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March 8, 2019 2:20 pm  #11

Re: Anyone do the puzzles?

Glad you liked my idea. 

Not sure what we can do with all the stamps.  Craft for coins or shards?  

We could use the extra coins to spin the wheel.  I usually spend 1,500 on the wheel each day (more if the DQ's require it).  Spinning until it would cost 1,400 coins to spin would use up 9,100 coins. 

Or we could craft for coins and use the coins to craft exclusive pet food.  Or just sell the stamps for coins and use them on the wheel or for crafting exclusive pet food.

Doing the puzzles makes sense for people just starting out or for people who don't have many HOS open (something to do while waiting for HOS to reopen).  Those of us on the upper levels have more than enough HOS to keep us busy, plus we probably need the airship items more than we need the diamonds.

If MC wants me to assemble puzzles, they need to give me a puzzle-assembling achievement.  Otherwise, I'll pass.

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