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March 30, 2015 2:36 pm  #21

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 21

Before going home last night, the Mayor handed me my new citizenship papers. I am now Berengaria, wife of Gregory, Captain of the Queen’s Guard. Apparently in the eyes of the kingdom being Greg’s wife is more important than being the Queen’s Steward. And being Captain of the Queen’s Guard is more important than being married to the Queen’s Steward - Greg’s citizenship papers remain unchanged.

We have made no progress in deciding what to sell and what to keep. At dinner, we each stubbornly used our own dishes and cutlery, although Greg did condescend to sit at my table. And had I allowed it, he would have shared my bed. But, legal niceties aside, as far as I was concerned, we weren’t really married until Yura had blessed our union.

By breakfast, communication had broken down further. I cooked my breakfast using my pots and pans, and Greg fixed his own using the cookware he had brought. We were now at war.

My mood didn’t improve upon reaching Town Hall. More requests for assistance, mostly from men, were sitting on my desk. Men are not my favorite people at the moment. Neither are male squabbits. Sometime in the middle of the night, Lucky left me to go bunk with Greg.

Before long, I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy towards female owls, either. Linea arrives with the payroll and gives my pay to Greg. Angrily I ask him whether he’s also going to be taking over as Steward or merely selecting what my next task should be. He asks if I need any help deciding...

No, I don’t. I’m going to approve Blessilda’s request to expand the General Store and then I’m going to attend to this, this being whatever is written on the piece of paper I grabbed at random off my desk. Are you coming Lucky, or do I need to find a new helper? Lucky and Greg exchange glances, then Lucky decides he’d like to keep his job and follows me outside.

Seems I decided to gather ingredients for Seth so that he could make bait. I have everything he needs except the lily flowers from Coral Cove. I’ve never been to Coral Cove before. The water is warm, but I’m going to have to hitch my skirt up around my waist so I can wade out to the lily flowers. That water appears to be even deeper where the walrus is. I wish I had chosen something else to work on. No I don’t. I’ve just found a relic fragment!

I’m still a bit damp when I arrive at the Wingferry to give Seth the items he requested, and I smell a bit fishy. Seth is going to make some bait so that I can catch a rare fish at Ancient Pond to feed to the walrus. That should induce the walrus to move and I can explore another area of Coral Cove. While Seth makes the bait, I’ll take the relic fragment to Landsong Village.

When the relic is placed in the pedestal, the village is transformed. The grass is greener, more lush and flowers bloom everywhere. The leaves on the deciduous trees have turned yellow, orange and red. The Serenity Relic is supposed to bestow a sense of calm and hopefulness in the people. It’s not having that effect on me. I’m still anxious about debt, clutter, and the state of my union with Greg.

Seth is waiting for me with the bait at the Wingferry. I’m off to catch a fish. I’ve never done that before, but how hard can it be? Quite hard, it turns out. My pride won’t allow me to leave Ancient Pond without that darn fish. It takes me all day but I do manage to catch it. I’m soaked from head to foot. As long as I’m all wet, I might as well go to Coral Cove and feed that walrus.

The walrus is sunning himself on a ledge and the water by that ledge is much deeper than I had thought. It’s impossible to hold my skirt up and hang on to that fish at the same time. If I fall, the weight of my wet clothing will prevent me from getting up. I get as close to the walrus as I dare and fling the fish in his general direction. It lands close enough to catch the walrus’s attention and he moves away. I just hope he stays away. I don’t ever want to repeat today’s activities.

What I want is a nice hot bath. We’re going home, Lucky, and thanks for all your help. Lucky has spend the entire time on dry land. Not even a toe nail of his is wet. He might as well have stayed behind with Greg.

Greg has spend the entire day meeting with the people to whom we owe money. He had decided to meet them at home rather than at Town Hall. To Greg’s surprise, some people have expressed an interest in our possessions and would be willing to accept them in lieu of cash.

My eyes narrow. Whose things are they interested in, I wonder. Greg says if we wanted to, we could sell just about everything. Now that the kingdom is getting back on its feet, people are feeling more optimistic, more hopeful. Young people are thinking that it’s a good time to get married. Maybe we should sell everything and start fresh.

Everything? Well, not everything. The armor and weapons will be staying, they’re collectibles. More like dust collectors, I mumble under my breath. Let’s discuss this later. Right now I want a bath. And I don’t even care whose towel I use when I’m done.

