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Archives » Finish your games challenge - 2018 » July 11, 2018 11:19 am

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I've just posted a demo review of today's TGT.  You can find my full demo review in my Demo Review thread.    

Heart of Moon: The Mask of Seasons      

by  Unikgame

I had a lot of fun playing the demo and the recommendation I posted in the full demo review is as follows:

Recommendation:    YES!

I loved this M3/HOS/STD/Battle game and can't wait until Monday when I can get it with a PCC.  The story is nothing new, the matches you can make are nothing new, the powerups are nothing new  -  but I loved being able to change the shape of the boards, which was really helpful, switching back and forth at will, and I liked the different minigames.  It's mainly M3 but with some HOS, STD and Battles (no idea what these are as I never got that far) thrown in.  and you also get to restore the island, although you just click on the building when you have enough resources and it's restored, so nothing special, unfortunately.  And there are also 200 levels.   So, even though each level is pretty quick and, in the levels that I played, weren't super difficult, I'm expecting that they'll get harder the more of the 200 levels you play.


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Heart of the Moon:  The Mask of Seasons     

Developer:         Unikgame

Other Games:    Brickquest 1 & 2  -  Mystika 1, 2 &3  -  MagikWord  -  Rockstory

Released:           BFG  -  11 July 2018


Clara and her adoptive father have discovered the location of an ancient artefact called the Mask of Seasons hidden in a temple on an island in the middle of the Pacific.  Legend tells that this Mask is responsible for the extreme weather conditions there.

Collect resources, find various artifacts and weapons, defeat your enemies in epic battles and find enough gold to restore the island.

But above all, get your hand on this incredibly powerful Artifact:  The Mask of Seasons!

    *    200 Innovative and dynamic levels
    *    Spot the difference and hidden object scenes
    *    Collect resources
    *    Help the inhabitants restore their island

Genre:    Mainly M3  -  with some digging M3s, HOS, STD, Battles 

Modes:    Timed and Untimed

Graphics:    Good  -  not HD quality (slightly blurry) but good and I liked them

Music:    Very good  -  not annoying at all

Map:    Shows the levels and which type of MG, the buildings you have to rebuild as you collect resources, etc.

Along the Top of the Screen:    On the Left  -  Level and Score  -  On the Right  -  Gold, Wood and Stone


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So, another Bonus Punch Monday!   

I haven't had time today to do anything other than work out my own PCCs, so I haven't posted any reviews as I'd planned.  However, I'll let you know the games that I got and a brief description as to why, just in case anyone's looking for any games to get today.

3 SEs:

Home Designer: Living Room

In this game you design a living room and you earn money to purchase your furniture, decorations, etc.  You play Hidden Object Scenes - 15 different types of hidden object scenes! - including Picture, Word, Silhouette, Spot the Difference.  You play the same rooms over and over again (but you never know which room you're going to play), but in different modes of HOS, and it really helps to remember where everything is in the room as I think there's a timer (?).  I played this months ago with my FunPass at GH so I can't remember all the details but I do know I loved the variety.  There are also 5 different minigames, including M3, Card Memory, Jigsaw Puzzles, all of which you can skip.  There are over 150 types of furniture to select from and for each piece (eg. sofa) you have at least 6 options to choose from.  And I worked out that in order to earn enough money to purchase all the options (there's an achievement for purchasing everything), you have to play close to 800 levels!  So this game is loooooong!  Also, for the first time in a room-designer game, the options are realistic and the room actually looks really good.  You can have a modern room, or classic, or Japanese, etc.

Rune Lord

I demoed this last week and loved it.  Unfortunately, I can't remember much about it other than it has a different take on the usual M3.  You have to play each level several times until you get enough energy of each type.  Some levels also have extra challenges that you can do if you want but they're not obligatory - eg. drop flies or something down to levels

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I've just posted another review in my review thread.   

Beyond the Kingdom - CE   

This is a TM resource-collecting game.  And I loved it!  Some of the levels have to be played several times to get 3 stars as you really need to find the correct strategy - especially the bonus levels!  However, there's an Untimed Mode for those who don't like the pressure of the timer.  I also thought this game had a lot of originality.

