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Midnight Castle » Castle Chit Chat » Yesterday 6:59 pm

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Got lucky.  The game didn't force me to update.  

I've been able to get game #2 to the beginning of level 106 and the blue key quests have appeared.  Game #1 only has 27 quests left before the blue keys appear.

Then I can update the game.  As long as I don't complete any of the new quests, I can keep those blue key quest.

I'm happy, even though I've sent a lot of airships and my arm feels like it's going to fall off.  

Midnight Castle » Castle Chit Chat » Yesterday 6:58 pm

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TiramaSue wrote:

 and maybe the update will do something about the "please wait" problem.

Well, I thought I was back but second time in and it started showing only me on the leader board. When I tried to close it froze. Had to do a hard shutdown of the whole laptop.

I also decided to try my second game and the same thing. I've started playing some G5 games.

Midnight Castle » Trina Trials and Tribulations » Yesterday 8:38 am

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I gave Manor Matters a try but it's not for me.  I don't usually play games with timed HOS (exception being the Clutter games).  Makes me too jittery and anxious.  Just as well, since there will be a new CC within days and I should play MC to build up airship items for the CC.

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