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April 1, 2015 10:52 pm  #22

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 22

While soaking in the tub last night, I thought about all the things which had upset me. I had been hurt when Lucky decided he’d rather snuggle up to Greg. It wasn’t that long ago when Lucky was afraid of Greg. Maybe I should be pleased that they are bonding.

The fight with Greg over the furniture and other household goods - does it really matter whose things we use? Greg has already given up his home for me. Perhaps it’s only fair that I should also make some sacrifice. Or maybe we should get rid of everything if possible and start fresh.

Neither one of us is being very logical. If I want a smaller home, then it would make more sense to use his smaller scale furniture. On the other hand, if he wants a grander home, why doesn’t he want to use the things that were specially designed to fit a larger house?

The thing that really rankles is no longer being a person in my own right. As far as the world is concerned, I’m merely Greg’s possession. How can I be considered good enough to make financial decisions for the kingdom, but need to consult my husband if I want to buy a dress?

During dinner, I tell Greg to do whatever is necessary to pay off the debt. Sell my things, his things, whatever. Once it’s not so crowded in here we’ll be able to see if we need more space. I’m almost certain we will have to add on a room for all the armor and weaponry. I’m just worried that if we spend any money before the debt is paid that it will anger the people I owe.

The next morning, I head to Town Hall and Greg stays home to tackle our list of creditors. Looking over the requests for help, I can see that a lot of people are interested in Dawnshadow Lake. Blessilda would like me to feed the frog there, Triffledore would like me to unlock the Shadow Pond, Fahleed is curious about the portal there, and Quinn reports that Mossbeard told him there was a lantern there which would come in handy if I wanted to search Darkbark’s stash at Mystic Copse.

Of course, it’s not just as simple as going to Dawnshadow Lake and doing all these things. Blessilda needs ingredients to make the frog a tasty snack, Fahleed need rune stones which will enable him to locate the special rune stone that unlocks the portal, and Triffledore needs material to make a Sun Gem to open the magical tree bark.

Miracle of miracles, I already have everything they need. After dropping off the things Blessilda needs, I head down to Faire of Light, drop things at Fahleed’s and then go see Triffledore. Then I return to Town Hall and wait.

Fahleed is the first of the three to show up. He’s used the rune stone to determine that the special rune stone can be found in Coral Cove. This is not good news. I’ve already ruined one dress there. I could stop home and see if I can find something else to wear, but Greg will probably be there, selling off our excess things. I wouldn’t want him to think I was checking up on him.

My choices are: go swimming in my undies or go skinny dipping. I opt for skinny dipping and pray I have Coral Cove to myself. Once again Lucky decides to keep his feet and everything else dry.

After finding the special rune stone, we return to Town Hall to pick up the potion for the frog and the Sun Gem. Then it’s on to Dawnshadow Lake. First we feed the frog who then obligingly moves and allows us to explore Sunshape Cave. Next we use the Sun Gem on the magical tree bark and gain entrance to Shadow Pond. Then we find the lamp Quinn told me about, and finally we unlock the portal using the special rune stone.

There’s still time to take the lamp to Mystic Copse and explore Darkbark’s stash. Quinn was right, there was a relic fragment hidden there. We’ve accomplished a lot today.

Greg has also had a good day. There’s less furniture crowding the Great Hall and all the items destined for the armory we have yet to build have been gathered in one place. He hasn’t sold anything of mine. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or insulted. Maybe nobody wanted my things.

It’s a matter of logistics, Greg tells me. It made more sense to make decisions about pieces closest to the door. Now that we’ve cleared some space, we can put things we’re keeping on one side of the room, and things we’re willing to part with on the other side of the room.

I inform Greg that since he’s doing such a good job, I’m willing to let him choose what stays and what goes. There’s really only there’s only two things I won’t part with. Lucky...and you.

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April 3, 2015 2:44 am  #23

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 23

Actually last night I did find something else I wanted to keep - my hope chest. I had spent the last five years making sheets and other linens and embroidering them with the letter B. Now it’s time to add the groom’s initial.

While I sewed, Greg drew up plans for the armory we will be needing. It’s not the first improvement I’d make to the house, repairing the windows would get my vote. On the other hand, it will be nice not have that army of armor lurking about. I can’t help feeling I’m being watched.

