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April 28, 2015 7:12 pm  #41

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 40

Today is the day I am going to speak to Triffledore about his artist friend. I will not let him sidetrack me with other projects. Lucky looks at me dubiously. Oh ye of little faith.

But when I arrive at Faire of Light, the first thing Triffledore wants to discuss is expansion to his shop. He needs more space to sell a larger variety of artifacts. When I agree, he immediately asks for more artifact boxes which he will need for all the new customers his expanded shop will attract.

Lucky smirks as we trudge off to Ancient Pond to look for those boxes. I know what I’m doing, little squabbit. Expanding that shop was on my list of things to do before the Yura Festival begins. And we can stock up on skycrystal earrings and coruscating fairy dust while we’re looking for those artifact boxes.

When we return to Faire of Light and give Triffledore all the artifact boxes, he makes a lame joke about being all boxed up. I smile politely. I’m much more interested in knowing the identity of the Goblin who is with him.

Triffledore quickly introduces me to his friend Raphael the artist. I give Lucky a triumphant look. Raphael has been looking around the kingdom and notice the damaged painting in the Castle. He wants to restore it but didn’t bring his paints with him. I offer to fetch him whatever he needs. Jade moonflowers, glittering fairy dust, and tender touch flowers to start with.

A quick dash to the office to check if I have everything. Greg is there working out a schedule for the various competitions that will be held during the Yura Festival. I excitedly tell him I’ve found an artist to repair the Castle’s painting, grab what I need from the storage cupboard, give him a quick kiss, and dash back to Faire of Light.

Raphael starts mixing paints. Before long he decides that he will need more colors. He needs blue moonflowers, yellow moonflowers, and snow kisses flowers. I make another run up to Town Hall, get what I need, quickly tell Greg that we need more colors, and run out again.

The painting will need a new frame. I’ve got plenty of golden oak on hand, but I’ll need to go to Forgotten Glen to get some poster glue. Maybe Greg would like to come with me. We could have a picnic lunch and he could work on his schedule there.

When I tell Greg my plans, he says he’s too busy to join me. Fine. Whatever. Stay here where it’s going to get a bit noisy. The glassworks needs to be expanded and work will begin any moment.

Lucky and I go home for lunch. No point in packing a picnic lunch if Greg doesn’t want to join us. Less work to just eat here.

After lunch, we go to the Forgotten Glen to find all that poster glue Raphael needs. I spend some time at the Yura shrine asking Yura for guidance. I’m worried about Greg. Maybe he’s right and I’m wrong about waiting for the festival. If only Yura would give me a sign.

Lucky and I return to Faire of Light with the poster glue and golden oak. Raphael is pleased with the painting and says the colors have blended well. It just needs to be framed and then taken to the Castle. He’ll stop by Town Hall to let me know when it’s finished.

Greg is still at Town Hall working on those schedules. I don’t understand what’s taking him so long. Going by the number of trophies in our Great Hall, he’s been in enough tournaments to know which events should be held before others.

Raphael finally stops by to tell me that painting is finished. He says that working on it has been a wonderful experience and that he might consider moving here someday.

Greg manages to tear himself away from his schedules to come with me to the Castle to see the painting. For some reason, he doesn’t seem to like Raphael very much and doesn’t see why he should be encouraged to move to the Skyward Kingdom now that the painting has been restored.

In my opinion, the kingdom could use a dose of culture and an art gallery would be a welcome addition. Greg just grunts.

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April 30, 2015 2:41 am  #42

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 41

Today will be a very boring day. Chumblepot needs glass shards, lots of them, and poster glue. So the morning will be spent at Forgotten Glen, and in the afternoon I’ll move on to the Fairy Dragon Nest.

Lucky looks glum but perks up when I get the picnic basket out. For some reason, he thinks his carrots taste better when eaten outside. Greg watches me pack some hard boiled eggs, salad, and fruit and remarks that it isn’t enough food. It’s the same amount of food I usually eat. If I want more, I’m sure I’ll find something edible in the Glen.

He frowns and asks what about his food. What about it? We have an entire larder filled with food. There’s soup cooking in the fireplace. But there’s nothing in the basket for him to eat, he protests. I wasn’t aware that he intended to meet me for lunch. I thought he was too busy. I roll my eyes and add a man-size portion of salad, fruit and hard boiled eggs into the basket. Greg goes to the larder, grabs some fish sandwiches and throws them in as well.

