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November 7, 2014 12:49 am  #1

Demo Reviews

While my demo reviews are NOT going to be as in-depth and informative as others here, I do try to give as much info about the demo as possible and will always indicate if it's a purchase for me or not (any why not) and if I would recommend it (and to whom).


Edited:  11/8/14

In order to help you find demos more easily.  I'm going to try posting an alphabetical listing, indicating the post # of where it can be found.  I hope that makes sense.  I saw another poster do this and thought it was just BRILLIANT!

Post No.                      Game Title:
  24                               3Tones
  3                                 Babylonia
  37                                Bengal, Game of Gods
  14                                Cryptex of Time
  18                                DragonScales
  35                                Farm Mania
  22                                Fate of the Pharoah
  26                                Fear for Sale:  The 13 Keys SE (with comments re CE)
  29                                Final Cut:  The True Escapade CE
  46                                Fishdom:  Depths of Time CE (a TGT)
  68                                Gizmos Spirit of the Christmas (offered with a TGT)
  63                                Graven:  The Purple Moon (a TGT)
  45                                Great Adventures:  Lost in Mountains
  62                                Happy Empire (a TGT)
  20                                Haunted Legends:  The Stone Guest CE
  59                                Hidden Object Crosswords (a TGT)
  66                                Jingle Balls (a Christmas season game!)
  21                                Knight Solitaire
  67                                Laby (a match 3 game)
  71                                Lapland Solitaire
   4                                 League of Light:  Wicked Harvest SE (with comments re CE)
  69                                Les Miserables:  Cosette's Fate (a TGT - NOT WORTH DOWNLOADING DEMO)
   5                                 Magic Maze
  44                                Mana Crusher (new game offered with TGT)
  70                                New Yankee in Santa's Service
  47                                Sinister City (u have GOT to read this)
  19                                Paranormal Pursuit:  The Gifted One (SE)
   2                                 Psycho Train 
  43                                Queen's Garden (Match 3) (TGT)
  15                                Riddles of Fate:  Memento Mori SE (with comments re the CE)
  12                                Simajo:  The Travel Mystery
  28                                Simplz Zoo
  38                                Sprill:  The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
   9                                 Super Stamp
  27                                Surface:  Game of Gods CE
  34                                The Far Kingdoms:  Elements (a TGT)
  36                                Veronica and the Book of Dreams (match 3)
  25                                Wispa Forest
  13                                Whispered Secrets:  Into the Wind SE (with a comment re the CE)



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November 7, 2014 12:58 am  #2

Re: Demo Reviews

Psycho Train

Are You Afraid of ............... the ................... Train?  Maybe you should be.....................

You're on a train ride with your daughter. In a matter of seconds, as you look out your window you see a reflection of a pock-ed mark (ghost?) man reaching for your daughter. But, when you turn to the aisle where you saw him .... he's GONE! Then, the train has some kind of accident on the tracks. It didn't derail (although I thought it should have) but kept on going. Everyone is ................... gone ................ except you. Where did everyone go? More improtantly, where is your daughter???????

 The graphics are appropriately spooky and dark. Creepy dark. There are no voice overs which adds to the creepiness. The sound effects are equally ... well ... creepy. Trains on the tracks .... train whistles ..... soul-wrenching screams in the background. Whew.

There were only 2 levels of difficulty to choose from. I played on "regular". The hint button takes a while to recharge. There is NO map. NO diary/journal. NO extra anythings to help you along. You. Are. On. Your. Own.

 The HOGs were standard lists with some interaction. The mini games were not difficult.I LOVED that the demo didn't end before my time was up, but rather my time was up BEFORE the demo ended. I LOVED that there were no special anythings to help me in this game. I LOVED that I was on my own and had to THINK. I LOVED all the creepiness of the game. And, everything the other reviewers (at BFG) disliked about the game seemed to me to give it that extra dark and creepy ambience that games today are sadly lacking.

The more and more I wrote this review, the more I realized I had to change my rating from a 4 (I REALLY liked this game) to a 5 because I really LOVED this game and can't wait until bonus punch Monday to purchase it.  Yes, I'm cheap.

Throw away all your expectations of what this game SHOULD have, or SHOULD be "by today's standards" and just enjoy the game. You truly won't be sorry.


 Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Plan to purchase it AND recommend it for anyone who likes the dark and creepy, and doesn't need a lot of hand-holding.

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November 7, 2014 2:41 am  #3

Re: Demo Reviews

Babylonia The story is just as beautiful as the game.
 Nebuchadnezzar so loved his wife, Amity, that he built her beautiful gardens. Ishtar, the Goddess, loved the gardens so much that she bestowed Babylon with peace and harmony.  Until Nebuchadnezzar's attention fell away from the care of the beautiful gardens and more and more onto war and destruction. Angry at the downfall of the beautiful gardens, Ishtar destroyed Babylon and left everything in ruins.