Once again, Lucky can’t decide whose bed to sleep in. Greg points out we could make it easier for Lucky by...I point out that if ever a couple needed Yura’s blessing, we do. If they were alive, our parents would not have approved our marriage. We’re in debt, the kingdom is still being threatened by the cloaked man, and we have the responsibility to keep it safe.

Greg reluctantly concedes I may have a point and adds that perhaps this would be a good night to spend in the barracks. He’s let things slide a bit with his job while dealing with our problems. I agree that it would be a good idea.

Although I had accomplished a lot yesterday, there’s still a lot of requests for help piled up on my desk. The Castle’s tower still needs to be rebuilt. We have the resources needed so that project can go ahead.

The Mayor has left a note saying that the renovations inside the Castle are now complete. Not only have the stairs been repaired, there’s new carpet and some fancy banners. In addition, during the renovations, a door tile was found. The tile is now laying on my desk. I look at Lucky. If the Mayor knew it was a door tile, why not put it in the door? Lucky just squeaks.

Quinn stops by to say hello. He wants to know if I could help him find a gift for his sister Ria. Quinn can be annoying at times but he does have a kind heart. We choose some yellow moonflowers and two plushies, a Pocket Dragon and Ran the Owl.

Ria has been waiting outside Town Hall. Quinn tells her to come in and see the presents. Ria stays at the Atriums but comes to visit from time to time according to Quinn. I wonder who looks after her.

The two plushies remind me about the glassworks I promised to help Chumblepot assemble. We probably should go there now so that Chumblepot can go up to the Castle to work. I’m not thrilled with the prospect of spending the entire day indoors. Lucky also looks glum.

Quinn rushes in again to give me a token of friendship, his way of thanking me for Ria’s gifts. He says he got it from Whitecedar and it can be used to unlock the tree house at Mystic Copse. It’s been years since I’ve been inside it. Maybe we’ll take a quick visit there before helping Chumblepot.

It hasn’t really changed at all! The letter B that I had carved is still there. I would pretend that Greg had carved it and that the tree house was our secret meeting place. In reality, we had never been there together.

Okay, let’s grab an early lunch at home and then go to Chumblepot’s. I really want him to finish with the Castle’s glasswork. Then all that will be left to do in the Entrance Hall is repair that painting.

Chumblepot needs me to finish five orders for him. Four of them feature Ran the Owl and the Pocket Dragon, the other is of the Fairy Queen. Wonder why Chumblepot choose grey glass for her hair? Doubt that she will be flattered.

After I’m done polishing the glassworks, I begin packaging them for delivery. I finish up just as Chumblepot returns. He’s jubilant because the work at the Castle is finished and tells me it’s a masterpiece. He’s sure Queen Sophia will be pleased when she sees it.

As Lucky and I walk up to the Castle to view all the work that has been done, I think about Queen Sophia. Would she be pleased with everything that has been done? And when will she be returning to see it?

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April 5, 2015 2:05 am  #24

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 24

Greg was quite pleased when I showed him the monogram I have been embroidering on our sheets and towels. He thinks it captures the essence of our relationship perfectly. Hmm. I need to think about this.

The ‘G’ certainly makes a statement about Greg. It’s a sturdy-looking masculine ‘G’ similar to the one found on a set of baby blocks, sewn with a metallic silver thread and the stitches I chose resemble chain mail.

The ‘B’ is very feminine, a copperplate script flowing and embellished with curlicues which wrap around the ‘G’, stitched with a blue-green silk thread. But what does Greg think it means? That I lean on him for support? That I’m a clinging vine?

Lucky doesn’t look pleased with my handiwork. Sorry there’s no ‘L’ included but it isn’t the custom for couples to include their squabbit’s initial in their monogram. Be good today and I’ll make a blanket just for you and embroider your entire name on it.

Requests to upgrade buildings have been piling up. And the exterior of the Castle still needs repairs. Since nobody knows when (if?) Queen Sophia will be returning, the Castle can wait.

Quinn wants to give shelter to more animals. He did remember his promise and hasn’t brought any more to the Squabbit Den, but if it were enlarged...This request gets approved, as does the request for resources to build a sturdier fence.

