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April 6, 2015 12:10 pm  #31


I was just thinking of you Freyasmom, and here you are.
I'm actually slowly playing Queens Garden with my Funpass.  Each flower/bush has a point value attached to it and you have to plant enough items to reach a certain number to open up the next items available to plant.  That means you have to buy things you might not want, just to get to other things.

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April 15, 2015 9:23 am  #32



I'm trying to keep up as much posting as I can.  You can ALWAYS find me at as I leave the screen up all day-   I appreciate your thoughts and could you please include prayers?  I don't know if it's the new meds (3 new) or just deteroriating health, but I am tired all the time (all new meds cause drowsiness).  My left knee, I'm afraid, is going to need replacement surgery.  Even the regular mega pain meds I take regularly for my neuropathy isn't enough to givv me a moment's relief from the pain.  Add to that, every day is worse re energy.  This morning I actually felt that I just couldn't/didn't want to, get out of bed.  That I just wanted to lay there until I just ..... disappeared.  More depression or new meds?  So, it's a real chore to post but I push myself everyday because I feel like if I stop another thing .... I'm closer to ..... nothing.  I've never felt like this before.  Might be time for a doc appt but I'm starting to lose a little faith in him.  He's been a great doc for 5 years but maybe we've outlived our doc/patient relationship and I need to move on.  Sigh.  Don't know.

Hope you are well.  Please feel free to PM me here or at SandS.

Hugs and love,


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April 15, 2015 9:46 am  #33


Fantasy Mosaics 8

I LOVE the Fantasy Mosaics series and am on my 3rd profile and going through games 1 - 7 with my goal as a  "gold"  for every picture.  Not so easy and with a lot of repeats on some.  Now, we are up to No. 8 in the series (as indicated in the Game's title) when No. 7 couldn't have come out THAT long ago.  Ok by me .... I am over the moon that there's a new one.

The graphics are amazing.  Just gets better with each new game.   The music is quite different.   I suppose it may be meant to be soothing and relaxing but it made   me sleepy so I turned it down.  It's a game I acttually like to play with volume off when I talk on Yahoo Messenger phone -   Bad freyasmom!    As usual, there's a storyline about our friendly penguin and his family.

Of course, it's all about filling in blocks with a "color" or an "x" when it's a blank block.  With the corresponding numbers around the "graph" it should be fairly easy to do.  NOT!

The DEVS have added another color so we have 4 to work with this time around.  YAY!  Colors ..... I see colors .....

There's a tutorial at the beginning which is helpful and a Casual or Advanced mode of difficulty.  Casual lets you repeat JUST a single 'picture'.    In Advanced you have to repeat the entire level.  Nothing is timed.

I recommend it for beginners to experts.  It's easily a standalone game, although I enjoy the continuing storyline throughout the series.  So, when it comes out on BFG it will be a DEFINITE purchase for me.

Come along and join me in the latest journey of our Penguin and his family.


Overall Impression:  Enjoyable storyline and for those who like (love like me? ) this type of gamel I would STRONGLY recommend at least playing the demo.  Definitely worth at least a PCC on Double Punch Monday at BFG.


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April 20, 2015 11:29 am  #34


Where's My Pipes

The storyline in this cute little pipe connecting game is quite cute and I think it is one everybody will enjoy.  Still, this game lacks a lot to make me give it more stars than 3 (it's ok).

The graphics are great.  The music is bright, cheerful, even playful.   I really enjoyed it.  No voice overs so expect to do some reading.

I was very disappointed when the tutorial stopped after only 2 "hints" because there was a LOT I didn't know about this game.  For instance, why are some pipe connections gold?  Where is the store?  OoooHHHhhhhh!  Yeah.  I get it!  Finally!

There isn't a timer, which is good for me - lol - but you do lose "gold stars" when you don't finish the level  before the water turned on.  Although, you can still work on the pipes WHILE the water is running.  I thought that was great for those who like the game but don't want the stress of trying to beat a timer.