The goal of this game is to rebuild not only Babylong's palaces and buildings, but to replant and care for the gardens so that Ishtar will once again be pleased. But, if only it were as easy as all that. Not a chance.This is a typical match 3 game in that you match 3 or more like flowers (it IS all about the garden). Match 4 or more and get bonuses in the form of coins, manna (to use spells such as fireballs), water, pest repellent and more.

 You use your coins to rebuild the ruined Babylon. But, you must also plant 7 gardens AND keep them pest-free and watered sufficiently to please Ishtar. If Ishtar isn't pleased with your gardening skills, she will reign down her destruction ..... again.
 The music was very relaxing. The graphics were superb. But, I am NO gardener and even in this beautiful match 3 game (which I loved) I couldn't keep up with the plants and flowers enough to keep Ishtar's wrath away.
 I recommend this game for anyone who likes match 3 games, who likes gardening especially and who can multi-task. So, basically, anyone but me. LOL. Unfortunately, I dislike angering Ishtar so this won't be a purchase for me. But, I do think everyone should give this remarkable game a try.
I thoroughly enjoyed the game (but NOT Ishtar - lol) and highly recommend it for everyone.  Unfortunately, not a purchase for me.

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November 7, 2014 3:22 am  #4

Re: Demo Reviews

League of Light:  Wicked Harvest 

All the makings of a great Halloween-inspired game. That's what I thought when I played the CE version when it came out and I STILL feel that way now. Even though Halloween is over. lol

The opening scene shows a little girl in a snow globe looking thing, all alone and crying for help. Uh oh, already doesn't bode well for her.

The graphics are absolutely PERFECT! No complaints regarding color use, clarity or anything else. Down to the individual blades of grass. And the way the colors blended so well into each other - PERFECT! The voice overs were also PERFECT! Totally in sync with the lip syncing (pet peeve of mine). Body movements, everything. Music was unobtrusive. Sound effects were PERFECT, from the crows cawing to the sound of the babbling brook.

There are 4 levels of difficulty - casual, experienced, masterful and custom. In "custom", I was a little surprised that we could only change the recharge time on the "hint" and not the "skip". Hmmm. But, to appease us, I suppose, the "hint" could go all the way down to ONE SECOND!

You get a diary, of sorts. It contains images that you click on to get more info about THAT particular item/picture/image and movie clips of the cut scenes. A map that has way too many legends (undiscovered area, open area, locked area, you are here, here is a task) Your inventory will contain a lot of PLUS items. You also get a crystal ball (seeing eye) in order to keep in touch with someone throughout the game - however, I didn't during the demo.

The HOGS (hidden object games) were varied and interactive. None were difficult and there was no apparent alternative game to play. The mini games were fun, some old, some new, ALL so much fun. Don't give up! Some require a little patience and perseverance. Of which I have NEITHER. IMO mini games were more prevalent than the HOGs but not by a whole lot.

 GUESS WHAT GANG??? You get ............... a HELPER! The cutest little helper you could ever imagine in a scary-cute based game. AND, you get to give it/her/him different types of clothes/items to use so it/she/he can better assist you in finishing your tasks (what? Are you lazy?) and reaching things you can't. I LOVE this thing/gal/guy. Gotta keep you guessing about something, haven't I?

 You have been sent to Blake's Mountain, Ireland. As you're reading the plea for help to find the children who are disappearing, your carriage falls through a rotten bridge and is hanging above a river of water. You fall into the water and swim downstream to find a mother and daughter in distress. Of course, there's also a creepy looking huge scarecrow you have to pass, and an equally spooky looking house. Someone is in this woman's house and she is SCARED. But, all you see is a shadow ..... of a pumpkin??? OH NO! All I can say, is BEWARE of that creepy scarecrow by the river!!!!!

The CE Bling in the CE Version was so outstanding, I purchased it then and there.  But, in all fairness, still played the SE demo to give a fair review.  NAH!  Just did a cut and paste with a few adjustments!  Ooooor did I?????

The ONE thing I wish they had added. I sooo wanted to thank my little helper whenever it/she/he helped me. Just give it a little tickle in the .... nope! Just ..... Awww.

This game had me at the little helper, who I DIDN'T know was going to be my helper until later. But, when I saw it/she/he early on, I was HOOKED! No, maybe it was the creepy and spooky atmosphere. Or, maybe it was ... does it matter? I WAS HOOKED! And continued to BE Hooked!

I encourage EVERYONE to try the demo. It's cute, fun, not really difficult but definitely has that creepy-cute flair. Come along and help ME help the children of Blake's Mountain!


LOVED the game so much I purchased it when it came out as a CE.  Actually, it was a birthday gift!  I highly recommend EVERYONE try it, especially if you love all things Halloween. 

