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June 30, 2015 1:48 pm  #11

Re: BETA Game Reviews - 2015

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love by New Bridge Games

Poor Dracula looking for love on a internet dating site.  Thought he found Miss Perfect, a real Mistress of the Dark type, instead what he got was a buxom blond princess using someone else's photo.  Whoops!  Well, she goes chasing after him and he wants nothing to do with her.  So Dracula and his manservant, a zombie in a powered wig,  do their best to escape her charms.

I don't really play too many builder type games...except for Gardens, Inc.  and this game reminded me of that.  Running to get food and rocks, filling up holes on path and digging up weeds on path.  Had to make a bat potion so Dracula could fly away which was really just pushing a button after gathering up feathers.

3 levels of play...Normal mode...multiclick mode...relaxed mode

Might be a fun game.  Don't know if I'll get it though.  I already have Gardens, Inc.  1 & 2.  Can't see getting too many of these games as they are not my forte.

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