Once at Forgotten Glen, I put Lucky in charge of finding poster glue while I sit and work on a list of things I’ll need to buy for the festival. New statues and street lamps will cost twenty-five thousand bolgins. New pathways, flowers, and garden décor will cost an additional eighteen-thousand bolgins. Add in the cost of grass, more trees and improving the pond and the grand total just for the Castle comes to about fifty thousand bolgins!

Lucky will need a festival hat and pendant. If at all possible, the Wingferry should be upgraded, as well as the General Store and Town Hall. That short little list adds up to another fifty thousand bolgins! I don’t even want to think about how much bolgite, obsidian, and golden oak will be needed.

Greg arrives and looks at my list. He points out that I haven’t noted anything down about Skycrystal Atriums. I frown. Nobody from there has asked for any help. I just assumed that the place had not been damaged or...Greg shakes his head and tells me the place looks like Landsong Village did when I arrived. Worse. Not only are the relics missing, the pedestals are broken and will need to be repaired.

And nobody thought to tell me this? Greg shrugs. He thought the Mayor had mentioned it when he asked me to visit the Atriums. Maybe I should go visit there tomorrow, he adds. No maybe about it.

Enough about what I still have to do. How is he doing with the tournament schedule? Greg has completed not one, but two schedules. He can’t decide which one to use. It all depends on whether he plans to enter the competitions. Now that he’s Captain, he’s not sure if it’s appropriate for him to compete.

I ask him if he’s worried about not winning and consequently losing some respect from his subordinates. He gives me a look. Okay, if that’s not the problem what is? Greg explains that the previous Captain never participated so maybe people will expect him to sit on the sidelines and give somebody else a chance to win.

I point out that the previous Captain was much older. I would imagine those who are competing want to win, but they want to win by beating the very best. Of course, we don’t really need any more trophies for the Great Hall, and we will be getting married - religiously - during the Festival so maybe he doesn’t want to tire himself out with training...

Greg interrupts me and says I needn’t worry about his stamina. Training has never interfered with his ability to...Good, I tell him. Glad to hear it. So all he has to do is decide whether he wants to compete. And if he does, make sure to tell me so I can watch. Now can we please eat lunch?

After lunch, Greg offers to take the picnic basket and all the poster glue Lucky found back to Landsong Village while Lucky and I go directly to the Fairy Dragon Nest. This time both Lucky and I look for glass shards since we need sixteen of them.

When we deliver everything to Chumblepot, he is very grateful. He needed everything for his first huge order and was worried he wouldn’t be able to complete it in time.

I’m really tired and would love to go home, but I just remembered that Triffledore wanted me to see the new artifacts he’s selling now that his store has been expanded. So Lucky and I go to Faire of Light to check them out.

A lot of the items are just plain creepy. Why would anybody want to buy skulls? I manage to find some round sapphire colored objects. Maybe I could make buttons out of them.

Lucky and I finally go home. Greg is already there busy rearranging his trophies. I’m guessing this means he’s making room for the ones he expects to win at the Yura Festival. I’m glad he decided to compete. Maybe training won’t tire him out but it might help make the time pass more quickly for him.

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May 1, 2015 1:57 am  #43

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 42

Greg seems much happier now that he’s decided to compete in the festival tournament. He even noticed that I looked ‘different’ but thought I had changed my hairstyle rather than the neckline of my dress. And he’s offered to go with me to Skycrystal Atriums.

Skycrystal Atriums is just as Greg described. Everything is brown and muddy. The buildings are damaged and shabby. Why didn’t anybody come down to Landsong Village and ask for help?

Greg introduces me to Leena, who explains that this year’s festival will celebrate Yura’s blessing for giving back the kingdom and the citizens’ gratitude for the guidance they’ve received from Queen Sophia and... me! I blush with embarrassment but feel bad that Greg’s work safeguarding the kingdom isn’t being acknowledged.

Leena wants to improve Glennwater Springs and needs help in the way of building materials and bolgins. A crucial part of the festival involves people drinking water that has been blessed by the fairies. I agree to help with resources. I just hope I’m not going to be asked to provide bottles for all the water she intends to bless.