The Forester wants to expand the Orchards so that he can offer a greater variety of food. Greg thinks this should get priority. Maybe the Forester will resume selling that delicious chunky meat stew and we wouldn’t have to eat lobster every night. How he suffers!

No sooner do I give the Forester permission to proceed with the upgrade than he asks for additional funds and resources. He does offer me a free serving of that stew Greg craves. And after I grant the Forester his requests, he utters the same phrase he’s used before, that it’s time he gave back to everybody as I have helped him.

Fahleed shows up carrying a large box. I had completely forgotten about the utilitarian cloak I had ordered what seems ages ago. However the cloak inside the package is anything but utilitarian. It’s made of soft blue wool and has a blue silk lining. Isn’t that the silk Greg had been looking at when I thought he was ordering a gift for Miss Sunstone? No matter. The cloak fits me perfectly. Like Greg, it’s mine now.

It’s a busy morning here at Town Hall. Next to arrive is Troglid. He has also brought me a present. Nothing as nice as my cloak, though. It’s a ladder. Troglid is sure I can find some use for it.

Troglid leaves as Quinn arrives. He wants to help the tiger at Apricus Plaza and thinks we could do it if we found some catnip. I hope he’s not planning to bring the tiger back to the Squabbit Den.

Quinn thinks we can find catnip at the Forgotten Glen, Dawnshadow Lake, and Rosetum Gardens. I decide to bring my new ladder with me. I can use it to climb up to the balcony in Apricus Plaza. I’ll leave my new cloak at Town Hall. Don’t want it to get tangled in the shrubs at Apricus Plaza.

We find a large amount of catnip at all three locations. At Apricus Plaza, giving the catnip to the tiger calms it enough so that it can free itself from the shrubs. I also put the ladder to good use and explore the balcony. There’s a telescope up there.

Quinn tells me that Greg had a telescope but it got destroyed when Leodici crashed landed on the Castle’s balcony. Really? What was Greg’s telescope doing on the Castle balcony? Next time I see Blessilda, I need to bring the conversation around to telescopes and see if she can enlighten me.

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April 6, 2015 11:22 pm  #25

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

What the place would look like if Greg was in charge of decorating:

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April 7, 2015 2:35 am  #26

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 25

I returned home yesterday to find that the furniture had once again been rearranged. This time everything has been crammed into the middle away from the walls. Construction on the armory will begin tomorrow.

A new room, ten feet wide and thirty feet long running parallel to the Great Hall, will be added on one side of the house. A similar amount of space will be added on the other side of the house. Why? Greg informs me that is where the bedroom and dressing rooms will be.

When I protest that it’s too narrow, and anyway, I thought we agreed to just add the armory, I’m told that an additional ten feet of width will be taken from the Great Hall. As for the cost, he’s written to Queen Sophia and received funds to cover part of the expense.

He did what? Without consulting me? Greg calmly replies that everybody else has received help from the kingdom. We need to have a place where visiting dignitaries can be welcomed and entertained while Queen Sophia is away.

Fine. Whatever. Just help me find the pots and pans so I can make some dinner. Greg hopes we’re not having lobster again. No, I snap, we’re having mass produced chunky meat stew, just like your mother used to buy.

A week. We’ve only been married a week. By the time the Yura Festival arrives, we won’t be on speaking terms. I’m no longer sure we like each other.

I had planned to sew after dinner, but I wasn’t able to find my sewing basket. It was easy to find the beds. They were standing side by side. Nice try, but no. Not until the Yura Festival. I manage to push them apart by three feet.

Lucky and I arrive at Town Hall very early. We’re there before the Mayor has come back from his ‘morning walk’. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

When the Mayor shows up, he asks me to find him some banners. Wonder if he’s also doing a bit of redecorating. Better find him the banners before Greg hears about it and decides that we should hang banners in the Great Hall.

A quick check of the storage cupboard shows that I already have most of the banners. Just need to go to Rosetum Gardens to get three more. I haven’t been there yet since my return to the kingdom. It will be nice to visit someplace new.

When we return with the banners, the Mayor actually pays me for them! It feels good to have money of my own. But I’ll have to find a place to hide it away from Greg.

The Mayor has another task for me. He’s lost the draft of the work orders to clear the path at the Forgotten Glen. While he looks for them, he needs me to put up some posters.

