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February 1, 2017 4:07 pm  #51

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

FudgeChi wrote:

Hi Stu 

All 8Floor griddlers annoy me BUT I did find the Victorian Picnic one better than most. I kept having to start many of the levels again though because I wanted 3 stars and refused to refill the hints.

I'm on with Thanksgiving Days Griddlers now and that's worse.

Hi Fudge  

I'll restart grids over and over again to get 3 stars if I've made a stupid mistake.  But I won't bother with grids that you can't finish with logic.  I just buy lots and lots and lots of hints and finish them and, if I make a mistake, stuff it, I just keep going and will happily live with only 1 or 2 stars.  I also much prefer grids where you can tell what the heck the picture is, unlike in Griddlers: Victorian Picnic.  But, as I said, I was only playing it whilst watching TV so it didn't matter.

But now that I'm playing Spellarium, that's my new go to game when I'm watching TV, and that's much more fun!  I say I'll just play one or two levels but can't stop it's so much fun!


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because you're exchanging a day of your life for it.

February 1, 2017 4:25 pm  #52

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

lilyr wrote:

I only finished one game in January -- HOLIDAY MOSAICS: CHRISTMAS.  The good news is that I didn't buy any games in January.

I'm slowly slogging my way through CLUTTER VI.  I think I've decided that I don't particularly like the clutter boards.  I got spoiled with the Sliders and Word Puzzles in CLUTTER V.

Hi Lily  

I'm not a great lover of the Clutter games as I don't particularly like straight HOGs but I did buy the slider one, although I haven't played very much of it.

But I had a pretty good January when it comes to playing games.  Probably the best month since before I sent to Sydney in 2015 to look after my mum, as I got no time off during that entire time to play anything and I've been too sick since I've been back to play.  But, now that GH is releasing CEs from BFG, and now that I've discovered ERS games for Android, and free Artifex Mundi games for Android, I'm halfway through the PuppetShow series ... which I LOVE ... and I'm about to start the last game in the Haunted Halls series ... which I also LOVE!  I've already got all the Riddles of Fate series downloaded and ready to go from GH as I only bought the SEs from BFG but can now play the PEs!  So, not a brilliant month by any means, but the best I've had in YEARS!

But I'm afraid I got some games ...

Although all during BOGOFs on BPMs or using free coupons or PCCs!

How's that for great justification? 


What you're doing today is important
because you're exchanging a day of your life for it.

February 1, 2017 7:10 pm  #53

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

I like the way you think stusue!   I'll have to remember that justification. Hope you feel better. 


February 1, 2017 7:13 pm  #54

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

Hi Lily if you see this before you log off!  

What you're doing today is important
because you're exchanging a day of your life for it.

February 1, 2017 7:20 pm  #55

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

lilyr wrote:

I like the way you think stusue!   I'll have to remember that justification. Hope you feel better. 

I have my moments of brilliance!  

And thanks!  For both!

I actually had a few relatively good days last week, the first since I got back 14 months ago.  So, even though I overdid things a bit when I started feeling a bit better and now feel like crap again, at least there's hope that I'll start having more good days and be able to finally start getting things done around the house that have ... literally ... been lying around ever since I got back and since the container arrived from Sydney last year! 

So yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


What you're doing today is important
because you're exchanging a day of your life for it.

February 2, 2017 11:41 am  #56

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

I finished Fantasy Mosaics 19: Edge of the World.  I was a bit disappointed with Fantasy Mosaics 18 and Fantasy Mosaics 19 because after you complete each group of boards, when you get the item added to your garden or landscape, they all had very generic, mundane names.  I prefer the Zen-like names used in the previous games.

I also finished Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition and started Griddlers Victorian Picnic.

I finished 10 games in January (5 CE's and 5 SV's), but added 14 games (11 CE's and 3 SV's) to the stash.  So another month of falling behind, however, I don't plan to buy anything in February - unless BF makes us an offer too good to be refused.

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February 3, 2017 7:09 am  #57

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

Today's release ... my demo review ...  

Grim Tales 12: Graywitch CE


  -  one touch
  -  no help - no BBTs at all, plus no icon changes and plus-item indicators
  -  extras - archives, secret room, 3 collectibles - morphing objects, puzzle pieces, dolls
  -  good graphics - not great - but realistic with no neon colours


  -  v. v. v. v. slow and kinda boring - I didn't care about the characters or the game
  -  it's kind of confusing
  -  the hint will take you to a scene you haven't yet opened! 
  -  I didn't like that because you don't know where you are!
  -  all HOPs and MGs (except 1) were all ridiculously easy
  -  HOPs really boring with absolutely NO interaction at all!!!!
  -  and all the objects in the HOPs were huge and just lying there in plain sight
  -  some of the morphing objects didn't seem to morph!
  -  twice I knew where the MO was and stared and stared but they never changed!
  -  just click on any object in the scene and one of them will be a MO
  -  one morphed so quickly back and forth it was almost blinking its position!
  -  but one was tricky - a cat on a wind vane in the distance simply changed its position
  -  all the puzzle pieces were huge and in the zoom scenes - can't miss them
  -  same with the dolls - just click on a doll in the scene and you'll find it
  -  only 13 dolls and they give a little bit of info re the owner or prior owner 
  -  in the demo the voiceovers were okay but there isn't any lip-syncing
  -  this is because everyone who talks is wearing a mask
  -  which I thought was kinda cheating
  -  but smart of Elephant as that made the game a lot easier and cheaper to make
  -  beautiful music but there isn't much of it - mostly just ambient sounds
  -  I don't like silent games as I think it takes away from the excitement and suspense
  -  which may explain why I was bored - there was no drama
  -  there were also no extra clicks in the scenes, which also makes it boring
  -  there also isn't a lot to do in each scene - boring
  -  and, typical Elephant, everything needs several objects to open - boring
  -  unfortunately, with no BBTs, you also don't get any sort of comments at all - boring
  -  once again a task box that you have to click somewhere to close, which I hate!
  -  but at least it's smaller and not in the middle of the screen like their last game

Recommendation:    Neither CE nor SE

Try the demo as you may like it but I found it boring and won't be getting it.