Linea finds us. News that we’ve visited Leena has spread very quickly indeed. Folks are getting excited about the upcoming festival and Queen Sophia has sent a letter expressing regret that she will not be here but confidence that the festival will be a success due to my guidance. Enclosed in the letter is two crystals to put toward expenses.

I had planned to look around the Atriums more but Leena wants me to go to Skyfleet Docks to welcome any early arriving visitors. People are already arriving for the festival? It’s still almost two months away!

Greg and I part at Town Hall. He’s heading down to the barracks to post the tournament schedule and to figure out a work rota that will allow all the participants an equal opportunity to train for the competition. Lucky and I will go to Skyfleet Docks and then back to the Atriums.

The Mayor comes out and tells me he hopes I can help restore the town before the festival official begins. I’m assuming he means Skycrystal Atriums - Landsong Village looks pretty good. Faire of Light could do with some more improvement, but there’s still plenty of time for some more relic fragments to be spotted.

Skyfleet Docks is bustling. Both people and packages are arriving. I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to be welcoming anybody in particular so I just stand there saying ‘hello’ and ‘welcome to the Skyward Kingdom’ to anybody who passes by. After about an hour of this, I decide to go back to Skycrystal Atriums.

Leena takes time out from blessing the water to show me the damaged pedestals. They will need to be repaired for the festival. She tells me the Peddler has some ideas on how to restore them. The Peddler offers his assistance in repairing them if I can supply the materials. For the first pedestal, he will need bolgite, obsidian, and poster glue.

Leena is pleased that I’ve agree to help. She hopes that not only will the pedestals be restored but also the town. I nod my head in agreement before leaving with Lucky. We’re going to be spending the rest of the day at Forgotten Glen looking for poster glue. I have a feeling that before the festival is over, I’m going to get many requests for the stuff.

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May 2, 2015 2:31 pm  #44

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 43

Last night Greg and I had a long discussion about when to start on the improvements the Castle needs for the Yura Festival. I thought it was still too early. Greg thought that installing festival lamps and statues would boost people’s morale and assure them that there really would be a festival this year.

It might also encourage them to start their own preparations and, considering that the merchants of the kingdom usually rely on me to procure whatever it is they need, it might be a good idea to allow plenty of time to get ready.

The last point convinced me. The first thing I’m going to do this morning is give Greg the twenty-five thousand bolgins needed for those lamps and statues. Besides, it’s nice to be able to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘not yet’ to something he wants.

While Greg is busy buying and installing the castle’s decorations, Lucky and I are going up to Skycrystal Atriums to give the Peddler the obsidian, bolgite and poster glue he needs to begin repairing the first pedestal.

I still don’t understand how news travels so fast. A member of the Gnomish delegation is waiting to speak to me up at the atriums. His name is Gavin and he explains that gnomes usually don’t stay in towns but the upcoming festival and the beautiful land structure has drawn him in. He’d like help building a Fungus Hut where the gnomes can settle in.

I agree to help the gnomes build their hut. While construction is going on, I can continue helping the Paddler and Leena repair the pedestal. The Peddler has repaired the base, but he says we need some runes. Leena will know which ones.

Leena gives me a list and Lucky and I go back to Town Hall to check the storage cupboard. We have everything on hand. The Peddler uses the runes but we still need one more item, an orb to house the pedestal’s magical properties. He tells me I can find a sapphire orb in Coral Cove.

Before going to Coral Cove, I’m going home to change and get something to eat. Greg is already there having lunch, his usual stew. He’s all excited because he was able to find lamps and statues that are exactly like the ones that got destroyed by Dreadmyre.

I tell him he was so right to insist on getting the decorations now. Just the news that we’re getting ready for the festival has inspired a group of gnomes to move into Skycrystal Atriums. More residents means more revenue.

It also means more work for me. Better hurry up, eat, and change for my visit to Coral Cove to look for that orb. Lucky, of course, doesn’t need to change. His job is to guard my towel, something he can do on dry land.

Lucky doesn’t really enjoy visiting Coral Cove so it’s a good thing that I find that orb right away. Quick stop at home to freshen up after my swim and then it’s back to Skycrystal Atriums to give the orb to the Peddler.