I never learned the Goblin alphabet so I can’t read the posters. But I bet the one featuring pumpkins is an advertisement for Blessilda’s General Store. Did I say one? I need to hang six of them.

By the time I finish with the posters, the Mayor has only found one of the drafts. Now he thinks he might have dropped the other two while he was gathering items for the village. I wasn’t aware that he also went out foraging for the villagers. I thought I was the official gofer.

Lucky and I search Mystic Copse and Ancient Pond and find the two missing drafts. I return them to the Mayor who hands them back to me to sign. I again attempt to hand them back. No dice. I’m to show them to the citizens who will help me clear the path at Forgotten Glen.

Just then Greg arrives at Town Hall. Just the citizen I need to see. I show him the work order and ask him to find some citizens or soldiers - anybody - to clear that path. Meanwhile, I’m going to stop at the Orchards for some more of the stew he loves. I’ll meet him at Forgotten Glen for lunch and he can tell me all about what’s been happening at the house.

It’s been less than two weeks since our previous picnic at Forgotten Glen but it seems like a lifetime ago. Then Greg was impressed that I knew how to cook. Now he’d rather eat canned stew. What did I do wrong?

Greg arrives and thanks me for the stew. He chatters away about the construction work being done, but doesn’t really tell me anything that I want to know. He does promise me that things will get better. Right now, with everything so chaotic, it’s natural that we’re feeling stressed and...

And not liking each other very much? I hope that’s going to change because I can’t begin to imagine living like this for the rest of our lives. I had thought the time between signing the marriage contract and the Yura Festival would be more like the courtship stage we missed out on. Greg just pats my hand and says it will get better.

This isn’t the right time or place to disagree with him. Lucky and I need to return to Town Hall and tell the Mayor the path has been cleared. And to see if anything else needs to be done immediately.

Ria is waiting to see me. She’s very worried because the baby fennex is not with its mother and she’s afraid that it may have been caught in a basket trap. Could I go with her to Forgotten Glen and Dawnshadow Lake to look for it?

I can and I do. It will be a good opportunity for me to get to know Ria better. She’s very quiet and reserved, but she appears to be very observant.

We search Dawnshadow Lake first. The baby fennex is not in the basket trap. Next we go to the Forgotten Glen. The basket trap, which is empty, is near the statue of Queen Sophia.

Ria tells me how she, Quinn, and Old Man Seth had been turned to stone by the basilisk and how Dreadmyre had stolen their magic. Queen Sophia had been able to save them, just as I saved Prince Edric, because she had been born without magic.

That’s very interesting. It probably explains Greg’s strange behavior toward me when he heard how I had rescued the prince. Ria tells me how Greg tried to save the residents of the kingdom by locking himself in the barracks with the basilisk, which gave the other soldiers enough time to lead most of the residents to a safe place to hide.

Blessilda had failed to mention Greg’s heroics when she told me about Queen Sophia rescuing him. Her focus had been on whether Greg and Sophia had feelings for each other. Why?

Ria suggests we search Mystic Copse next. Maybe the baby fennex got locked in the tree house. Sure enough, that’s where we find it. Now all we have to do is reunite baby with mama in the Rose Garden.

On the way back to Landsong Village, Ria thanks me for my help and tells me we’ll ‘cross paths’ again. I hope so. It’s nice spending time with a member of my own sex, especially one as observant as Ria.

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April 8, 2015 11:59 pm  #27

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 26

I can’t remember the last time I came home and found everything exactly where it was when I left in the morning. Once again, the army of armor has been on the move. Now they’re lined up against the wall common to the Great Hall and the Armory. Weapons are arranged in artistic patterns on the floor.

Once again, dinner was stew. Once again, I couldn’t sew that blanket I promised Lucky. Once again, I pushed the beds apart. I’m getting tired of arguing about the sleeping arrangements, but seriously, does Greg really want our first night together to happen in this chaos?

In the morning, Greg assures me that the Armory should be finished today and he’ll try to get most of the things that belong in there put away before I get home. Good. I’m looking forward to being able to find things. Lucky’s fedora is the latest item to be missing in action.

Instead of going to Town Hall, Lucky and I head over to Faire of Light to see Triffledore. His artist friend is looking to raise some capital and has two portraits he wants to sell. Triffledore is hoping that he can persuade his friend to move to the Skyward Kingdom.