The following is the Recommendation I posted in my full review.  However, if you want the details of the game, gameplay, difficulty and originality, please see the Full Review in my review thread.

Recommendation:    YES!

SE  -  definitely!

CE  -  if you want those 10 extra super hard levels (esp. the last one) and the SG to help

And I can recommend this TM for any level player.  As there's an Untimed Mode, and you don't need any stars to complete a level and continue, it's perfect for Beginners or for those who just want a relaxed game.  However, in Timed Mode, there are some levels that may take several replays as you try different strategies to complete all goals within the time allowed, especially the bonus levels!  So it's also perfect for those who want a challenge in trying to find the correct strategy, especially the bonus levels!  The main episodes aren't particularly difficult, other than finding the correct strategy, but the bonus levels are much more challenging.

[color=#000000]I loved this TM!  It starts out really slowly with super easy, normal, boring TM levels.  Then it starts getting interesting at Episode 4.4, when it starts getting harder.  So, if you demo it, make sure you play the full

Lots of Lists » StuSue's Reviews » July 6, 2018 5:33 am

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Beyond the Kingdom - CE        

Developer:         Liam Games (Oleksandr Volkov)

Other Games:    Sweet Kingdom (TM)                          
                            Veronica and the Book of Dreams (M3)

Released:           GameHouse - 22 June 2018
                            BFG - Not yet

Genre:                TM - Collect resources, clear roads, etc.

Touch:                 Fortunately, one!

Graphics:            Very good with very cute workers and good animation

Music:                  There are lots of different musical pieces and I loved them - especially 2


Extra episodes (levels) = 10  -  Main Game = 38 episodes
SG  -  very helpful
Concept Art
Music  -  lots and I really liked the music  -  click to download and it’s already there

Unfortunately, there are no collectibles and I think that a TM CE needs at least one, unless it has a gazillion extra levels to warrant double the price, or 2 credits versus a PCC.

Episodes (Levels):    MG  =  38   -   BG  =  10

Native Valley      3      1.1 - 1.3
Tropical Bay       7      2.1 - 2.7
                           3      3.6 - 3.8
Skull Island         5      3.1 - 3.5
River Island         8      4.1 - 4.8
Rocky Isle           4      5.1 - 5.4
Northern Land     8      6.1 - 6.8

Bonus Episodes:

Frenzy Island       6      7.1

Archives » Finish your games challenge - 2018 » June 25, 2018 2:52 pm

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lilyr wrote:

Hi stuesue. Yes, it was me.I Beta  tested from the very beginning to the very end. You didn't mention the comic book. There are some scenes where you can't return once you finish. That might have been where you missed the memory object.. tuttifrutti is a relatively new developer. Now that BFG FINALLY accepted the game they want to port it to Mac and translate to German. And a bunch of other languages.

Hi Lily!   

WTG, beta testing all the way through!  That must have been really interesting, seeing how it developed over time.

I actually looked at TuttiFrutti's website and at its partners.  Weird thing is, GameHouse released Darkarta last September, and yet it isn't even mentioned as a partner, whereas BFG has only just released it and they're right up there near the top, if not at the top, of their list of partners!  What's that all about?

Yes, I didn't mention the comic book in my brief review in this thread, as I didn't mention any of the extras, but I did mention it and all the extras in my full review in my review thread.

And, unfortunately, I only realised I'd missed one of the Memories when I finished the main game and checked out the achievements and the Memories and realised I'd missed one - and you can't go back to find any you missed once you'd finished the game.  And, once you've moved on to the next location, you can't go back to any of the previous locations to get any you missed even before you've finished the game.  I hate it when that happens but, as I didn't buy the game but just played it with my FunPass, I sure ain't complainin'!  But I'd really like to know what that Memory was!!!!  I really liked reading all the info about the Memories.


Archives » Finish your games challenge - 2018 » June 24, 2018 1:31 pm

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Okay, I've just posted my full review in my review thread.   

Please note that I didn't have the heart to read back through the whole thing to check for any errors, so I apologise if you come across any.  I just checked that it looked okay and hoped that the automatic spell checker would pick up any errors.

And I forgot to say that in the Credits, where TuttiFrutti listed the people they thanked, they thanked people from Pond Friends, including our very own lilyr!