Work is already completed on the Fungus Hut. Gavin tells me he intends for the Fungus Hut to be a place where people can gather to play Tripeaks, a game played with fungi tiles. He says he’ll show me how to play if I can find some tiles and suggests that I look for them at Skyfleet Docks.

The Peddler has finished repairing the first pedestal. Now all I have to do is find the relics. He suggests that I try looking at Skyfleet Docks. I look at Lucky. Guess we’re going to the Docks next.

Or the Forgotten Glen. The Peddler has just handed me the list of what’s needed to repair the second pedestal. It houses different magic and therefore needs different items to repair it. Bt like the first pedestal, poster glue is required, lots of it.

Lucky would prefer to visit the Docks. So would I, so that’s where we go. Finding fungi tiles is easy, but after searching for two hours, I still haven’t found the relic. Might as well return to the Atriums and play Tripeaks.

Several of the kingdom’s citizens gather to watch Gave and me play before heading out to look for some fungi tiles of their own. With the revenue it will bring in, Gavin’s fungus hut will pay for itself in no time.

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May 3, 2015 9:42 pm  #45

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 44

I am rather disappointed that I couldn’t find that relic fragment the Peddler told me about. To cheer me up, Greg has suggested that we spend the day together and that I accompany him on his daily rounds.

The first place we go to is Mystic Copse. Lucky and I gather fruit and vegetables while Greg searches for any signs that our cloaked stranger has been here recently. I also spend some time tidying up the tree house.

It appears that some of the soldiers may be using the tree house as a place of assignation and have been leaving their weapons behind when they leave. Quinn or Ria also visit the tree house and might get hurt. Greg will have to have a word with his men.

The next place we visit is the Black Bull. I’ve never been on a ship before. Neither has Lucky, who is looking a bit green, either from the motion of the ship or all those carrots he ate at Mystic Copse. Greg spends some time talking to people asking if anybody has seen anything suspicious.

There’s only one more place Greg has to visit this morning: Coral Cove. Now I’m the one looking a bit green. Funny he didn’t tell me that’s where we were going so I could have dressed appropriately. Greg takes one look at my face and tells me to relax. He will check out Coral Cove, while I stay dry with Lucky. He doesn’t expect me to do anything I don’t want to.

We’re both silent on the walk home. While eating lunch, I try once again to explain. It’s not that I don’t want to. Quite the reverse. It’s that I can’t, not without Yura’s blessing.

I know it doesn’t make any sense. Five years ago, if he had been able to ask me to run off with him, I would have. And I wouldn’t have cared one bit about Yura. Of course, had we eloped back then, most likely he would not have become Captain of the Queen’s Guard and I most assuredly would not be Steward.

Maybe it’s the burden of my position that makes me feel I need Yura’s blessing? Maybe it’s my lack of magic? Greg can see that I’m upset. He takes my hand and tells me not to worry. Somehow he’ll cope with our strange living arrangement.

As I’m clearing the table, Greg suddenly remembers that the Mayor wants to ask me a favor. Perhaps we should go to Town Hall and see what he wants. Lucky and I both groan. As long as it’s not poster glue.

It isn’t. The Mayor wants me to check the scaffold site at Skyfleet Docks. But before I can do that, I need to go to Ancient Pond to find the safety hat he left there. Greg has decided that he’s included in this mission and exclaims that safety comes first. So off we go to find that hat.

Not for the first time I wonder about the carelessness of the kingdom’s citizens. I seem to spend so much of my time looking for things that they have lost. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to find the safety hat.

Greg reminds me to wear the darn thing when we visit the scaffold site. He doesn’t seem a bit worried about his own noggin. When I point that out, he grabs a helmet somebody left on the dock. I ask him if he’ll also need a sword and shield to do battle with the scaffold.

The scaffold site looks safe enough to me. Greg concurs. Lucky doesn’t care. He still has a tummy ache and didn’t climb the scaffolding with us. Time to take my little squabbit home and give him a potion so he’s ready for any adventures tomorrow might bring.

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May 4, 2015 10:55 am  #46

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 45

Lucky is feeling much better but the mention of the Black Bull or Skyfleet Docks makes him feel a little queasy. Too bad, because I had hoped to have another go at finding the relic the Peddler had mentioned. Hopefully somebody will have something new for me to do otherwise we will be spending the day at the Forgotten Glen looking for poster glue.

