or "what's in there" or anything.  Just got sucked right up.  That'll teach ME to go looking idly into boxes in my attic.  OH!  I don't HAVE AN ATTIC - LOL.  Guess it's ok then.    
Then a "guide" (called "Mr. Guide") informs him that to get out of the "game" he must perform certain tasks. Then, we roll the dice and make our move, as indicated by the number on the dice, and play whatever game is where we've landed.

This is a game of HOGs (hidden object games), find the difference, jigsaw puzzles and a vast variety of other mini games. Whether you "skip" the game or pass the game, you continue to move on through this board game you are sucked into. There appear to be no consequences for "failing" a task.  Hmmmmm.

The graphics were okay although the items you needed to find in the HOGs were almost impossible, as they were tiny or too well-blended into the background. The various other games were none too difficult.

If you like a game with lots of mini games and HOGs but not a strong story line, this will be for you. There is a "hint" button but nothing else.  I found the game too boring for me. The "story" didn't seem to go anywhere. You just ... played games.

 Not a purchase. Nor would I recommend it for anyone who didn't have an expiring coupon to use.

 Sorry - but, as usual, always try a game.  You might be the one who absolutely loves it!


 Unfortunately, I DID NOT thoroughly enjoy this game.  In fact, I really disliked it.  I DID play the demo through to the end (it's a "thing" with me - I won't EVER review a demo I haven't played to the end).  I was too bored.  I want more than games.  I want a nice story to go with it.  Even a teeny story.  Sigh. 

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November 9, 2014 2:47 am  #13

Re: Demo Reviews

Whispered Secrets:  Into the Wind SE

I really wanted to like this game ... even the 2nd time around since I disliked it when it was released as a CE. But, no such luck. In any case, reviews really are just our interpretation of the game, right?

In the Opening Scene, a father is seen calling on an evil being (the devil or a minion?) to "heal" his sick daughter, who we later learn is blind. A price must be paid, he is told, a high price. And he reaches for the evil being.

Graphics and Sound: So disappointed. The graphics were partially good (not great) and then they get grainy and hand-painted looking (especially at some of the character close-ups like the Policeman at the very beginning). Voice overs were less than par, lip syncing not consistent with mouth movement which made the entire game disconcerting to me.

There are 3 difficulty modes - alas, no "custom".   A journal that is absolutely useless! It says in the tutorial that it contains important notes so check it often. I checked it often, alright, and it contained pictures (like wallpapers) and newspaper articles you picked up on the ground, etc. that you can't even read. I was so surprised I rechecked to see if I was, indeed, looking at my journal. If you press the button at the bottom of the page, you get a "movie" of the picture where that particular one was from. So, keep your pen and paper handy because the first time I needed a "note" for a clue it wasn't in the journal and I couldn't go back to the mirror to get it again.

There is also a "magic" mirror you acquire to talk to the "Huntress". Which I also didn't understand, as she was just ... right there anyway.

The HOGs (hidden object games) I came across were same old, same old list items (with an alternative match 3 game) or find "x" number of whatever. Mini Games weren't challenging or entertaining to me.

Immediately at the beginning of the game play, I felt a strong sense of deja vu. I KNOW I had been to that same pond/lake area in another game. In fact, I was so sure I checked to make sure this was a NEW game. The flow of the story was confusing.and made no sense to me. Ok, dad disappeared years ago and now the daughter is the Huntress. Why is she a "Huntress" if all she did was look for missing dad? Overkill? Now there are others disappearing. Ok. Get it. But years of "hunting" for a missing person does not a "Hunter or Huntress" make. That implies searching for animals, monsters, vampires, whatever, for an extended period of time. Again, disconcerting. I also "get" the storyline started off well with the disappearing people after the dad/evil being thing. But, then, we add "monsters attacking the town", strange ghost kidnapping people, and wild animals! And then, to top it off, a Huntress. Too many stories in one.

 I really wanted to enjoy this game, especially since the CE Bling didn't impress me with the previous release. Unfortunately, it still won't be a purchase for me. It's just too .......... awful. I can't even really recommend it. Well, ok. If you've taken the time to read this review, you should probably play the demo and form your own opinion.

 For those who do like the demo ...


Obviously, this game was NOT a winner with me.  I am aware, however, that a LOT of people DID like it.  So, please, please, play the DEMO for yourself.  I'd hate for someone to miss the chance at a great game just because it wasn't for me.