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November 7, 2014 4:44 am  #5

Re: Demo Reviews

Magic Maze

The graphics are great.  I did have to turn down the music and sound effects at the "Options" screen immediately before I even started the game and it was still LOUD!

Your little animal (?) character is plopped down in a maze. The goal is to find 3 different colored stones (1 each of red, blue and green). You do this by making your way around a maze ---- sounds simple enough doesn't it? NOPE!
Because, scattered everywhere around the maze are small, medium and HUGE bunny-looking monsters you have to blast your way through to pass. There are also obstacles such as pointy, spiked things that can, and will, shoot up and and grab you where the sun don't shine - lol.

Don't despair, totally, yet, because there are also bonuses. You can/should blast open any crates you see - and they are EVERYWHERE - because they contain all sorts of bonuses (although I hadn't figured out what they meant by the end of the demo). There are also chests (wood, silver and gold) that you can open with keys you get when you destroy the bunny looking monsters. The closer to your colored gems AND the exit, the bigger the monsters get AND the more shots it takes to destroy them.

 Don't mistake the large number of small, medium and large gems you find for your 3 colored gems, because they aren't them. Your 3 gems are properly guarded by a whole regime of monsters.
 There IS a map on your screen so you can tell where you're going as well as a legend that lets you know when you've found your gems and how many lives you have left. You get 3. You can lose them very quickly as you level up. But, you can restore a low-life heart ... somehow ... I just haven't figured out how I did it yet.

 I made it to Level 10 before I lost all my lives 3 times in a row and the demo ended. This is a GREAT game if you like mazes (I do), if you like blasting things (I really don't) and if you like finding treasures (I do). Unfortunately, the blasting of the gun was way too much for my sensibilities so this won't be a purchase for me. But, I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who meets the above criteria (everyone but me).
 It's fun, entertaining and a real ..... BLAST!


Another game I really enjoyed and recommend but will not purchase - the gun blasting was just toooooo much for me.

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November 7, 2014 9:59 am  #6

Re: Demo Reviews

Hi freyasmom, I enjoyed reading your reviews. You've got an engaging writing style.

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November 7, 2014 2:23 pm  #7

Re: Demo Reviews

Very nice Freyasmom. 

I just knew Psycho Train would be a game I would like.  You made it sound so irresistibly mysterious.

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November 7, 2014 4:31 pm  #8

Re: Demo Reviews

Thank you all so very much for your kind words.  Keep 'em coming!!!

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November 8, 2014 2:04 am  #9

Re: Demo Reviews


Being the old woman that I am - lol - and the past crafter of all things that I used to be - I suppose it was natural that my instinct was to think this game was about "stamping" and NOT collecting stamps - LMAO!
The graphics are very good. Considering you are placing stamps in silhouettes of themselves. The music was not annoying. Soothing? Maybe not. But, definitely not annoying.

There are NO HOGs nor mini games to break up the monotony of this game play. Oh well, such is life.
The goal of this game is to take all the pretty colored stamps on bottom of the screen and place them in the correct silhouettes of themselves in the rolling conveyor belts above it. Sound easy?  Not so much!  You see, while you can earn bonuses that will help you, there are also many things that can hinder you. Time being the worst offender.

Pay close attention to the first 5 or so levels of your game play as they are important tutorials. "Tutorial"S"' being the operative word here. There are numerous ways to play this game and they pop up differently in each level. So, be watchful because if you are playing ONE variation of the game while the game is actually playing another one, you will lose and have to replay that level only.

After each level is passed (yes, I had to replay some levels - sigh), not only do you collect a "stamp" for your collection, but you get a "stamp fact".  Now, isn't THAT interesting?
This is lots of fun and while I enjoyed it thoroughly, it did not do my arthritic hands very much good to have to move that fast up and down the screen. I do recommend it for anyone who enjoys a game where you have to be quick on your "fingers" - lol.


While I thoroughly enjoyed the game (NO, I do not thoroughly enjoy "every" game - lol), it will not be a purchase for me because it's too much for my old hands.  lol  I do recommend it for anyone who can move their hands very quickly.

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November 8, 2014 10:21 am  #10

Re: Demo Reviews

I knew PSYCHO TRAIN wouldn't be for me after I read a few reviews at BFG.  You made it 100%!  I need more help in games.  BABYLONIA sounded good until you got to the maintaining gardens, watering, keeping pest-free part.  Thank you.  I'll skip this one too.  I was pretty sure I'd get LEAGUE OF LIGHT.  Your review made it definite.  In fact I want to play it NOW but I have too many old games that I need to check off first.  MAGIC MAZE sounded interesting but, like you, I'm not a big fan of blaster games.  I've enjoyed things like SUPER STAMP where they've been a part of a game but a whole game?  I'll pass.

Thanks for the reviews.  They're fun to read and will save me a LOT of time!


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