Greg doesn’t walk with me to Town Hall. Instead he heads off to the barracks to check up on Artist Myke and to spend some time training for the festival competition. And he needs to train. I had sneaked a peek while we were at Coral Cove and he’s put on a bit of weight around his waistline. Too much of that darn stew he craves.

Triffledore is waiting for me at Town Hall. He’s received word that his friend Raphael wants to start his gallery here in the Skyward Kingdom, but he’s going to need some capital, twelve thousand bolgins to be precise.

I’m somewhat surprised that Triffledore isn’t helping his friend out financially. He’s dropped hints about his wealth and I’ve already given Raphael twelve thousand bolgins for two portraits. I wonder where that money has gone to?

No matter. Kings and Queens have traditionally been patrons of the arts and in Queen Sophia’s absence it’s up to me to help provide the kingdom with some culture. I gladly give Triffledore the money so his friend can come here.

Triffledore leaves and Gobie arrives. His brother Brad would like to talk to me. I can find him in the bar at Gobholme. I ask Lucky if he’s up to a trip to snowy Gobholme. He squeaks happily. I’ll put you down for a yes, shall I, Lucky? Okay, but first I have to return home to get my cloak. Not all of us have fur coats.

Brad wants to repay me for helping to rescue Gobie. He’s heard there’s a relic inside the boarded up well just outside the bar and he has a crowbar that I can borrow to open the well. I’m not sure why he just doesn’t go open the well for me.

Looks like neither of us will be opening the well any time soon. Brad has misplaced his crowbar. We’ll have to go find it. He thinks he might have left it at Ancient Pond, a place he occasionally visits to enjoy nature. He points out the obvious: Gobholme doesn’t have much in the way of nature.

The next place Brad wants to search for the crowbar is Coral Cove. Lucky and I exchange looks. Lucky doesn’t want to get his feet, or anything else, wet. I’m not dressed for a swim and don’t think Greg will be amused to hear I visited Coral Cove with Brad.

Brad only gives a cursory glance around Coral Cove before deciding that the crowbar is not there, but he does inform me that he drops by the Cove often. I’m not sure whether to share that information with Greg.

The last place Brad suggests searching is Central Station. The crowbar isn’t there either. Instead of wasting more time looking for it, Brad suggests making a new one. Sounds good to me, but he’ll need some obsidian and bolgite which means a trip back to Town Hall.

At last Brad is finished making a new crowbar and we can return to Gobholme to open the well. I just hope there really is a relic inside it. I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking for, but not finding any, relics.

There is a relic fragment inside the well. It looks like it could be the final piece of the Faire Vibrancy relic. I thank Brad and hurry back to Faire of Light to see if I’m correct. If I am, there will be only one more relic to restore in Faire of Light.

Yes! The Faire Vibrancy relic, which restores the vibrancy of nature and surroundings, is now complete. Once again water fills the pool and cascades over the waterfall and into the stream.

Not a bad day’s work, Lucky, if I do say so myself. I think we’ll grab a bite to eat and then go to the Forgotten Glen. You can rest there while I look for poster glue to repair that second pedestal in Skycrystal Atriums. Getting that pedestal repaired and ready for relics will be tomorrow’s project.

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May 6, 2015 2:02 am  #47

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 46

Before going to Skycrystal Atriums to deliver the poster glue and other items to the Peddler, Greg wants me to visit the Castle and check out the Yura Festival decorations. It seems like a waste of time. He told me they were exact replicas of the statues and lamps from previous years.

The last time I attended the festival, I was only thirteen and Greg was almost seventeen. He had been in the army less than a year and he was competing in the tournament for the first time, yet he won the archery contest and finished second in the other events.

I was totally smitten and could hardly contain my joy when my father hired him to give me archery lessons. I had been looking forward to my fourteenth birthday and attending the festival because I was sure Greg would win everything. But I was sent away in disgrace the very day the festival began.

Try as I might, I can’t remember what the decorations looked like. When I see the new ones, I’m not surprised that I had blanked them from my memory. They are truly hideous.

Multicolored pennants are strung between the gilded lampposts and each lamppost is topped by what looks like a gilded chicken holding a lantern in its beak. The two statues of Yura face each other, arms outstretched, palms upwards. They look like they are about to shrug their shoulders, as if to say "Don’t blame us. We didn’t choose those monstrosities."