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November 9, 2014 3:00 am  #14

Re: Demo Reviews

Cryptex of Time

If you don't know what a "cryptex" is, it is a circular thingy that generally has runes or codes or something of that sort that you need to have a specific "entry" or "order" of things in order to open it or make it work. THAT is a VERY generic explanation of one.

This cryptex is also circular and is made up of an assortment of colored and different-shaped gems. (HOW PRETTY! ) The goal of the game is to make matches of 3 or more of the same shape and color gem to destroy them. As you do this, the empty part of the cryptex "wheel" will fill up as a new wheel (s) comes down on the top level. Your goal is NOT to let the cryptex wheels get too high or ... game over.

There were no bonuses for getting matches of 4 or more. There WERE obstacles to keep you from making matches. Huh. Doesn't seem very fair.

There are 2 modes of play. Timed mode - where you are given an optional tutorial (TAKE THE TUTORIAL) and Free mode, where you just keep playing until the cryptex wheel gets too high - or you just don't move fast enough - and the game is over.

This game is soooo not for me. I found myself trying to fill up the empty spaces left behind from making matches instead of trying to make more matches. (OCD much??? )  I levelled up with no problem, but it was stressful. I don't like my match 3 games to be stressful. The Free mode was just too boring. I also like my match 3 games to have a bit of a story behind it. A "reason" to play the game.

 For the above reasons, this will NOT be a purchase for me. But, it IS unique and for that reason I will recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge and/or likes a match 3 game.


Sigh.  Another game NOT for me.  And I have sooooooooooooooo many free SE coupons to  use.  Woe is me.  WOE is ME!  There just seemed to be too many issues for me to enjoy it.  I like "this" and "that" and NOT "this" or "the other thing".  Gee, I'm a bit whiny today, aren't I?????


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November 9, 2014 4:57 am  #15

Re: Demo Reviews

Riddles of Fate:  Memento Mori SE

Do you want to help Death find those running from ...................... Death?

In the opening scene, Death talks about how important it is that when it's your time, you must go. If you try to run, the innocents cannot be born and there will be a rift in time.

Graphics were just ok. I really dislike that magic blue crayon DEVS seem to need to try to represent a snowy evening. Ugh. Voice overs were great. LOVED the voice of Death. Can't comment on the music. It obviously didn't make much of an impression on me.

There are 3 difficulties: casual, advanced and hard core. I choose to play the demo on casual and opt for the Tutorial so I can get a good idea of what the game has to offer.

There is a diary of sorts. You must find Death's missing pages of a book. Death also gives you several tools during the game to use in your endeavors. One is your interactive map (in the form of a crystal ball). I found the map so intricate it was difficult to use and so just "transported" through the hint button. There is also an amulet that allows you to speak to the dead (I hear dead people).  The hint button (which is on the LEFT side of the screen) did take a bit to recharge. There is a "task" tab located ON your Inventory tab.

The HOGs (hidden object games), while interactive, were simple list items that were not terribly difficult to find. The mini games were some old variety and some new fun, fresh and innovative varieties. I did find them to be on the easy side. IMO the mini games outweighed the HOGs.

Death is seeking the assistance of your character, a Detective, to locate those people running from their fate, trying to "cheat" Death. Not only must you find those people, but you need to find evidence of their nefarious plans for cheating Death. Good luck.   I mean, seriously???  DEATH is coming to YOU, a mere mortal, because he can't keep track of his "souls".  Ooookkkaaay then.

The first story involves a young woman, her boyfriend and several missing women. One of these characters is "cheating" Death. Who is it? And how is he/she doing it? Even though it becomes obvious fairly early on, that IS your task.

 I do own the other games in this series. I was unimpressed with this one. Immediately, there was no sense of "let's go here and do this", necessitating the use of the "hint" button a few times. The story seemed disjointed and didn't flow well ..... until you got to the end. There was no indication of how many people you had to find "cheating Death" but I would venture to say not that many as I found a good 1/4 (or slightly more) of the collectibles when playing the CE demo.

Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed in the CE version when it came out. Now, maybe I'm in a better mood .... or I simply have one too many free games I need to purchase. But, considering it's probably a very short game, it wasn't too bad. I admit to being curious as to how others will try to cheat Death.  That's it!  I'm just curious!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So, yes, I will probably use a coupon to get it.  However, in all honesty, I would only recommend this game for beginners, as it was extremely easy. Unless you have a PCC you absolutely have to use.


