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November 17, 2014 4:38 am  #21

Re: Demo Reviews

Knight Solitaire

This solitaire game plays very similarly to a game of bowling in that there are 10 games (or rounds) you need to play with the highest score possible in order to pass the "Tournament".
 The graphics are nice. In "options" you can choose from a variety of card backs. The music reminded me of "Every Beat of the Heart".    But, with bells or cymbals included. Or, maybe that song was just in my head.  The sound effects were diminutive in that I didn't pay that much attention to themThere are 2 types of "Tournaments". In one, you can replay your hand - any hand. In the other, you have to replay the entire game. You have to play the first type in order to unlock the 2nd type of game play.

 In a "Tournament", there are 10 hands/rounds of game play. There are "x" number of "special" cards in each hand/round. You MUST use those special cards in order to get a perfect hand/round. That's what determines your score. If there are 4 special cards and you only get/use 3, you do not have a perfect hand. You can then choose to replay the hand or continue to the next hand/round without having a perfect score, which lowers your overall Tournament score.

 Sounds confusing, I know. Solitaire is NOT my best game to describe. But, it is not and is quite entertaining, if not for the monotony and boringness (is that even a word?)  playing the same type of solitaire over and over. The types of "games" you play never varies, making it ...... boring.

 You can earn bonuses that will help you during your game play, as well as purchase them during the game. They are a mulligan (go back a card), shuffle, and a joker. They DO cost so purchase them and use them wisely.

 So, that's it in a nutshell (or not). This won't be a purchase for me because it was just monotonous playing the same type of game all the time with no change-up. It's strictly "high/low". There is no story line - which could be nice. I think I already own the best solitaire game on the BFG site anyway.  And, since this isn't the BFG site i can tell you it's Fairway Solitaire but NOT the one that is F2P and has in-game costs.

 If you like a game of solitaire that doesn't take a lot of thought, or you are just getting into this genre of game play, this would be a great game to try.


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November 17, 2014 6:06 am  #22

Re: Demo Reviews

Fate of the Pharoah

This is a typical building game - set in the time of the great Pharaohs of Egypt. The great Pharoah of Egypt wanted a settlement of peace and harmony and so he built one and ruled it as such for many years.  Until,
one day, an evil foe attacked and destroyed everything the Pharoah had built.   He realized he had to continue to maintain the wealth and peace his kingdom had lived in for so long but to do this he had to rebuild everything.  So, off we go to build tents, houses, quarries, wells and much, much more.

Graphics are really good, if not on the smallish size.  Fortunately, there isn't too much eye for detail necessary.  The music is appropriate for Egypt - very flutish snake-charming kind of music.  The sound effects were also really good in that you could hear the hammers and your people talking amongst each other as they went about their tasks. 

There are 2 modes of game play.  One is the typical race against the clock to get everything done mode - not interested, thank you very much.    The other is a "relaxed" mode where you can take all the time in the world (not really) and get the job done at your own pace.  That's for me! 

And tasks there are aplenty!  Because not only do you have to build tents, houses, cottages, wells, quarries, etc., but you have to know WHEN to build what.  For instance, if you build your tents/cottages before you build a quarry or well, you won't earn the money you need to continue your upgrades and construction.  So, it is a bit of a strategy game as well.   As you level up and complete your community, you will have to send your ships filled with gold to the opposite side of the river to start a community. 

While I found this game both relaxing and entertaining, it is not for me and so I will not be purchasing it.  I believe I already two (possibly 3) of the best building game series on the BFG site already.  Maybe after I've played and replayed them a few times, I'll come back for this one -

Great for beginners and experts alike.  Come, let's build Egypt together!


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November 17, 2014 9:54 am  #23

Re: Demo Reviews

I love FAIRWAY SOLITAIRE too.  Unfortunately it isn't offered any more.  Juat for the heck of it I did play FAIRWAY F2P and completed it with all Achievements without spending a single cent!   It was a bit of a grind to have to keep replaying courses to earn enought to buy stuff in the store but I did it!


November 19, 2014 11:29 pm  #24

Re: Demo Reviews

 I don't get where the "music" or "tones" come in except the music is loud and rather "punk" - IMO.  And, there were musical notes on the blocks. Other than that, don't understand.

 I read the 4 pages of "help" and the game seemed quite straightforward as a type of match 3 game. But, when I actually started playing it, it was quite different. There is a board below the game board that shows what matches you need to make. For example, 2 blues, 2 red, 3 yellow, 4 blue, etc. and sometimes you couldn't make those combos. It was an extremely difficult game to play because I can't do the "drag" thing very well anymore. And, the goal of the game was just confusing to me.

 It wasn't relaxing at all and I like my match 3 games to be relaxing and stress-free.

 The graphics were ok. The music too loud and punkish - annoying. I believe you CAN change the music track - somehow.