Greg looks expectantly at me. I swallow hard and remark that perhaps we should have considered getting something totally different than what we had before, to symbolize the kingdom’s new beginning. He disagrees. He thinks people will be comforted by seeing the customary familiar decorations. Besides, he likes them. I look closely at him to see if he’s joking. He’s not.

Maybe those lamps will look better when the rest of the decorations are in place. In any case, I don’t have time to debate the merits, or lack thereof, of those chicken lamps. I really need to get to the Atriums.

At the Atriums, the Peddler takes the obsidian, golden oak, and poster glue and begins to repair the second pedestal. While he does that, I think I’ll try looking at Skyfleet Docks for the relic he told me about.

Although he’s feeling better, Lucky isn’t pleased about visiting the Docks. But we need to find that relic, Lucky. What’s the point of having found all that poster glue to repair the pedestals if we’re not going to find relics to put in them? I suppose I could get Mr Vanderkins to help me and you could rest at the Squabbit Den.

Lucky doesn’t like that idea at all. When we get to the Docks, he searches diligently and finds the relic fragment. Good work. An extra carrot awaits you at dinner.

When we return to Skycrystal Atriums with the relic, the Peddler is waiting for us. As with the first pedestal, he needs runes. I look over the list he hands me. Everything on it can be found in the storage cupboard. I decide to let Lucky rest while I return to Landsong Village alone to pick up the runes.

After giving the Peddler the runes, he tells me we’ll need a sphere. Yeah, yeah, to contain the magic. I know that, just tell me what color it is and where do I find it? It’s amethyst and hidden somewhere in Apricus Plaza.

It takes longer to get to Apricus Plaza than it does to find the sphere. The trip back feels like it takes even longer, but finally we return to the Atriums. The Peddler takes the sphere and places it on the pedestal.

The Mayor shows up to remind me that we, meaning me, need to find the relics so the spheres will fill with magic. He also mentions that he’s heard the third pedestal will be trickier to fix.

Everything has gone rather smoothly today. Well, almost everything. There’s those lamps up at the Castle. Worse, there’s the fact that Greg likes them. I’m not so sure that he should be in charge of procuring the remainder of the festival décor. But who’s going to tell him that?

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May 7, 2015 2:09 am  #48

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 47

Triffledore’s friend Raphael has finally arrived! He’s brought his paintings with him and wants to display them before the Yura Festival begins. Raphael has been visiting various areas of the kingdom and thinks the best place for his new gallery wold be up in the Atriums near Glennwater Springs.

Lucky and I go check out the site Raphael has chosen. It should do quite nicely and I agree to make resources and money available so that work can begin immediately. While construction is going on, I can help Ria.

Ria wants to open the flowers at the Fairy Dragon Nest as a surprise for Quinn. To do that she needs Blessed Dew. We search Mystic Copse, the Rose Garden, and Ancient Pond without finding any. Ria claims her grandfather told her where to find it but she just can’t remember. More than likely it is Seth who can’t remember where the Blessed Dew is found, and he sent Ria - and me - to all the wrong places to look.

Thank goodness Leena heard what we were looking for. She tells us that Blessed Dew can be found at Dawnshadow Lake. I needed to go there anyway to find paint brushes for Raphael.

We quickly find the Blessed Dew and the paint brushes then hurry back to Landsong Village to pick up Quinn and Mr Vanderkins before going to the Fairy Dragon Nest. Ria uses the Blessed Dew to open the flowers. Revealed is a tiny baby dragon.

Lucky wasn’t thrilled about Mr Vanderkins coming with us, but he perks up when he hears Quinn tell me that new pet accessories are available at the Squabbit Den’s store. He wants to go shopping. I guess three hats and a bow tie aren’t enough.

We can’t shop now, we have to go back to Skycrystal Atriums to give Raphael the paint brushes and to see how construction on the gallery is coming along. Lucky looks sad. Oh, all right. Let’s see if we can find something that suits you. How about a sun pendant? I think you’ll look quite dashing wearing that pendant and your pork pie hat.

Now that Lucky’s wardrobe has been augmented, we can go to the Atriums. Raphael is pleased with his new Gallery and can’t wait to get started setting up his paintings. I promise to stop by tomorrow to see how he’s settling in.

