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September 9, 2013 1:37 am  #1

What are your favorite genres?

A while back I mentioned in a different thread that I don't really play HOPAs all that often and barre asked what genres I do play most. I thought I'd answer here and ask what genres the rest of you like to play best (or least).

Likes? Dislikes? Any genres you won't play at all? Have your favorite genres changed over time?


September 9, 2013 1:45 am  #2

Re: What are your favorite genres?

Myself, I play a lot of M3s and TMs. For some reason M3 is a genre I can play endless variations of. But for a lot of TMs, I get tired of them when they start to feel too similar. I find I don't even demo builder TMs anymore because they all feel like clones to me. Luckily there are so many different subgenres within the larger TM genre that I can usually find something to catch my interest.

I do play some straight HOGs (Hidden Expedition: Titanic, MCF: Madame Fate and the Dream Day series are favorites) but not many HOPAs.

I also tend to really like sims, especially life sims like Life Quest and tycoon sims like the Chocolatier series or Fairy Godmother Tycoon.

I like a lot of sort of oddball games that I don't know exactly what genre they fit in. I particularly like open-ended world exploration games, where you might be given tasks to do, but the game isn't super linear and lets you proceed in your own way. In my mind, Wandering Willows, The Island Castaway, and City of Fools fit in this 'genre.'

Then there are some genres I'm barely aware of. I just recently played Arizona Rose (based on recs from you guys - thanks). I'd never even been aware of this genre (which I looked up and apparently they're called nonograms). It's always great fun to find a whole new type of games you never knew about.

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September 9, 2013 7:34 am  #3

Re: What are your favorite genres?

I remember my first games purchased at BFG and they were Madame Fate, Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets, Escape the Museum. Basically long games, eventually finished except MF which I have to replay to actually call finished.  I guess you could call them straight HOG's, although MF had the morphing items which I love.  Over time, I have ventured into HOPA's and IHOPA's which I love for the achievements and collectibles but sometimes leave me frustrated when I can't logically figure out what to do next.  I don't like using WT's but don't have time to be frustrated by my games, RL gives me enough of that!!

Next favorite is M3's as they are fun to do when you only have a little time to play but invariably end up spending way more time than planned.  My favorite is Cave Quest and the 7 Wonders games. LFG's frustrate me and just don't care for TMG's, too hectic for me.  I love arcade, mahjong and word games but get my fill of those from POGO and the two-month challenges I work on in my other game forums.

I think my love of HO games goes back to the early days of the Highlight magazine that I loved when I was a child as it had lots of those pictures with hidden objects.  I've always been competitive by nature and love the sense of accomplishment you get from completing something; whether it be a game, puzzle, book, X-stitch project, doesn't matter, it's the fun of the journey and the satisfaction of a task, job well done.

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September 9, 2013 11:26 am  #4

Re: What are your favorite genres?

I like HOPA's and some straight HOG's, like Gardenscapes and other of that ilk, where you get to fix up something.   I also own some straight HOG's that are somewhat quirky, like Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets, or that are so well done, like Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby, that the lack of adventure elements doesn't bother me.

I like logic games, like the World Riddles series, and Inspector Parker, BeTrapped.

Don't like the dash-type games and don't really understand why they are called Time Management, because I don't feel like they allow me to manage anything, just click, click, click.

I like games that involve strategy but don't put me under time pressure, like Trade Mania and Art Mogul.   I like doing jigsaws but only own 2 games of that genre, Patchworkz and Jigsaws Galore.

I'll play M3's if they involve renovating (Farmscapes and Hello Venice)  or supply some sort of reward for playing them.  Don't like the ones that are just M3 boards wrapped up with some lame story.

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September 9, 2013 11:33 am  #5

Re: What are your favorite genres?

I think my favorite genre is HOPA and regular HOGs. I also like TM games. Some logic, puzzles, and board games are fun too. Such as Inspector Parker, Promise Land and Trade Mania.

I've found that I don't like Match 3 games. They are too boring for me.


September 9, 2013 6:00 pm  #6

Re: What are your favorite genres?

I'll play anything except M3, dash-type games, and Mah Jongg.  I started with all 3 before ever playing my first HOG, but I guess I just got sick of them, and they don't hold any appeal for me anymore.  And I'm not real big on straight HOG's.  Most of them bore me.

My favorites are HOPA's and Resource Management, like Royal Envoy.  I also love quest-type games like Artist Colony and Little Folk of Fairy, RPG's, and logic-based games, like nanograms.


September 12, 2013 9:33 pm  #7

Re: What are your favorite genres?

I used to be a HOG/HOPA fan (and have lots unfinished), and then I woke up one day, and couldn't do it anymore.  Didn't have the patience for them, thought they were all the same.  I really hope that I wake up someday and that switch and been turned back.
I've always played a lot of different genres, right now my favorites are TM (especially road builder - resource management types) and M3's.  I do like puzzle games - jigsaw and things like Mosaics. I try really hard to like tower defense games, but I'm really bad at them and usually give up in frustration - why can't there be more like Plants vs Zombies.  I like a lot of stuff, Marble Poppers would be an expection - don't like them.

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September 12, 2013 9:53 pm  #8

Re: What are your favorite genres?

Dex, there is a game that is like Plants vs Zombies, it's new and it's called Skeleton Pirates.  I don't know what genre it's in but you can find it when you type that name in the search on BF.  Have you also tried the new M3s...there have been several released lately.  A good one is Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire - you will surely love that one.  Then there's The Snow, and latest one is Magic Time.

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September 12, 2013 10:24 pm  #9

Re: What are your favorite genres?

Thanks Barr!!

I've d/l them and will demo them at some point.  I am so far behind and out of touch......

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September 12, 2013 10:57 pm  #10

Re: What are your favorite genres?

Still HOPAs/frogs.  And then a bit of other types of games.  So far I've loved JOAN OF ARC (M3) and NORTHERN TALE (resource management? like MKFTP).  NT has a completely untimed mode! And it's funny and bright.  And a marble popper -- BIRDS TOWN -- always makes me smile.  So much so that I played 1000 levels of it!

Dex -- I think I read somewhere that PvsZ 2 is coming out.


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