 This isn't a purchase for me because I just didn't "get it". I will recommend it for anyone to try and maybe figure out. If you do, please post a review here so I can check yours out!

 In the meantime,


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November 20, 2014 12:59 am  #25

Re: Demo Reviews

Wispa Forest

The story line just went on and on and on. Too much reading.  Some voice overs would have helped because you spend so much time reading all these scrolling lines, you can't enjoy the graphics.

The graphics were grainy and cartoonlike, although I think that was the point as this is supposed to be a "fairy land" called Underwood. The sound was annoying.

The gist of the game is to play HOGs (hidden object games). But the items you have to find are tiny silhouettes and the scene in which you have to find them is impossible. There isn't a word in the dictionary to describe how absolute teeny, teensie, tiny these items were and they blend into the surroundings so incredibly well, it's impossible to find anything without using the "click and hope" method. Then, when you finish the level, you get a reckoning of how many "misses" you had. Nice.

Periodically, you had to play a series of 3 match 3 games. These were the best part of the game and went all to quickly. Even here, you could barely tell which boxes needed to be destroyed to pass the game.

This is a definite NO PURCHASE for me nor will I recommend it as it is an impossible game to play.

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November 22, 2014 1:39 am  #26

Re: Demo Reviews

Fear for Sale:  The 13 Keys SE (with comments re the CE)

Oh boy! Does this game have it all! From ghosts who don't even remember who they were to rooms that change all around you!

Your character is Emma Roberts (NOT the Emma Roberts related to Julia Roberts of Pretty Woman fame ). You have been asked to investigate the goings on at Hotel Berkeley.  It seems guests are leaving in droves!  Why?  GHOSTIES (OH NO!) and things that go bump in the NIGHT!   ooooooooooooo.

 Graphics were great. Finally, a DEV who knows how to color the night without using the magic blue crayon too much. THANK YOU! Sound was great as well. Voiceovers perfect. Lip syncing - check. Sound effects couldn't have been better, even the sound of the swinging gate at the opening scene. Love, love, love.

There are 4 difficulty modes: Casual, Normal, Hard and .... yes .... "CUSTOM"! YAY! In the "custom" mode, you can turn on/off a lot of aspects of the game. For instance, check out what you can allow (or not) on the map. COOL BEANS!

I didn't see a diary/journal but you get the coolest map. Again, check the "custom" mode because you can set it up to not only show where you are, but where the objectives/tasks are but if you get the CE version, where the collectibles and morphing objects are ............... ! wooo-hooooo!

The HOGs (hidden object games) varied from silhouettes to list. In the list type, there was an alternative game you could play. I didn't play it so can't comment on that. The mini-games were fun and I didn't find them altogether difficult. There were some that were time-consuming and needing some thought and patience (a virtue I do NOT have), but not particularly difficult. IMO the ratio of HOGs to Mini Games was fairly even.

I think this game has some length although the map was half-way gone through when the demo ended. You do go back and forth to the same locations quite a bit. Thank goodness for the transportable map. Whew! And, I can't believe the DEVS would let the story plot "out of the bag", so to speak, so early in the game. Caroline and Sam inherited the hotel, Sam is sick, Caroline is using Emma as the last of the 13 keys to make him well. Noooooo. This is a "Fear for Sale" game. There has to be more to the plot than that. And, THAT'S why I purchased this game. CE version and all. They had me at the morphing objects.

I do feel that the whole ghosts in a hotel has been done and I got a sense of deja vu. Still and all, this is a great game with lots of mystery and, obviously, a conniving BF. I think it has enough entertainment value to make a great CE or SE game and I recommend it for everyone.
 Go ahead .... go.... the ghosts at the Hotel Berkeley await.


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November 22, 2014 2:33 am  #27

Re: Demo Reviews

Surface:  Game of Gods CE

I have all the "Surface" games and loved each and every one of them, so I was ecstatic that another one was being released.

 You've been sent an invitation by one of your besties to take part in a paid research program. But, you're running late!   Oh no! Despite getting there as quickly as you can, you are still 20 minutes late ... and arrive in time to see another bestie get dragged out a gate .... which then grows vines and locks itself!  What is going on????   Where are your 3 friends????

LOVE the story line. Shades of Jumanji. Had the game and played it with the kids when they were small so this brought back many memories ..... and a sense of deja vu.

The graphics were good. The sound was a tad "echoy" when the Sheriff spoke, which was a bit disconcerting.  But, there IS voice over so I let the "echo" go. lol.

There are 4 modes of difficulty. Yes ... there is "custom".    A diary, a transportable map. And lots of mystery and suspense. You get to choose your "game piece" from 4 available (hunter, farmer, pilgrim and scientist), When you choose your game piece, you get a little description of it's worth to the game. Very cool feature!

As with all the "Surface" CE games, there is the usual Bling.... wallpapers, music, bonus game, etc. There are also the flowers to collect to decorate your room.