 Well, there you have it.  My curiousity was peaked enough the 2nd time around that I will use a PCC to get this game.  I DEFINITELY would NOT recommend purchasing it as a CE.  There just wasn't enough "bling" to warrant it and the game is short (around 3 hours according to the reviews I've read).  If you own the other games in this series, even the Bonus Game offerred in the CE isn't worth the buy as the story you get (very much shortened) is actually played out in a previous game.

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November 9, 2014 12:10 pm  #16

Re: Demo Reviews

Hmmmm.....I'd never heard of SIMAJO.  I'll demo it though.  It sounds like one of those easy "inbetween" games that I DO enjoy.  I'd read reviews of MEMENTO MORI and was pretty excited.  I'll probably still get it but I'll demo to see if I want the CE or SE.  Thanks again!


November 10, 2014 3:32 am  #17

Re: Demo Reviews


Re Memento Mori.

I have the previous games and since I know the whole Chaos/Death story and how it all transpired, I don't need the Bonus Game for that info.  Plus, several reviewers said the game was less than 4 hours (3 I believe) and the BG was less than 30 minutes.  So, again, too short for me.  THEN, if THAT wasn't enough, one of the Achievements was for passing the game in 3 hours or less.  A definite "hmmmm" moment for me - lol.  I'll be getting the SE as I AM quite intrigued and curious about the other "cheaters of death".


Oh, Simajo (sp?) is an older game.  Do you think I should put the year it was released next to the game title???  I'd really like your thoughts on this please.

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November 12, 2014 12:23 pm  #18

Re: Demo Reviews


This is a unique twist of the old match 3 game.

The graphics are good. The colors easily identifiable. The music soothing and quite relaxing. There are no HOGs or mini games to break up the monotony of game play.

After each "dragon board" is completed, you receive a "dragon card" bonus. You can also purchase these during game play. I never figured out how to access them to use them.

The goal of the game is to place 3 dragon scales on the game board and to continue strategically 3 more colored dragon scales until you destroy a group of 3 or more like colors,

While this a match 3 game - albeit a twist of one - it IS a game of strategy. The levels get much harder as you level up. I don't do well on strategy games and, therefore, dislike them. So, no purchase for me (sad face). However, I encourage everyone interested in match 3 games to give this one a try. Maybe there's a bit of dragon trainer in you!



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November 14, 2014 12:54 pm  #19

Re: Demo Reviews

Paranormal Pursuit:  The Gifted One SE:

Well, I've now played both the CE and SE demo versions of this game and I still really like it. Not "love" it, but really, really like it. I even played the beta game and I seem to enjoy it more each time I play it. Hmmmm. Maybe if I play this demo again I WILL love it. lol

 A little boy (Kevin) is shoved into a basement room and told by his "step-father" to stay there because "they" will be there to "get you soon". Uh-oh. That sure doesn't sound like it bodes well for the Kevin.  Then, a man walking down the street feels compelled to make a call ...... to Child Protective Service.    Giving nothing but a report of possible child abuse and the address, the man hangs up.  Why is Kevin (the little boy) saying the words as the man in the phone booth is???/ Hmmmmm.    Your character, the CPS worker who took the call, rushes out to the given address and is told by Kevin's stepfather that he hasn't seen him in a while. Yet, your keen eyes see things in the living room that make you suspect that isn't quite the truth - a child's backpack, a tray of partially eaten food and a dusty picture. You leave with an apology for disturbing the stepfather but .... in actuality ..... your investigation has just begun!

 The graphics of the game are really very good. I was impressed with the realism of everything, especially the characters. Music was good but I tend to tune it out so I can't comment more than it wasn't annoying. lol  Voice overs were great!  And LIP SYNCING!   Love a game with moving lips! Sound effects were equally also spot on!

There are 3 modes of difficulty - no "custom" setting here. You have a diary filled with your notes (it does NOT light up, sparkle or go "BOO" when something new is added), but it does contain useful information and your new "task" is shown above it after you've completed the current task. There is a transportable map, which did come in handy.The HOGs (hidden object games) were the usual - silhouettes with interactive properties. Nothing was too difficult to find or figure out what to do with. The mini games were varied between same-old, same-old and fresh and fun, even the not-so-fresh ones. I wouldn't say there is an over-abundance of either HOGs or mini games.The concept of the gave is fairly simple.