One of the portraits is a likeness of Crookshank, King of the Goblins. The other is a painting of Queen Sophia’s father. I don’t know what I’ll do with them - maybe give them to the Mayor to hang in Town Hall? - but I buy them anyway, hoping that the sale is all the persuasion needed to get Triffledore’s friend to move here. The kingdom needs an artist.

Quinn needs help feeding the animals. Lucky does his best to get along with Mr Vanderkins this morning. As a reward, I buy him a pork pie hat. He just doesn’t look like my squabbit without a hat. A songbird has been hanging around the Squabbit Den. Quinn wants me to take her.

No sooner do I acquire a songbird than Linea shows up. She tells me that songbirds have a magical voice when they sing. I might be able to calm the vines at Ancient Pond with it. As usual, Linea is right. The songbird’s tune soothes the vines and I’m able to explore another section of Ancient Pond.

Ria is waiting for me at Town Hall. She had been visiting the Rose Garden and says the fennex family seem agitated. Could I go there to see what’s bothering them? It’s probably nothing, but I’ll leave Greg a note telling him where I’ve gone, just in case.

At the Rose Garden, I meet a man who introduces himself as Artist Myke. He claims to be a wandering artist and is visiting the kingdom to seek beauty and inspiration. The fennex have been hissing at him. He claims they took his marble necklace and hid it in their den. Could I please retrieve it? It’s a gift for a princess. I reach into the fennex’s den and get the necklace.  Artist Myke takes it and disappears.

Ria has been waiting for me at Town Hall. She wants to know what I found. I tell her about the man I met. She remarks that animals have a kind of sixth sense about humans that shouldn’t be trusted.

I have another reason why I don’t trust Artist Myke. He is dressed rather expensively for a wandering artist and there didn’t appear to be any paint stains on his clothing. I wonder to whom he intends to give the necklace? There’s no princesses in the Skyward Kingdom. Queen Sophia is an only child.

Maybe we should go back to the Rose Garden and look around some more. Lucky looks alarmed. We’re just going to look for clues, I tell him. We’ll tell Greg all about what happened. Later.

Artist Myke has returned to the Rose Garden. He claims the princess liked the necklace so much, she wants him to paint her wearing it. Artist Myke claims to be an accomplished artist but he’s so nervous about painting the princess. He would like me to paint the base layer and he’ll add the details later.

An odd request, but maybe if I agree I’ll find out something useful. Artist Myke attempts to flatter me by claiming the base layers I’ve painted look like they were done by an expert. He says he’s calmed down now but makes no attempt to finish the painting.

Instead he talks about a legendary canvas hidden somewhere in Mystic Copse. Anything painted on it sparkles. He wants to go look for it because ‘his’ princess deserves to have her legendary beauty painted on the legendary canvas. So why did I bother painting the base layers for him on this ordinary canvas?

I really want to try and find out just what he’s up to, but I’m uneasy about going to Mystic Copse. The note I left Greg said he could find me in the Rose Garden. We’ll go. If necessary, I can always send Lucky back to Town Hall to look for help.

The legendary canvas does exist! When we find it, Artist Myke goes on and on about how the canvas will perfectly capture the princess’s vibrant smile and youthful complexion.

So is he finally going to paint? No, it seems he forgot to bring his painting tools. No problem, I can find him some in the tree house. I prepare the tools for him, he thanks me, grabs the tools and the canvas, and leaves, presumably to find his princess.

I think I’ll leave Mystic Copse and go find my husband. Too bad I no longer have the songbird. I have a feeling Greg will be as agitated as those vines in the Ancient Pond when he hears what I’ve been up to.

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April 11, 2015 3:13 am  #28

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 27

Last night, Greg had been so pleased that the work was finally done on our house. It seemed a shame to spoil his mood, so I decided not to tell him about Artist Myke. And really, what was there to tell? Artist Myke hadn’t actually done anything illegal. He most certainly was not our mysterious cloaked man. He’s just a not very organized artist. Nevertheless, I made some sketches of him. They might come in handy.

While I had been traipsing around with Artist Myke, work had been piling up. Today I’ll approve Troglid request to expand the carpentry shop. And Gobie, the friend of the Forester, wants me to help him find gold flies so that he can catch a Scarjade lizard. If I help him, he’ll give me the lizard to feed to the griffin at Rosetum Gardens.