Lilyr … it was you, wasn't it, who was listed in the Pond Friends they thanked????   

Lots of Lists » StuSue's Reviews » June 24, 2018 1:13 pm

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Darkarta - A Broken Heart's Quest - PE    

Developer:            TuttiFrutti Interactive  (India)

Date of Review:    24 June 2018

Genre:                    HOPA

Released:               GH:  29 September 2017
                                BFG:  5 June 2018
                                Android:   Not yet


Darkarta - A Broken Heart's Quest Platinum Edition is a tale of love and loss, life and death.

Mary's life was picturesque, until a letter revealing her past surfaced.  With it came the ancient Darkarta, who kidnapped her daughter, Sophia.  

Embark on a hidden object adventure that spans 3,700 years.  

    -    conquer A Broken Heart's Quest and unlock the bonus chapter, Rising of the Phoenix
    -    collect hidden memories
    -    complete the story and unlock an exclusive comic book
    -    overcome any obstacle with the integrated Strategy Guide


17   HOPs 
32   MGs  
​12   Music  -  can't save!
​23   Cutscenes  

33   Wallpapers  -  all with game logo and you can't Set, only Save!
[color=#000000]12   Concept art  -  all with game logo and you can't Set or Save!
35   Achievements  -  incl. playing in Expert Mode and finishing game with No Hints!
                                -  some with 2 or 3 stars  -  most ea

Archives » Finish your games challenge - 2018 » June 24, 2018 9:36 am

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I've just finished playing a HOPA CE!   
And it was one of the best CEs I've ever played!   
Pity it only had one of the things that are so important to me in a HOPA.   
Which just goes to show what a great game it was!   

So, here's my usual quick review.  I'll try and post a full review in my review thread while I'm watching the F1.

Darkarta - A Broken Heart's Quest CE

Developer:    TuttiFrutti Interactive  (India)

Of the 5 things that are super important to me and that are the deciding factors as to whether I buy a game or not - touch, icon changes, helpful messages, plus-item indicators, task box - the only thing this game offered was to be able to turn off the helpful messages.  Normally, I wouldn't have played this game.  However, as I buy so few HOPAs now because of the 5 criteria above, I looked at GameHouse to see if there was a recent BFG game that I could play to review for you, and I noticed that Darkarta had been released by both.  I almost stopped playing as soon as I realised that I would have to play using the mouse (I won't even demo games that I can't play using touch) but decided to persevere for a while longer and I'm glad I did as it's a wonderful game and I recommend it for everyone!

It has gorgeous graphics, where every single scene would be a fantastic wallpaper.  It has morphing objects as well as collectible memories (which can be anything and are really touching when you look at them in the extras).  However, you can't go back to collect any you missed and I somehow missed one single memory.

It is also very original - minigames, HOPs, location (India) and gameplay.  Everything flo

Lots of Lists » StuSue's Reviews » June 16, 2018 1:33 pm

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I actually played a game this week!   

An Adventure/Simulation/Horror game that I bought in the GOG sale that's on at the moment.

And I HIGHLY recommend it!  And there's even a demo so you can try it first!

Stories Untold

Released on GOG:    27 February 2017

Current price in the GOG sale (until 18 June 2018):    2.49 euro  -  around $3?  (which is -75%)

Developer:    No Code Studios

Publisher:    Devolver Digital


It's really difficult to describe the gameplay in this game as each episode is totally different and it's unlike any game I've ever played before.

Half the game is played by typing things, either like the old games when you typed to play - eg, "Look around yard", "Use key" - or typing instructions into equipment - eg. when you're carrying out an experiment.  You also have to use a microfiche machine, just like using a real one, which really brought back memories for me.  Episode 1 is totally text driven, where you type instructions as to what you should do, and then the story is typed above.

The other half of the game is wandering around in FPP, trying to work out what the heck's going on.  Eg, in the second half of Episode 2, you wander around outside in a blizzard in Greenland, and in Episode 4, you wander around a deserted hospital. 

[color=#000000]You wander around using your mouse and arrow keys at the same time and, for anyone who has problems with FPP games like me, ie. feeling sick, I managed this game without any problems, unlike

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