You find Kevin locked in the basement and basically break in and rescue him. You try to call the police but guess what? The Police appear to be involved in whatever is going on!  NOW your adventure really takes off running ............. with Kevin in tow. First stop, a motel to rest and think.

 Who exactly is Kevin? He told you he DOESN'T have parents? Why not? Why is the step-father raising him? Or is he? Maybe he just "has" him??? Who is "coming to get him"? and who are the men in black masks chasing the CPS Investigator AND the boy?  All these questions, and I hope more, will be answered in the game.

I have progressively enjoyed the game each time I play it. Although I did not think it was CE worthy .... for me. It is definitely interesting and feels like a television or movie ... with a young boy (who has some telekinetic abilities), a CPS worker who is on the run with him, fast trains, car chase scenes and much more.

I decided when the CE was released to wait for the SE and I'm glad I did. This isn't an HOG or mini game heavy game. This is a very classicly made Adventure game. Enough with the games and puzzles - concentrate on finding out about Kevin and trying to get him to safety. It's not a difficult game but I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good story with a lot of adventure going on.

Come along and let's save Kevin and find out what else is happening in Paranormal Pursuit!


I apologize for the overly long review - but that tends to be the way I flow most of the time.   I really, really liked this game, enough to purchase the SE version of it.  Didn't "love it" and can't put my finger on why, really.  It's simple but a fun adventure.  I definitely recommend it for everyone!


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November 16, 2014 3:32 am  #20

Re: Demo Reviews

Haunted Legends:  The Stone Guest CE

The storyline of this game is pretty good.  Dr. Leporello's son was very ill.  He spent years and years of his life solely concentrating on a cure.  He finally found one, and in his owns words, it was the worst thing that could have happened.

 The graphics are really good. The music was sporadic as opposed to continuing throughout the game. Sound effects were ok. I was thoroughly disappointed in the fact that there was NO lip syncing. Seriously??? THIS Dev? In THIS day and age??? THAT'S why I took a star away. It's disconcerting to play such an amazing game (re graphics, games, story, etc.) and then be disappointed in the narration.

 The mini games were fun with a few new ideas and none difficult. The HOGs varied in kind and there was an alternate game you could play. I found none of the HOGs difficult either so didn't play the alternate game. I didn't find that this game concentrated much on HOGs OR mini games as they weren't around every corner (so to speak).

 I don't recall ever seeing a diary or journal. Your clues just sort of ended up in your Inventory. There is a transportable map with legends for where you are, which areas are completed and which areas still had tasks needing to be done. It also showed more than one area needing tasks which I love on a map.  Just showing one area at a time is just too much hand holding for me.

 You also get an amulet which had potion type bottles and empty hearts and empty gem areas.  As you collect these hearts, bottles and gems, the heart fills up. At some point, I suppose, we'll find out what this will do.  I don't think it's a CE item. There is also a magnifying glass that allows you to see things that aren't open to the "real eye". When you CAN use it, it will just show up in the area where it's needed. It resides in your Inventory but you never have to choose it as you would any other Inventory Item.

 CE Bling: Nothing new and only boring. Even the Achievements don't offer much. IS there a bonus game?  Doesn't indicate that there could be.  Are there collectibles? Also didn't indicate that there are. Anything I found during game play didn't indicate that it was going into any "collectible" pile/area/etc.

 I also had a bug/glitch in the game that I had in the beta game that I played (3x). I was disheartened that this issue wasn't fixed and I couldn't continue the game play.

 While it was an enjoyable game, it was easy - very easy. So, I wouldn't really recommend it for hardcore players. I think they would be terribly disappointed. Beginners, Intermediates who just want to play a game with a good plot - yes, and anyone who is just venturing into this genre of game.

 For ALL these reasons, this game will not be a purchase for me. NOT as a CE anyway. I might purchase it as an SE if I still like it at that time. There just isn't anything about it that makes it CE worthy.  Even with the sale going on.  Don't waste your money and choose a better CE worthy game and wait for the SE to come out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it - lol.   For those who DO purchase the game or demo it .....


Well, as my review indicated, I enjoyed this game thoroughly but couldn't play beyond a certain point due to a technical glitch that I also encountered in the beta game.  IMO it's definitely NOT CE worthy, even with a sale going on.  Very disappointed in certain aspects of the game but it does have a good story line.


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