Who is the man who wants you to sign ...... away ....... your life?  Will you?  Will YOU play the game and try to save not only yourself but your friends too????

Not sure if this is CE worthy. I do think, based on the time it took to download that it does have a bit of length to it. IMO it's not on the same par as past Surface games, but it's still a game with a lot of mystery and suspense. I recommend it for all levels of expertise since you CAN customize your game play.

Can YOU beat the game???  Because, apparently, no one has EVER beat it before.


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November 22, 2014 3:44 am  #28

Re: Demo Reviews

Simplz Zoo

When I first started playing this game, I thought it would be great for children. The instructions you get as you go along are great and easily understandable for children who can read or adults to read to them. But, then you get to the upper levels of the game, and even I couldn't pass the bonus level. Without passing it, you cannot progress any further.

 The graphics are pretty good and the sound is amazing.   You can hear the people talking (as well as read what they are saying). You can hear all the animals. It truly sounds like a fun day at the zoo.You get to name your zoo too! How cool is that!

 This is a unique spin on a match 3 game. You play match 3 games to earn money, food, personnel and decor for your zoo and much more. In between levels, you purchase animals, decor, buildings and much more. Decorate your zoo any way you want - there is NO MISTAKE!

 The only reason I fell out of love with this game is because I could not pass a bonus level, even after multiple tries.  As a bonus level, I should have the option to continue on to a regular level or not. Little children would probably become disenchanted and/or frustrated at a much faster rate than I. So, no purchase for me. Sigh. Almost.

 Too bad, so sad.

If you have the patience to keep at it and keep at it and keep at it until you pass the bonus levels (which are the ONLY timed levels) this game would be perfect.  Although you never really get to see the animals.  It's a nice thought but lost potential along the way.

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November 22, 2014 5:31 am  #29

Re: Demo Reviews

Final Cut:  The True Escapade CE

Murder, Mayhem and Mischief - but no entertainment value at all. I have all the previous Final Cut games and this one has missed the mark completely.

The graphics are ok .... not great ..... but that may be due to the time period the game is representing. The voice overs were ok - a little "gangsterish" sometimes. No need for overkill here - lol.

There are 4 difficulty modes - yes, custom is available. Even if you are an "expert" in gaming, I would highly recommend that you at least check out the "custom" setting. This is where you have the opportunity to turn things "off" as opposed to "on".

You are equipped with a lot of fun items. A map (good because you go back and forthing a LOT). No diary/journal that I could tell, but you do get a "slide viewer" which is a lot of fun and a mini game in itself each time you use it! You find slides in various places, insert it into the viewer and you will get a message indicating which room/location you need to go to to view. Then, a game of "spot the difference" comes up. But, this is a DEFINITE twist on the usual, old game we are used to. I didn't care for it at first, but it grew on me

The HOGs (hidden object games) varied - a LOT. Some of them were new and refreshed ideas but I didn't care for the concept. The mini games started off easily enough and then got progressively more difficult. Yes, even I had to skip 2 mini games  Oh - woe is me! lol. I think mini games outweighed HOGs by quite a bit - IMO. There is an Achievement for finishing it under 6 hours. That could be construed as having length, don't you think?

Lots of CE Bling:
In addition to the usual Bonus Game, Making Of (love to watch these), music and replayable games, there are 40 film strip collectibles (very difficult to find) and ..... wait for it ...... morphing objects ............... in the HOGS! I didn't see any but there is an Achievement for this so it must be true.

While the story line was pretty good, I felt that the first few minutes of the game had w-a-y too much going on. I couldn't even keep track of who was who and what their "job" was and, then, before I knew it, there was murder, mischief and mayhem everywhere!

I was not enamored of this game. For whatever reason, it just didn't "grab" me. And, if I'm going to purchase a CE, it had better "grab" me. No personal "wow" factor ..... nothing. That's a tad bit disappointing as I own all the previous games in this series.

I do recommend it for every level of gamer and, as it does not follow the previous story lines, you don't need to have played the previous games to understand this one. It definitely can be a standalone game.So, no purchase for me, but for everyone who plays the demo .....


I wanted to like this game - i really, truly did.  But, I didn't.   After playing it now for 2 hours (beta AND demo), I STILL don't know who is who and what their place in the plot necessarily is.  Sigh.  Big disappointment because I LOVE a game with morphing objects.  Also, there was some question as to whether there WERE actually morphing objects or not in the HOGs and I don't know if that ever got resolved.  Would love it if someone else would post their experience with this demo here as well.

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November 22, 2014 4:29 pm  #30

Re: Demo Reviews

I'm confused.  In your review of SURFACE: GAME OF GODS you keep talking about FEAR FOR SALE games.  Are these by the same DEV?  Did you mis-label the review?

Dang.  I have WHISPA FOREST. 


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