What you're doing today is important
because you're exchanging a day of your life for it.

February 3, 2017 8:37 am  #58

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

I stopped buying Grim Tales games. I played the first one The Bride and haven't played anymore since, so I stopped buying them after Bloody Mary..  It doesn't sound like I am missing much.

I came into January like a lion playing lots of games and left January like a lamb hardly playing any.           7 played and 2 new ones bought.  So at least I'm ahead.

i ♥ nirvana

February 3, 2017 9:39 am  #59

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

Today's GameHouse releases ...  

Small Town Terrors - Pilgrim’s Hook PE  

by Gunnar Games

I played this when it was released by BFG and, if I remember correctly, absolutely adored it!  Lots of collectibles - whale bones and morphing objects - and fun, fun, fun gameplay.

Recommendation:   Yes - either SE or CE - I loved it and played the CE

Ricky Raccoon 2 - Adventures in Egypt  

by Rokapublish

I loved the first one and the second one is more of the same.  The only negative is that the first one was really, really short, hence I didn't buy it but just played it with my FunPass.  Hopefully this one will be longer but it's looking like it's also going to be short.  But it sure is fun to play with lots of different types of M3 play, similar to the Cursed House games, although much easier.

The blurb ...

GameHouse wrote:

Ricky Raccoon 2 - Adventures in Egypt is an exciting new adventure! Join Ricky on an expedition through ancient Egypt as you search for treasures. Challenges await with timed gameplay and multiple game modes that will put even match 3 experts on their toes. Experience beautiful HD graphics, colorful gameplay and charming characters. Play Ricky Raccoon 2 - Adventures in Egypt today!

  • play through more than 80 exciting match 3 levels
  • experience 6 different game modes
  • challenge yourself with timed gameplay, or take it easy with relaxed mode
  • enjoy full HD graphics 

Recommendation:   Definitely with a FunPass or a PCC.  However, I don't recommend to buy it or to get it with a credit simply because, if it's like the last game, and it seems to be, it's too short and too easy.  But it's heaps of fun and I love it so far as much as the first one!!!!

Mystery Mosaics 2  

by Anawiki

I couldn't remember playing the first one and so looked at the BFG reviews (very mixed and not very enthusiastic) and then downloaded the demo to check it out. 

The second one is totally different to the first one! 

Mystery Mosaics 1 ... has 2 game modes - Fill-a-pix (typical nonogram grids) and Pic-a-pix (numbers on the grid show how many of that colour surrounds it).  There are 100 levels in both modes.  Pic-a-pix is much harder than Fill-a-pix and even the Fill-a-pix grids are harder than the second game as there's only one lot of numbers and, as you fill them in, they're whatever colour they need to be for the picture.  I found this confusing.  Apparently, there's also at least one 25x25 grid.  The lines and columns are also NOT filled in when they've been completed.  There's a story but I don't think there's anything other than the grids.

Mystery Mosaics 2 ... only has one game mode, the typical nonogram grids.  There are also 3 colours (which isn't a lot compared to other grid games, unless there are more later in the game) and you switch between them to fill the grid.  There are also 100 levels but as there's only 1 mode of play there are half the number of grids to the first game.  There's also a story in the second game but this time you earn gold and purchase buildings to build your town, which I always find fun.

The blurb ...

GameHouse wrote:

In Mystery Mosaics 2, it's up to you to restore an ancient kingdom to its golden era glory! To gather enough power, you'll have to solve 100 mosaic riddles. But look closely - each mosaic field has tiles in three different colors. That means you must solve three riddles per level... Are you ready to be a hero? Time to unlock the magic within the tiles in Mystery Mosaics 2!

  • rebuild more than 30 ancient buildings
  • immerse yourself in beautifully painted, high-resolution backgrounds
  • solve riddles faster as you get more precise and efficient each level
  • free the magic, and become the ultimate Master of the Mosaics   

Recommendation:   Definitely if you like relatively easy (but I've only played 16 levels so don't know how much more difficult it will get) multi-colour nonograms and games where you purchase buildings to build a town.


What you're doing today is important
because you're exchanging a day of your life for it.

February 4, 2017 11:51 am  #60

Re: Finish your games challenge - 2017

I too love Griddlers/nonograms and never use hints. driven for that perfect finish.     I do not seem to have the same problems of solving the majority of them logically.  Yes there are instances where I have to take a stab at it but it's only when I've been down 2 to 4 squares in the same line/ column where its a case of either/or.  I find that happens in the Fantasy Mosaics and 8Floor but not a lot.

I've been picking away at Wolf Stories which I am really enjoying.  Its the only one that I've done colour wise that I like so far.  But it is totally different than the coloured Fantasy Mosaics. I wonder if BFG will get the new Gizmos.  Whoever has played it, is it more like Fantasy or Wolf Stories?

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