Ria has been looking at the Atrium’s pedestal which still only holds one relic fragment. She thinks she may have spotted a relic at the Fairy Dragon Nest on our earlier visit and wants to know if we could return there to look for it.

For some reason, Lucky is also anxious to go back to the Fairy Dragon Nest. The reason becomes clear when we get there. He has spotted a carrot near the baby dragon and wants it. Guess he’s completely over his tummy ache. I get the carrot for him, but tell him he can’t have it until dinner time.

Ria finds the relic fragment and is pleased that she has been able to help out. When we bring the fragment to the pedestal, I linger a while, hoping another citizen will stop by with news of another fragment.

Guess not. Better go back to Town Hall and straighten up the storage cupboard. I also need to check our supplies. We’ve been using a lot of runes and poster glue lately. I may need to restock.

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May 9, 2015 3:41 am  #49

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 48

Today Lucky has decided to wear his new sun pendant and his pork pie hat. We’re going up to the Atriums to see how Raphael is settling in. Perhaps Lucky hopes Raphael will want to paint him.

Raphael has moved his things into the new gallery. He tells me he’s been seeking inspiration lately and wonder if I have any portraits of the Royal Family. He wants five each of Queen Sophia, her father and her mother.

When I ask why so many, he replies that each portrait is unique and he has to study it in different angles. I’ve never done a portrait by using other portraits as reference. I’ve either had the subject sitting for me, or have worked from memory. Still, he’s the expert.

Lucky and I go back to Landsong Village to get the portraits. Greg is at Town Hall. He watches me take fifteen portraits out of the storage cupboard and wonders what I’m going to do with them. I tell him they’re for Raphael and receive a frown and a raised eyebrow in response.

Raphael is pleased with the portraits and exclaims over the details. But he still needs more inspiration. Perhaps I could find him some portraits of the Fairy Queen and King Crookshank. I can, but I’ll have to go to Gobholme because I don’t have enough King Crookshank portraits in stock.

Just like every other time I’ve visited Gobholme, it’s snowing. Some soldiers are there in the bar, and they appear t have had a bit too much to drink. Lucky and I quickly find the portraits we need and get the heck out of there. We’ll need to tell Greg about this.

When I arrive back at Town Hall to pick up the portraits of the Fairy Queen, Greg is waiting for me. He’s been looking through my work orders and something has obviously upset him.

He wants to know if I have any idea how many bolgins I have given Raphael. Before I can answer, Greg tells me. Close to twenty-five thousand. And now I’m giving him back the portraits he sold me?

I really don’t understand why Greg is so upset. I’ve given roughly the same amount to just about every merchant in the kingdom. I gave him twenty-five thousand bolgins for statues and chicken lamps.

Greg continues to rant and rave about how fiscally irresponsible I am, just like my father. That does it. I’ll be dammed if I’m going to stand here and listen to criticism about my job performance from the man who allowed Artist Myke to escape.

As I gather up the portraits and leave, I inform him that a number of his soldiers are up in Gobholme, and they’re all drunk and disorderly. Perhaps he should attend to that little problem and keep his nose out of my business.

Lucky and I walk slowly up to the Atriums. I need to calm down before seeing anybody. Raphael is pleased with the additional portraits and says his thirst for inspiration has been satisfied.

I’m glad somebody is satisfied. I still have a thirst for revenge and it won’t be satisfied until somebody brings me Greg’s head on a silver platter. Perhaps finding a relic will put me in a better mood. Raphael has heard there might be one in Ancient Pond.

Lucky finds the relic for me. It’s a piece of the Atrium’s Lushness relic. Just one more piece and the relic will be complete. The Atriums vegetation will be green again, instead of brown.

While we were looking for the relic, Raphael has put his first painting on display. It’s a portrait of Queen Sophia. She looks pale and rather sullen. Not at all how I pictured her.

Gavin has been hoping to see me. He’s heard there’s a rare flower that blooms in the Forgotten Glen. He thinks it would make a nice present for Leena but needs me to help him find it. I think Gavin is rather sweet on Leena.

I can’t remember the last time Greg brought me flowers. It’s unlikely he’ll bring me any today. No matter. While Gavin searches for his special flower, I can pick some blue moonflowers and pretend they came from Greg, just like I did years ago.