Because of the lack of tutorial or "hint" capability, I would NOT recommend this for beginners.  As an intermediate, I had some problems until I figured things out.  Experts in this genre of gaming will probably love it.

For all the reasons listed and more, this will not be a purchase for me.  I, do, however, recommend it for experts and suggest those less experienced try the demo.


Overall Impression:  I enjoyed the game, for a while, then it lost it's entertainment appeal. 

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April 20, 2015 1:20 pm  #35


Mystery of Neuschwanstein

Possibly the Worst Game of 2015.

The storyline is ...... bizarre.  There appears to be more than one storyline going on.     As you play more into the demo, you begin to accumulate one storyline after another.        ----- Take notes!

The graphics are horrible!  EVERYTHING is BLACK!  I don't know how you're supposed to see anything if the scenes are all BLACKEST BLACK (that's actually a mascara color but it fits - ).  The voiceovers range from horrible (your character sounds like a drone) to nicely done (Beatrix, the Castle Castellan).  You also have a LOT of reading to do.  Sound effects are annoying.

You are an investigative journalist sent to Neuschwanstein Castle to .... well ..... investigate the Castle's reconstruction after you screwed up your last investigative story.  HAH!  Your boss seems to think there is a big story there.  But, with each character you meet (and you meet SOME characters - lol) you get another storyline.  Unbelievable.  

There are 3 difficulty Modes:  easy, something else (sorry), and hard.  I played the Easy Mode.  You can change the sound level of "sound", "ambiance" and  choose the "Game Cursor" ..... that's about it.  BORING!  And even though I put everything down to what should have been mute ..... nothing WAS mute.  Go figure. 

There is a "tablet" in the lower left corner of the game page.  It consists of  "Hardware" =
a camera; "Messages" = a Tasks list and Emails; and "Archives" = Sarah's notes and Ludwig's  Diary.  You will add to these titles as the game continues.  A number 1, 2, etc. will show up on the tablet when there is something you need to review.   I DID have a "hmmm" moment when Ludwig's Diary showed up in "Archives" as I thought Archives was something that was "closed" and "not referred to".  Whereas the items in this game's "Archives" are referred to frequently.  See?  Hmmmmm moment.

The Hidden Object Games (HOGs) are list type with no interaction and no alternative game to play (such as a match 3 or bubble shooter, etc) and, once again, we are continuing with the "blackest black" scene.  I couldn't find ONE object without the "hint" button.  On "Easy", the "hint" button recharged amazingly fast - I mean, like, super-sonic fast!  Thank Goodness for THAT since you need it for EVERYTHING!

Mini Games - old and boring same old, same old.  Unimpressive.

Did I mention the HORRIBLE grammar?  "
Us journalists .....".  Really?  Seriously? NO!!!!  "WE journalists"!  And THAT was "said" by YOUR character .... the journalist.  Oy Vey!!!!!    Seriously, we need a smiley that thunks it's head on the desk where the computer is.  It would be suitable here.  Just THUNK!

And the talking??????  SAVE ME!!!!!  The first 35 minutes was ..... ALL ...... TALKING!  Virtually NO game play.  TALKING, TALKING and more .................. TALKING!!!!!!!  Shut up already and let's DO SOMETHING!

For all the above reasons ..... an sooooooooooooo many more, this will never be a purchase for me.  Not with a free game code, not during a BOGO sale, not even if someone GAVE it to me as a gift ----- I would NOT play it!  I would have given it ONE star instead of 2, but I dislike the word "hate" and so could only go as low as 2.  But, the fact of the matter is ...... I so disliked the game it ruined my morning.  Here's hoping I can recover my good mood for the duration of the day.

For those who try the demo and like it ....


Overall Impression:  THUNK!