The first places we search for gold flies are Apricus Plaza, Mystic Copse, and Dawnshadow Lake. We find a fly in each location. I also keep an eye out for any sign that Artist Myke or his princess may have been about.

Next Gobie suggest that we try searching Ancient Pond, Forgotten Glen, and the Rose Garden. Again we find a fly in each place. While at Ancient Pond, we also find a fragment of the Faire Vibrancy relic.

Gobie uses the six gold flies to lure the lizard. Once the lizard is captured, Lucky and I hurry to Rosetum Gardens to give it to the griffin, who soon departs. Now I can enter the Songrose Gate and see another section of the Gardens.

 When I return to Town Hall, Greg is waiting for me. He’s found my sketches of Artist Myke and demands an explanation as to who the man is. Is he somebody I met while I was away those five years? How long have I been meeting him in secret? Is he the reason why I’m so reluctant to be a proper wife?

When I try to relate what happened yesterday, Greg’s eyebrow goes into overdrive. Did I really think it was proper to meet strange men in the forest? Obviously I must find him attractive, why else would I draw him? If there was nothing going on, why didn’t I mention what had happened?

Okay, that’s enough! I tell Greg he’s already made up his mind about what happened and isn’t interested in what I have to say. But on the off chance that The Captain of the Queen’s Guard wants to investigate Artist Myke and his activities, I’ll write up a full report. Thanks to my sketches, he’ll know exactly who he’s looking for.

Then I’m going to the house to pack my things.

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April 13, 2015 4:00 am  #29

Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 28

Lucky didn’t agree with my decision to leave. As fast as I would pack something into my trunk, he’d pull it out again. This continued for fifteen minutes, at which point I picked up Lucky and put him outside. I then resumed packing.

Before I could finish, Greg arrived. Lucky had gone to find him. Greg took one look at my trunk and told me what I had already figured out for myself: I couldn’t leave without his permission. If I attempted to run away, the army would find me and bring me back.

Greg asked me why I was so unhappy and wanted to leave. He had tried so hard to give me back the life I had five years ago. What else did I want? I just stared in disbelief.

Did it never occur to him to ask me if I wanted my old life back? I don’t want the things that money can buy. I want the things my father never gave me. I want to be loved. I want to be trusted. I want to be listened to. I want my opinions to be taken seriously.

Greg insisted that he does love me. I pointed out he most certainly doesn’t trust me. If he did, he never would have made such vile accusations. If he had listened to me and tried to understand how I felt about waiting until the Yura Festival instead of disregarding my opinions, he never would have kept trying to change my mind.

If he would just talk to me and not at me all the time. Greg said nothing. In the morning he acted as if yesterday never happened.

There aren’t too many requests for help left for me to choose from. I’m not in the mood to spend time with Quinn, so I decide that Lucky and I will go visit Faire of Light and see what Troglid wants.

Troglid informs me the villagers have been talking about me. Has news of my marital problems already been spread by the Goblin grapevine? No, the residents are merely talking about how helpful I’ve been in the past. Perhaps I could spare some time to help them again today?

First I visit Seth at the Wingferry and spend some time sorting the gears and crystals. Then I go to Triffledore’s to help pack artifact boxes. I’m hoping that Triffledore has some news of his artist friend, but he doesn’t. My last stop is at Fahleed’s. I like looking at the new fabrics and trying out new patterns on the loom.

When I’m finished, Troglid thanks me and tells me that no one will forget my visits and that they will miss me. Again I wonder if my personal problems are a subject of gossip. The Mayor or Blessilda may have overhead the accusations Greg made yesterday.

Blessilda is strangely quiet on our trip. She doesn’t try to find out anything from me, nor does she give me any information about anything. We look around the station but can’t find out anything. Blessilda thinks we need to speak with the station master, but he’s nowhere to be found.

I better leave Greg a note explaining where I’m going, with whom, and why. Better he hears it from me than Blessilda. Then Prince Edric and I search the Fairy Dragon Nest, Dawnshadow Lake, and Rosetum Gardens. We find a bag at each of the locations, but none of them are his bag. Prince Edric seems pleased, however, that so many people have copied his choice of carryall. Being a trend setter matters to him.

Prince Edric remembers that he must have left the bag at Central Station. On the way there, we meet Artist Myke. He and Prince Edric cast admiring looks at each other’s outfits. I’m feeling rather dowdy by comparison.

