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September 20, 2013 1:11 pm  #11

Re: Free to Play Games

These do need an internet connection as there are updates and in some cases the ability to add friends

Big Fish Casino-  I check in every day to get the free credits. I will play after I have accumulated quite a bit. ( I play the slots) . Not really something that is great fun though.

Rooms of Memory -  This was originally just an online game but now you can download it ( I don't recommend playing it that way though. very slow)  You can add friends and give gifts to each other. That is the best part about it I think. Again HOG scenes to play but quite a lot of variations. I am enjoying it a lot. 

My Singing Monsters- Ok I love this cute little game. Will not need to spend money on it either. You can breed monsters and the more complicated the breeding the more they earn. You can decorate your little island and feed the monsters. Yes, sort of a kids game. Similar to Faunasphere.

Dark Manor- This one is addictive. Straight HOG scenes but lots of areas. You earn money and juju to build up the manor grounds. Opening the grounds is slow though. You can add friends as well.I like this one a lot to.

Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin - Search through HOG scenes to find what customers want. Fulfill quests to earn money. Another I have added as a like. I made it to level 5 before I ran out of energy to complete the next quest. I do have several things of food if I wanted to continue. You earn money to fix up 5 or 6 different shops and also to buy things for your pet. At some point you have to build a post office which is supposed to allow you to add friends. Not sure if that will be available or not. 

Dark Manor and My Singing Monsters also has an ipad version. You can supposedly link Dark Manor to FB but no one I know on FB is playing so haven't tried it. 

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September 20, 2013 4:56 pm  #12

Re: Free to Play Games

Thanks for the mini reviews, GoVols.
I've spent most of the day playing Farm Up.  It's so addicting and yet there's nothing to be addicted to.  There's no timer, nothing to beat, you just grow 5 tomatoes or 10 radishes, whatever it asks you.  Each plant takes a certain time to grow, but is only harvestable for a certain time after that and the crops grow even when you're not there.  Some take a short time, good for when you're just popping in, the pumpkins take 8 hours to grow and they're good to pick for at least that long so if you plant them right before bed they're ready in the morning, or you can leave them all day if you work.  It sucks you in because there's always something that's going to be ready in 10-15 minutes and you stick around to pick it.  I'm going to try to stay clear of it because I can see myself spending all my time on it and I don't need an addiction/obsession at this point in my life.  But my pumpkins will be ready to pick and replant tonight, then I'd have oodles of money in the morning and I could buy that larger feed trough for the chickens to get my reward.....    PS in case I play some more, how do I cancel a task, the ones on the left side?

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September 21, 2013 4:47 am  #13

Re: Free to Play Games

Wendy, you can´t cancel the tasks on the left side, if you don´t want to do them you must "pay" with the gold coins you have earned. The maximum of ongoing task are 5 and until you´ve done some of them you aren´t going to get any new ones. That´s why you have to be careful with what tasks you accept when you´re at the world map, sometimes you´re getting quests that are undoable because of not having leveled up to buy the things they want.

BTW I´m obsessed!
I play it every day, I can´t resist, but I´m on level 39 and haven´t paid a single cent...


September 21, 2013 10:33 am  #14

Re: Free to Play Games

Here's comes another one, this time from BoomZap.

Sneak peek link for Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin'

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September 21, 2013 3:06 pm  #15

Re: Free to Play Games

I've been playing some of these, and as a result, I haven't finished any of my games in the last two weeks.  I play the FTP games in the evening when I get home from work, and during the weekends, I've been playing demos, since I'm way behind.  These FTP games are really addictive, and I haven't spent any real money on any of them, except Dark Manor, when they had the sale on gold the other day.  400 gold bars for $13.99...I just couldn't resist, because I really wanted to clear two areas before they got even more expensive.

I started with Found.  I've been playing it for about 3 weeks now, and I haven't paid any real money, although if there is a sale on diamonds, I just may break down and get some.  I'm only on level 18, but yesterday I was able to play for over an hour. 

Dark Manor was my next game, and it's slow going, but I enjoy building my grounds, and visiting other's. 

My 3rd game is Grimm Reaper Hidden Tales, and I haven't felt the need to buy anything...I haven't even been tempted.  Maybe because the spinner is very good to me, and I get the 175 rubies at least twice a play session.  I have well over 1000 rubies (I wish Found had a spinner like this).

Rooms of Memory I thought was lovely, but I don't like the small screen, and even if you maximize it and use the magnifying glass, the items are still tiny when I collect them.  Also, I haven't even been able to open it for the last three days, so I think I might give up on that one.

I liked Farm Up, but my crops kept dying before I could harvest them, so I gave up on it.  I also gave up on My Singing Monsters.  I thought it was cute, and I liked the sounds they made, but I couldn't figure out how to get past level 6 without spending real money.  League of Mermaids just wasn't my type of game. 

I'm going to give Antique Roadtrip a try today.  I'm a pretty patient person, and that really works in my favor in these games.  If I run out of energy, I have no problems just shutting down and moving on to the next game.  But really, if I'm really enjoying a game, I don't mind paying a little to reward the developers.  But I'm patient enough to wait for sales.


September 21, 2013 10:22 pm  #16

Re: Free to Play Games

These sound a little like games I use to play on FB ~ Farmville and Castleville.  On there you do have friends to send you requests but the farming one was so addictive at first.  You plant crops, build your farm, etc. They got to where the requests were so time consuming that I ended up playing before work, sometimes at work until they shut down our link, and then after work.  Didn't have time for my "real" games that I paid money for and they would offer really "cheap" packages of coins, whatever.  You didn't feel like you were spending much money but decided to just quit them cold turkey as it was starting to be hard to level up and I wasn't willing to spend a lot of money.  Haven't missed them.

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September 21, 2013 10:34 pm  #17

Re: Free to Play Games

ANTIQUE ROAD SHOW might be okay as FTP but I sure hope BOOMZAP isn't going to go down this dark road.


October 3, 2013 1:00 pm  #18

Re: Free to Play Games

I've been playing the heck out of Farm Up.  There's no need to spend any money.  There is a 4 hr. unlimited option for 16 gold coins(which you have already).  If you do that and plant a lot of the quick growing crops you can get enough stuff for your kitchen collections that you can trade it in for more gold than the 16 you used.  And you get to play for 4 hrs. without worrying about energy!  But now most of my time is spent building buildings and fulfilling ridiculous quests, like 18 of something that takes 2 1/2 hrs to make one of.  Even with 2 factories it takes a day or two just to do that.  I might restart the game and do the 4 hr. energy from the start, I waited quite awhile before I did it the first time.

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