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April 27, 2015 1:44 pm  #36


Legend of Egypt:  Jewels of the Gods

I LOVE   M3 (match 3) games. Does it have a storyline? I love it that much more. Does it have nice bonuses? Love it even MORE!!  But, when an M3 game has too much of everything it becomes ..... well ..... too much. More than a bit overwhelming for the senses.

 I enjoyed the graphics, although the game board was a bit small. The music was very enjoyable ...... however, I DID have to turn it way down because the t.v. was on. Go figure.

The storyline was equally nice. Egyptian Pharaoh's kingdom is destroyed and he goes to the gods to plea for his wife's (Aziza) health as she is so ill she is dying. Aziza brings light and joy and sunshine to the Pharaoh and, therefore, the kingdom. Very romantic and sweet.    The gods tell the pharaoh that he must prove himself AND build another kingdom then they will determine Aziza's fate.

There is a tutorial ...... OMGosh WHAT a tutorial. BEYOND perfect for a beginner who has never played an M3. It irritated me sooooooooooooooooo much I had to turn it off. There are 3 modes of difficulty: relaxed (no timer), normal and hard. There is also an area to place your profile. There are bonuses ...... and ....... MORE bonuses (but what's the difference?).
 There are buttons ...................... EVERYWHERE! But they're not marked! Where's the profile button? Ooops! Found it .... quite by accident!   Options, Difficulty Modes ..... and none of these covered in the overwhelming tutorial.

So, I finally GET to the game (a typical M3 game) and .................... too much going on at the same time: blow this up, destroy that, bonuses on the board but also bonuses that "fill up" and "recharge" - HUH???? 

 Oh, but let's NOT forget the city that has to be built to appease the gods!    THIS involves MORE "stuff" going on. While you are matching the objects on the game board, you MUST collect 'x" number of this, that and the other thing so you can accumulate everything (coins, gold, etc.)  you need to build  this city (there are various buildings, etc. at the bottom of the game board).

This is an extremely dizzying game wherein the actual match 3 game gets lost among everything else. It wasn't enjoyable for me and, therefore, it is not a purchase for me either. For those who like it ............................

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May 1, 2015 5:29 pm  #37


Fear for Sale:  Endless Voyage (based on SE and CE demos)

I knew almost immediately upon playing the demo that this was going to be not only a great game but that I would have to add it to my growing list of unplayed games .

The storyline is a fairly new one.  In the 1930's, 3 people went missing when the ship, named Virginia, disappeared while at dock.  Imagine ..... a storm .... fog enveloping the ship .... lightning .... a fierce wind ..... and then .... the Virginia disappears right before your eyes!  It's now "present day" and another ship, named the Virginia, has docked at the same pier.  Is it a duplicate in every way, including the name .... or could it be .... the SAME ship ?????  OH MY!!!!  Shades of the Bermuda Triangle!!!

There are 4 difficulty modes:  Casual, Normal, Hard (each shows you things like sparkles are on or off, how often your hint button recharges, etc.) and Custom (where there are several options you can change to suit your game play). 

Graphics are sharp and very realistic.  Even down to the numbers on the clock at the pier. The music was not creepy at all .... more ...... quite lovely.  That's the best I can do.  I would normally have listened to it throughout the game play but I had a terrible ear ache today and ultimately turned it off.  That actually disappointed me.  Voice overs were extremely well done.   I had no problems either hearing or understanding the various characters.

There is a transportable map which not only shows your current location and where something needs to be done ... but ... a BIG yellow star will appear indicating you have found all the morphing objects in that area. (CE version only)  How cool is THAT!  There is a task list .... and you can work your way UP the ladder of journalist ranks by finding 8 items throughout the game.  The tutorial offers you the choice of "full tutorial", "only on Special Features", or "No tutorial". 