Artist Myke is planning to make a hat for a princess but thinks he dropped the base for it at Central Station. Would I be good enough to find it for him? Since I’m going there anyway, why not? Lucky gives me the look that means ‘because Greg will go ballistic.'

At Central Station, I find the hat base and Prince Edric’s bag. He gives me the relic fragment, but holds on to the bag. We say goodbye, but he promises to visit again. Oh, goody.

Now to find Artist Myke. No need, he finds me. Now he wants my help in making a copy of some princess’s favorite hat. There’s definitely something odd going on. He talks about this princess but he can’t seem to make up his mind whether she has blonde hair, or black, or brown. But he thanks me for all my help and then he’s gone.

Greg is at Town Hall when I return. I tell him about Artist Myke showing up again and wait for him to explode. His eyes narrow but all he says is that I should write up a report of what happened.

When I’m finished, we go home. Once again, Greg has been moving furniture. My bed is now in the new bedroom and my trunks have been moved into the dressing room. There’s no sign of his things. Is he leaving me?

Greg then asks me if I’d like to see the armory. He’d like my opinion on how he’s arranged things. Is he making fun of me?

In addition to the armor and weapons, the armory now contains his clothes and his bed. I ask him if this arrangement is temporary or permanent. He says he hopes it will change after the Yura Festival.  I hope so, too.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Re: Awakening Kingdoms - Berengaria and the Captain

Day 29

I have to admit I’m impressed by how hard Greg is trying to please me. Last night he spent some time reviewing our joint finances with me. He even asked if, now that the gReat Hall isn’t overcrowded with our belongings, I would resuming cooking our dinner instead of reheating that stew the Forester sells.

To my surprise, I didn’t like the new sleeping arrangements. The room was too large for one person, and too quiet. I was lonely. Lucky wasn’t pleased either. He was restless and spent most of the night scampering from one room to the other. None of us got much sleep.

Consequently when we arrived at Town Hall, we are not pleased to find Princess Emilia waiting to see us. She, on the other hand, is very pleased to see Greg and couldn’t stop fluttering her eyelashes whenever he looked her way.

Princess Emilia is not happy. Artist Myke had painted her portrait and since then, she feels she’s been aging rapidly. Her evidence is that she’s found a wrinkle and a grey hair. Since she had been meeting the artist at the Rose Garden, she feels the painting and/or the artist may still be there

I don’t think she’s quite as young as she’d like us to believe and she’s a bit of a drama queen, exclaiming that she is a princess from a nearby kingdom, and there is a criminal in mine!

So off to the Rose Garden we all go. No sign of Artist Myke but we find the enchanted portrait and Princess Emilia goes off to undo the spell, while Greg and I return to Town Hall.

There’s another irate princess waiting for us. This one is called Princess Melody. She claims that Artist Myke stole her magic cloak. The cloak grants invisibility to whoever wears it and Princess Melody herself claims he’ll be impossible to find, yet she expects me to go to the Rose Garden and investigate some suspicious noises

So Greg and I return to the Rose Garden with a different irate drama queen princess. No sign of Artist Myke, but we find the cloak. Princess Melody decides that the artist must have known about the cloak’s magic properties before he stole it. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with that information.

Linea shows up to tell me the obvious: that the artist is a common thief who’s become a menace to the kingdom. Blessilda has heard all about the artist and his deeds and decides the best way to deal with Artist Myke is to lure him to a place where he can be arrested. She’ll need to make a love potion first.

I’m not quite sure how Blessilda found Artist Myke or how she got him to drink the love potion, but before long he comes looking for me. He wants me to go to the Rose Garden to help him find the ‘True royal beauty’ he’s been seeking.

When we get there, he’s very surprised to find Blessilda waiting for him. He’s even more surprised when Greg announces ‘You’re under arrest, you scum!’

Linea solemnly announces that this incident is a reminded to us that just because Dreadmyre has been banished from the Skyward Kingdom, it doesn’t mean evil no longer exists.

Greg hauls Artist Myke off to the dungeon, Blessilda returns to the General Store, and Lucky and I return to Town Hall. There’s nothing urgent that needs to be done. My turn to go home a bit early and rearrange some furniture.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixity seconds of happiness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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