I wind up having to help Gavin find the flower for Leena. He wonders whether she’ll like it and frets over how to give it to her. As we’re leaving the Forgotten Glen, out of the corner of my eye I notice something glinting in the sunlight. It’s the last piece of the Atrium Lushness relic!

The Atriums look so much better now. I’m sure we’ll attract more visitors. And more visitors means more revenue. Even Greg must realize that. But visitors need things to visit and not everybody enjoys playing Tripeaks or drinking fairy water. Some people thirst for art.

And others just hunger for chunky meat stew. Time to go home and fix dinner. Greg isn’t going to be in a good mood when he comes home. No point aggravating him even more by making him wait for his supper.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 49

I needn’t have bothered fixing dinner last night. Greg never came home and I was too upset to eat. My feelings were all over the place. Angry about what he had said to me; remorseful about what I had said to him; worried that he didn’t come home because something dreadful had happened to him.

When he showed up to change his clothes and eat some breakfast, I was back to angry. He should have informed me he was spending the night elsewhere. Greg looked puzzled and claimed he left a note on my desk explaining he needed to sort some things out in the barracks.

Oh. I never went back to the office. I had come straight home from the Atriums. Greg isn’t listening. He’s too busy reading some notes I made last night. I had decided to ask the Mayor and Linea to audit the kingdom’s accounts. If my own husband thinks I’m dishonest, who knows what other people are thinking.

Greg looks sheepishly at me. He apologizes for what he said. He was upset when some of the soldiers made remarks about how I had allocated funds for an art gallery that nobody other than me wanted instead of spending money on things other people would enjoy.

But that’s a lie, I tell him. I hate Tripeaks, yet I helped Gavin build the Fungus Hut. I don’t drink, but I opened the bar at Gobholme. Maybe he should be present when Linea and the Mayor go over the accounts so he can see for himself all the people I’ve helped regardless of whether I would personally benefit from whatever it is they were doing with the funds.

We’re going to be late for work and today is payday. Greg promises that we will discuss anything and everything tonight. He adds that when we get to Town Hall, he will be the one to suggest that the accounts be audited.

Linea and the Mayor are shocked when Greg tells them that some people have been accusing me of acting out of self-interest rather than for the good of the kingdom. They agree to review how I have used the kingdom’s funds.

There’s a delivery coming in from the docks and the Mayor had been planning to meet with various citizens and verify their orders before accepting deliver. He asks me if I will do it instead. No problem, I assure him.

The first person on the list is Blessilda. According to the cargo manifest, she ordered a lot of moonflowers. She looks over the manifest and agrees. Next item listed looks like pet food. That must be Quinn’s order.

Lucky isn’t happy about visiting the Squabbit Den and seeing Mr Vanderkins. He’s even more unhappy when Quinn asks us to feed the animals while he goes and looks for his list. I remind him that he’s already eaten his breakfast.

Quinn eventually return with his order list. It matches what is listed on the cargo manifest. Good. That’s two down and five more to go. Next is Chumblepot.

He, too, needs to look for his list and he, too, needs me to help him out while he looks for it. There are - gasp! - nine orders that need to be completed and very few glass shards available. I will have to go get some more.

There are very few glass shards in the storage cupboard at Town Hall. Lucky and I will have to spend a good part of the day at the Fairy Dragon Nest. We better go home and pack lunch. Before doing so, I remember about the note Greg said he left me and look for it among the papers on my desk. It’s not there.

This is not the time nor the place to discuss the matter. Greg and I need to break the habit of arguing in the office where everybody can hear us. We can add the missing note to the list of things we’re going to discuss tonight.

I’m going to need close to fifty glass shards to finish up those orders. I don’t understand why Chumblepot didn’t ask for help sooner. Does he think I can make glass shards appear out of thin air? I’m the one with no magic, remember?

I continue to grumble to Lucky as we both look everywhere for enough shards. I’m sure the Mayor pulled a fast one on me. I bet he had no intention of checking the cargo manifest and had planned to dump the task on me all along.

Just as I’m getting the ninth - and last - order packaged for shipment, Chumblepot returns with his order. It matches the cargo manifest, which is good, because I’m too tired to deal with a mismatch. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do if there’s a discrepancy.

And I’m too tired to find out. I’m also too tired to discuss anything with Greg tonight.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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