HOGS (hidden object games):  26 - extremely interactive and quite fun.  Mini Games - 28 - I found them a variety of easy peasy to .... hmmm .... THIS is going to take some patience and perseverance (of which I have neither). lol

CE Bling:

Besides the customary Bonus Game, Strategy Guide, wallpaper, etc., there are the following:

Collectibles --- 25 total ..... 5 items in each of 5 categories.
Beyond Objects - 34 (another name for "morphing objects"?)
I think those at any level of experience would enjoy this game as there is certainly NO shortage of things to do as you move through the game play.  It is high in entertainment value but not so "busy" that it takes away from the story.  I very rarely give a game 5 stars but when I do it's a  guaranteed purchase for me.  I was hooked very early into the demo. Join me in investigating the Virginia.  Will we find answers or sail away to ..... the past? Enjoy![b][/b]

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May 7, 2015 8:22 pm  #38


Cadenza:  The Kiss of Death - both SE and CE

Based on the demo of both the CE and SE versions.

The storyline is pretty straightforward right from the beginning of the game ..... beware the Black Widow''s kiss!

The graphics are amazing.  But, I wouldn't expect anything different in this 2nd game of this series.   The music is jazz.... just like the first Cadenza game, but this one is more .... sensuous.   The voice overs were done very well.  Each character has their own specific voice and tone.  

There are 5 difficulty modes:  Novice, Artist, Virtuoso, Maestro and Improvisor (the "Custom" mode"), where you can choose various items, including how much of a tutorial you want and how quickly you want the hint to recharge or the mini game skip button to work.  

There is also an "Objectives" list and, eventually you will receive a map of the City streets.  I think this image of streets is unique and I've only seen it in this game series.  The map shows where you are, what area has been completed and where "active" areas are.  I like that it shows more than one "active" area.  

In the CE version, near the hint button on the bottom right of the page, during game play you will see either a tiny ticket (indicating you haven't found the "gold collectible ticket") or a swirling disk (indicating you haven't found the Morphing Object in the HOG you are playing).  I found these features to be extremely helpful as I would lose track of finding them because I was too "into" the game.

The HOGS (hidden object games) - This is where you will find the Morphing Objects.  Very interactive games.  The mini games were not as prevalent as the HOGS, IMO, but they were fun and fairly easy.

CE Bling:

Besides the usual Bonus Game, Strategy Guide, Wallpaper, etc., this game includes the following:
*   Finish the Bonus Game to unlock the Ticket Hunt.
*   Complete the Ticket Hunt to unlock the Treasure Hunt.
*   Complete the Treasure Hunt to unlock Match 3 mini games.
*   Finish the Main Game to open the Case Files.
*   Find 42 collectibles in the Treasure Hunt.
*   Find 42 golden tickets in the Main Game.
*   Find 15 Morphing Objects.

I LOVED playing the demo!  I was drawn into the STORY of the game very quickly. ....... as opposed to just the game play (finding this, doing that, playing HOGs and mini games).  I found that to be the case in the first Cadenza game as well.  You can tell when it's a GREAT game when the story is done so well you are unaware of anything else going on.

I would recommend this game for all expertise levels because there are so many difficulty choices.  I wouldn't suggest that  you pass up this demo.  It's a definite purchase for me and I hardly EVER give a 5 star review!

Come back in time with me and find out just who the Black Widow is ..... and why her kiss is so deadly.


Overall Impression:  RUN!  Don't walk ..... and purchase this game asap!

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May 7, 2015 10:41 pm  #39


I used a CE coupon on this game.  I haven't played it yet but I loved the first Cadenza.  I figured this will probably be one of the few games that I want to keep playing, combined with all the bonus features, made it a pretty easy choice for my coupon.

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May 8, 2015 4:05 am  #40


I've finished it and loved it!! In the remarks on my schedule, I put "Loved it, not as good as 1st one, fun interactive HOS, puzzles ok, story so so, Bonus section good, find gold tks in scenes, morphs in HOS". I especially enjoyed the Bonus Chapter and have saved most of the wallpapers to use.  I just thought how realistic the lady in red's fingernails and lips were, not to mention the knock-out dress.

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